This episode of Upscale With Prentice I could relate to because my momma is a caterer part time so I grew up knowing about how to whip in the kitchen like prime Gucci Mane. It’s time for us to step up our skills in the kitchen and become 5 star chef’s like Waldo Geraldo Faldo from “Family Matters.” 



First segment we learn how to work the pots and pans like Dipset bars. We learn what they are used for and how different ones work and how they deal with heat and different cooking utensils. We learn the cast iron skillet is the baddest chick outta all the pots and pans. It basically cooks, cleans, shuts the fuck up, and knows about sports. 

I definitely knew about the cast iron skillet rusting when you wash it because when I was a kid I washed my momma’s cast iron skillet and she lost her damn mind when it rusted. For that moment adoption crossed her mind. 

Prentice and the chef cook an omelette and I started laughing because if you ever watched that cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory” there was this episode where all Dexter said the whole episode “Omelette Du Fromage” in this funny ass french voice. Sorry for this geek moment but every time hear the word omelette I think of that shit. 



Here we learn about knives. I’m actually terrified of knives mainly because of those stalker ass movies like “Thin Line Between Love & Hate” and “Fatal Attraction.” When I see a big ass kitchen knife I look over my shoulder just to see if Lynn Whitfield is about to pop out and slice my black ass up. It’ll be worth it if she lets me get the drawls before she cuts me. I’ll gladly be a human shish kabob for a piece of that fine ass top shelf black queen. I’m also afraid of cake too because of that fine ass woman. 

Bruh who knew we had to have a type of body positioning to use knives? I was amazed as fuck because of how much sense it made. No wonder I’m always fucking my hands up. I learned about the different grips on how I can hold the knife and the different types of cutting motions. 

I damn sure won’t be testing a freshly sharpened knife on my thumbnail though. White boy on his own with that shit. 



Tell the haters to come in this section and bring that salt they be throwing at me and place it back on the spice rack so I can use it along with some smoked paprika on my chicken. I had no fucking clue that smoked paprika existed. That shit looked so pretty I couldn’t even remember the lady talking. I’m looking for some right now! 

I wants no part of that black salt that look like some shit in a Earth Science book. Could you imagine food with no seasoning? Shoutout Louis XIV for seeing that food is trash without the spice game. Now all i need to find is the person who invented Kool-Aid and I'm set. 



Presentation matters. We learn how to make our meals look like those meals the girls with airplane emojis and booking info in their bio on Instagram get. The cost of those meals are like your rent and cable bill combined too.  

My guy basically made a salad inside of what I thought was a big ass cup warmer but it was a pipe. It looked super neat. The plates look like some O.C.D type shit and I’m not sure if I could pull this off because those servings looked light. My girls like to eat bruh so that plate gotta be full. They’ll look at me like “This cute but Nigga, is this all I get?” so I probably gotta have a plate of food that weighs as much as a Thanksgiving plate on stand by. Which is fine by me. 

Prentice took his skills to his family and prepared dinner for them and the one thing I took away from this scene besides family being the most important thing in our lives next to God is that the Macaroni and them ribs not making it to the presentation plates with my family bruh. 

My family would’ve politely excused me from the kitchen and by politely I mean drag me by my collar and ate that Macaroni and Ribs right out the pan. My fam don’t play about the Macaroni. They hover around the oven while it’s cooking like niggas playing dice and hum Deebo’s theme music like a old negro spiritual. It’s kind of intimidating. 

Another great episode in the books!