I'm looking at a meme. Similar to the bullshit above this. 

A couple laid up together smiling. The caption reads "When social media doesn't know your business." 

Okay. I get it. I think. 

This couple pictured in the meme are experts at minding their business so therefore relationship happiness is a guarantee. 

I like that deal. We mind our business and in return a happy ass relationship/marriage is ours? Where does a nigga like me sign up at? 


Why? Because it's bullshit. 

There's this myth. This strange belief that social media ruins relationships. A belief that if you don't put your relationship business out there then the relationship will be in great shape. 

I hate to burst your bubble but it doesn't matter if you're private or not the relationship is only going to go as far as the 2 people involved in it allows it to. 

I'm a private ass nigga when it comes to women I date. I don't feel the need to announce if I went on a date with a woman. If she feels the need to do that I don't really care she can but on my end I'm very low key about my business with women. Always been that way. 

I'm not private on social media with my business because I fear social media will ruin my potential bond with a woman. I'm private because I'm fucking stingy with strangers. The fuck you need to know my business for? 

Now if i'm with a woman exclusively. Where me and her have an actual conversation about what we expect from one another and I make a promise that I won't fuck around with any other women and I'll stay committed to her then I may throw out a pic or two to let niggas know......

"Yeah, that's me."

That's my ego and the machismo in me but I won't go overboard with it. Plus niggas is snakes out here and will try to holla at your woman on the low. Nah I'm not going for that.

If anything you'll see me joaning on and with my girl or debating about some cool shit on social media before you see me post an album worth of pictures. 

That's just me though. My woman can do what she please. She's an adult. 

I don't believe social media ruins relationships. It can only ruin what you and yours have if you let it. I just think social media brings the flaws of your relationship to light faster because there's an audience. 

Remember we're living in a society where the majority can't think for themselves and seek validation from people and strangers. Some people feel if they don't show or talk about their relationship on the internet everyday then it doesn't exist and it isn't real. 

Don't feel bad. There are couples in this world who aren't on social media at all that are miserable and are going to break up without blaming social media on their problems. 

How can social media ruin relationships? I really asked myself this. We can go through a couple scenarios. 

Let's say you're arguing with your man or woman on social media. Is that enough to destroy the relationship? No. If you weren't arguing for social media to see you'd be arguing in private and the possibility of the relationship ending is the same if not a little bit lower. You two were going to argue regardless so how is that social media's fault? It's not.

Don't ever argue with a loved one on social media or in public. Ever. It's very immature and I'm as immature as they come so if I say something immature you know that shit not right. 

Let's say you catch me in another woman's inbox trying to fuck something. Is that social media's fault? No. If social media didn't exist I'd just be out in the real world trying to cheat instead and she would be just as mad if she found out. There's no difference. I would've cheated regardless. 

We blame social media for the demise of relationships to make ourselves feel better. When in reality we are the blame. Private or public, a shitty relationship is a shitty relationship. No matter how you try to view it. The same problems you have are going to arise no matter if social media existed or not.  

Now I can see if one person in the relationship is addicted to social media more than their partner and their partner feels that they're not receiving enough attention and care so they break up with them because of it. That's an example of social media ruining a relationship but that example is not what people mean when they say "Social Media ruins relationships." 

I know people personally who are in very loving relationships. No bullshit or faking and they post their relationship business as much as possible on social media and they're happy as fuck forreal forreal. Like I said it doesn't matter if you're lowkey or not it comes down to if you are both compatible, having fun, realistic, and treat each other with respect. 

Moral of all this is. Only kids blame social media on their relationships failing. Have accountability. It just didn't work because it wasn't meant to be. now hop in someone else inbox and start over.