Artist: Rell Brodie 

Artist: Rell Brodie 


It’s 314 day and I want to share with you blessings from St.Louis that I’m thankful for. Feel free to tweet what you’re thankful for on the @PoliteAsFlannel twitter. It's #314Day and everybody T'd. 



He crafted the spiritual hymnals such as

  • Radical
  • Digital Dash 
  • X
  • Father Stretch My Hands PT 1 
  • Bad and Boujee
  • Tunnel Vision 
  • Monster
  • Mad Luv 

I'm going to explain to my future kids where I was when I first heard Metro Boomin like how my parents explained to me where they were when they first heard Prince.

Metro Boomin needs to be the first artist with Marty McFly Headphones and Aux cords. We can call them "Metro McFly's." Whenever Metro drops some heat your headphones or aux cord plugs itself in automatically like how the McFly's ties it's own laces. 

Anyway...... Metro Boomin > Mozart 



My nigga do you know the satisfaction of knowing you bout to be full? Like you know you won’t be hungry for hours and the nap afterwards bout to be powerful so once you wake up it’s big bottles time? Order a hot braised chicken combo plate or a half order of special fried rice with extra egg wit some crab ragoon and a Pineapple Vess. I know I’m bout to bash. I'm so thankful. 

Every other city Chinese food is trash. ALL OF EM! Texas? Trash. Los Angeles? Dumpster juice. New York? Boo Boo. All of em are Panda Express head ass niggas and sit in the back seat like Stacy's homeboy from The Wood. Come to St.Louis for that real shit. Chinamen so fire that a person from St.Louis could fly to China, order some Chinese food, and treat them like they don't know how to cook their own shit. We'd be all up in China like “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? WHO THE FUCK TAUGHT YOU HOW TO COOK? I CAN’T GET JIGGY WIT THIS SHIT! TAKE ME BACK TO ST.LOUIS! I WANT A ST.PAUL!” 



I drink liquor so I don't need to say that word ever in life anyway. Fuck the haters. =) 



This mall has been closed for almost a decade and the reason I’m thankful for it is because I haven’t fucked with any malls since it closed. Malls are lame as fuck except Northwest Plaza.

Plus Northwest had the tilt. It was the arcade where I seen a group of niggas hum Deebo’s theme music outside waiting to beat a nigga ass that was hiding in the tilt. I’m peaceful today but back then nothing lifted my spirit more than a nigga getting his ass beat. All I could think was “Ahhh I love St.Louis.” 



The greatest hat and logo ever invented. Nothing compares. 



Take a break from St.Louis or travel somewhere and you’ll notice how different you are once you have convos in another city. You’ll start to miss the slang. Besides "Urr" being included in all my vocabulary we have classics such as

  • Skan 
  • Chunk 
  • Whatchu Mean 
  • My Bird 
  • Bumpop Truck 
  • You Drove 
  • I’m Already Knowin 
  • You Hurr Me 
  • I’m Finna Shake 
  • You Souped 
  • On Me
  • Chinamen 
  • I’m Big Hip 
  • Tee Off 
  • Mug 

I called the Ice Cream Man in Texas “The Bumpop Man” and the locals looked at me like I was eating ass in public. I knew I had to get back to STL ASAP. 



I don’t drink soda unless it’s Vess. The first time I had a Pineapple Vess is up there with me losing my virginity to Cee-Cee up the street, me getting baptized, and the first time I heard March Madness. 

You know what kind of person you’re dealing with by what their favorite Vess flavor is. Like if a woman favorite Vess is Peach, Pineapple, or Strawberry then automatically she fire. Cuff her. It’s science. If her favorite is Grape or Orange then in the words of St.Louis on The Players Club GET THE FUCK OUT! 



It’s a masterpiece. It made St.Louis better and showed the world St.Louis always had the sauce. Duh nigga. Read about it here.




Eat all the fries I want in the day. Get all the wall dances and numbers I want at night. It was a magical time. 



St.Louis invented joning. IDC IDC IDC IDC IDC. When you hear “Getcho Luh Uhhhhh” "Getcho Big Uhhhhhh Looking ass.” Headass?? Yup thank STL for that too. 

