3 things are for sure in life. 



Bitch Ass Niggas aka Haters. 

No matter how nice you are. How positive you are. How many people you help. You could have the life of a saint and these clowns will have something negative to say about what you’re doing. Unfortunately it’s apart of life. 

Why do hatin ass niggas do what they do? What do they do? There’s so many answers to those two questions. 


They’re Spiteful Hoes - Some muhfuckas just spiteful. There’s no method to their way of thinking. It is what it is. Sometimes these people have loving families and were raised in loving homes but sorry loving caring parents, your child became a bitch somewhere down the line. 


They don’t like themselves - Hate is just self hate aimed at other people. It’s that simple. They haven’t dealt with their own demons inside so they lash out at other people who are doing positive and productive things. If you love yourself you won’t even think about the next person in a negative fashion. 


Non Belief In Work - Hatin ass bitches tend to think success just came overnight and it was given to the person they’re speaking negatively on. They only see the prosper. They never look for or acknowledge the hard work. They just think people popped up out of nowhere and don’t deserve what they’ve worked for. Think of a person that ever hated on you or hated on someone you know. Now try to think of a time where they’ve ever mentioned hard work. 

I’ll wait ……. 

You can’t think of it can you? Exactly. 


Lies - When the hate doesn’t work or stick. The lies come. The stories come. They want it to spread and tarnish your reputation. It’s a last desperate attempt of a sucka to ruin you. 


Attack your support - They wanna know why people support you. They can’t understand it. They wished they had your support and love. They’ll say goofy shit like “They just started supporting you last week. They're not real supporters.” 

Last week. Last month. Last year. Don’t fucking matter when they started supporting, they’re here now and it’s none of your fucking business. If anyone should be concerned about who is supporting an artist and why, is the artist themselves who’s receiving the support. 


Underhanded Hate - Some call this sneak dissing but underhanded hate is a person surrounding and instigating negativity around your name but saying they’re not hating on you because the negativity isn’t direct towards you. Trust me it’s a lie, they’re hating on you. It’s an excuse and safety net for them to fall back on so they don’t look like they’re hating blatantly. Regardless if you didn't hate on a person, if you bring negativity around their name you're responsible for the backlash. It's irresponsible fuck shit. 


They’re in competition with you but you didn’t get the memo - While you’re chasing what makes you passionate and enjoying life, some misguided soul is measuring your success and trying to defeat or surpass you. They’ve placed you in this competition in their mind. There’s only one problem. You never got the memo so you're not even present at the race and you shouldn’t be. Just continue living your life as you should. 

You know what I’ve never understood about competition being in things we artistically express ourselves or life in general? Let’s look at something like money. Almost everyone wants money right? Why would I compete for something that can be possessed by everyone? Makes no sense. Everyone can get money. It’s not scarce out here. It’s not like it’s the NBA Finals trophy where you have to beat someone to get it. You work or hustle for money. Why waste time competing for it? Same with support. Why compete for support when it’s accessible to everyone? You just have to earn and work for it. Competing with individuals who aren’t even giving you half a thought is a waste of your time and energy. 

Success comes with this unfortunately. If you take risks you’ll have haters. If you have original ideas and bring them to life then haters will be there waiting. If you have the bravery to put yourself out there you will have a hater to speak on you. All the things you do are things the hater can’t do or doesn’t have the mentality or character to do.

How do you deal with these bozos? 

Run Up The Check - Oh they hate that shit. When you go to your bank, safe, shoebox, whatever you do with your money one question that WILL NOT be asked in the process is “How do your haters feel about this?” The money machine won’t count the haters on it’s screen. It counts the fucking cash. Your checks don’t include irrelevant muhfuckas that try to throw dirt on your name and it hurts a hater soul. 


Smile & Laugh - I love to laugh that’s why I love comedies. You know they already watching all your social media. Laugh in all your pictures and continuously be thankful and grateful for life. The more you smile and show your teeth the more they grit their teeth. They want to see you unhappy. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Even if you’re truly sad or mad never let em see you sweat. Smile and laugh. 


No Attention - The reasons why hateful people never go away is because we give them attention. When you take attention away from a clown then the circus dies and they have no reason to perform any longer. If they continue to perform regardless then they’re just running on desperation and they’ll fade away eventually. 

Jay-Z has this quote that I always think of when I hear about a hater. 

“To make a nigga die bleeding is nothing. You make a muhfucka die breathing then you saying something.” 

Taking away attention from a hater puts their show on life support or kills it completely and you didn’t have to resort to violence or insults. Violence is for mentally weak people and I just learned this. I used to want to fight over anything but now I realize I gain nothing from it. I’ve beat people ass for talking shit and they just talked more shit with a fucked up face afterwards. Nothing really changed. They just know I'll throw hands and that’s it. The target is your dreams. The target is the bag. The target isn’t the hater. Never should be. 

Trust me. Just don’t react to the hate and their lives will get more miserable. Not yours. Once you respond you’ve made your life about their bullshit and lies. All you have to do is chill, grab some marshmallows, and roast em over the fire they just burnt their bridges with. Make a S’more like Ham and Smalls in The Sandlot. Just watch the plane crash after they’ve burnt all their bridges and you’ll never hear about them again. They’re alone and miserable. They didn’t get any better after all that hating. Life regressed for them instead and they’ll either realize that they fucked up and try to repair their reputation or continue to be irrelevant. 

Just continue to live joyfully and never go out sad like these weirdos and you’ll be okay.