St.Louis is the headquarters for joning. Even the niggas in St.Louis with the weakest joning powers could go to any other city in the world and be a God of Joning. We breed savages here. Just look at STL Twitter. How many niggas have we got the fuck outta here. An Infinity. 



Fuck them but I'm thankful for the fun nights riding and drinking MD 20/20  in the county acting like we was the shit. Young boy shit. Can't even front...... I was scared as a muhfucka. 



Greatest Tacos Ever and I’ve had tacos all over. Texas, Cali, Chicago, Atlanta, New York. None of em touching Seoul Taco. 



I only have Imos during tax season. Only time I can afford it. I'm thankful regardless. 



Nelly/St Lunatics is a given. I’m from U.City and when I first heard “Gimme What U Got” I thought these guys were superstars because as a kid if I heard you on the radio then I thought you were rich and famous. 

Nelly comes out solo after that and when I seen the "Country Grammar" video I seen the Arch on TV for the first time. I can’t describe how much that meant to me. A artist from St.Louis, Missouri changed the landscape of hip-hop music forever. 

The Welcome To Atlanta Remix video and seeing Murphy Lee not only having the best verse of the song but the fact they were in Busch Stadium with Fernando Vina and Murphy Lee making a case of why at the time he was a top 10 upcoming rapper in the game. I was proud as fuck. 

Da Hol 9 were the most St.Louis artists I’ve ever heard. When I heard them on the radio I was like “Damn they sound like me, my cousins, and my uncles.” They don’t get the respect they deserve. Those dudes are legends. They ad libs were legendary too. The creativity and originality they had is so rare in music today. They were strictly St.Louis all the way through. If you play “Urrbody In Da Club Up” you will see how beautiful St.Louis can be. 

Pretty Willie? 

  • Roll With Me
  • 4 Walls
  • She Got A Man At Home 
  • Lay Your Body Down 
  • Sex In The Daytime 
  • Whole Lotta
  • You Suella  
  • Thinking The Same Thing 

High Key The GOAT. Enough said. 

Taylormade made the greatest song to ever come out of St.Louis. There’s just something about “My Life Is Like A Whirlwind” that brings so many emotions out of you. I just be thankful as fuck when I hear that song. I think of the good times and the bad times and be like “Damn life crazy but a nigga still here and blessed.” Choirs need to start singing that shit in church. 

Nikki by J MC and Ronin had the best opening line to a song in music history. "Step to the bar. Hennessy. No Ice." It's basically a confident tale of a nigga that knows what he wants out of life. 



She’s Foine. 



Look at me. Look at me. It's St.louis song now. 

I dunno why we do that shit but it’s funny as hell. When The Last Mr.Bigg died niggas straight thought he was from St.Louis. That’s how much we played “Trial Time” and “Hoe Check” out here. When BM JR, Fuck You, and Go DJ were played in clubs Weezy was a honorary St.Louis native for the duration of those songs. Project Pat’ verse on Dis Bitch Dat Hoe, Ohh Nothin, and the whole Mista Don’t Play album should get him a star in the loop. We damn near claim him too. 



There’s no more rules. There’s no such thing as gatekeepers anymore. The old way of doing shit is OVER and I have my friends to thank for that. It’s more refreshing today. Events are actually fun to go to again. There are more free thinkers.

So many incredible photographers and videographers. Amazing painters, graphic designers. Dope musicians and poets. Awesome writers. An Amazing Event Planner (Yes singular, Hi Sie, love U!). We have one the greatest creative scenes in the world. The midwest really runs this creative shit. We’re a special bunch.

The creative scene here in St.Louis pushes me to be the best I can be. I’m very proud of all the creatives here who are maintaing the positivity and creating such cool shit. Go get Blk Swn today too! It’s officially St.Louis time. 



It’s rough here sometimes but it made me a man. If you can make it in STL then you will make it anywhere. It’s cliche but it’s true as fuck. St.Louis prepared me for everything so nothing is new to me when it’s presented to me. I’m from St.Louis, USA. The greatest city in the world. I’m hella good and thankful. Forever.