It’s my favorite fucking time of the year. It’s the time of year where Vince Gilligan and the rest of the writing team fuck up my sanity week by week because I’m trying to piece shit together on “Better Call Saul" and I always end up with the wrong prediction and I damn near have a heart attack at the end of each episode but guess what?

I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the fucking world. 

Better Call Saul Season 3 begins. 



I’m going to assume the start of every season with Jimmy working at Cinnabon is after Breaking Bad and the end of Walter White. Anywho we have Jimmy aka Gene working in a Cinnabon in the mall with a Tom Selleck/Rapist mustache.

I love the fuck outta this scene because of the song “Sugartown” by Nancy Sinatra is playing while Jimmy is baking tasty treats. Well done writers or music director, whoever picked that fucking song is a genius. 

Due to snitching we find out that Jimmy is in Omaha, Nebraska. Didn’t even know they had malls in fucking Nebraska. I stand corrected. 

Jimmy has an outburst and yells LAWYER to the kid he snitched on like he has PTSD. Which in a sense he kind of does. He’s been through so much as a lawyer and seeing that kid in handcuffs probably gave him a flashback of what his passion used to be. He then goes back to place frosting on a fresh batch of heart stopping (literally) Cinnabon’s and passes the fuck out like a traumatized war veteran. 



Chuck bitch ass still acting like a bitch. As we all saw last season he has Jimmy’s recorded confession to the crime he committed and Chuck punk ass couldn’t be happier. 

Last season we got a glimpse of why Chuck hates his brother. He wants to be him and he’s jealous that Jimmy cuts corners and is dishonest but still always gets his way and is never punished.

The tape removal was interesting because how they both choose to remove the tape is their personalities and work ethic in a nutshell. Jimmy pulls off the tape recklessly with no regards to the wall and that’s exactly how he practices law. He’s reckless and doesn’t care about the consequences of his recklessness. 

Chuck removes the tape gently and carefully. Chuck is precise. He’s a perfectionist and that’s why he’s such a brilliant lawyer. Chuck cares about the consequences. He does everything perfectly. 

With decades of bottled up anger Chuck lets Jimmy know he will finally pay the price and he’s not off the hook. 

Chuck plays the tape for the guy that looks like Merril Hodge (Howard) and Howard explains that the tape is pointless. Chuck knows it it but still has something up his sleeve because hating is what he does best. 

The servant Ernesto comes over with groceries and batteries and Chuck tries to change them with the old ones in the recorder he used to record Jimmy’s confession but he can’t because he’s the opposite of Radioactive Man from The Simpsons so he asks Ernesto to change them. Ernesto accidentally hears Jimmy’s confession which now involves him and Chuck flips the fuck out and yells at him to turn it off. I don’t know all that legal mumbo jumbo shit but I know there’s a loophole that can help Jimmy beat that recording in the court of law since Ernesto heard it.  



Kim is what i like to call a “Boss Bitch.” She low key my favorite character. She doesn’t take no shit and gets shit done. She’s doing the heavy lifting for her and Jimmy’s firm and she’s getting shit done while Jimmy out and about being a criminal. 

Jimmy comes back to see that she has everything under control and we learn that Jimmy actually cares about what Chuck thinks of him. 

“For 10 minutes Chuck didn’t hate me.” 

Jimmy really cares for his brother Jimmy just an asshole and a weasel when it comes to life and that fucks up his relationship with his brother. 

Case and point the soldier finding Jimmy to confront him about lying to get a commercial made. Clearly Jimmy is an asshole for doing what he did but what makes him a bigger dickhead is him trying to call the soldiers bluff when he said he will take this to court. 

The soldier said something really interesting. He told Jimmy 

“You think you don’t have to play it straight but the wheel is gonna turn. It always does.” 

He right as fuck about that. It’s how the universe works. Karma goes both ways. 

Kim meets with Paige from Mesa Verde and Paige is amazed at the work Kim has done for the company and the praise of Kim then turns into the slander of Chuck’s reputation. At one point Chuck’s reputation outside of his health was spotless but now due to Jimmy’s actions. Chuck has a bad rep with a big client. Kim is obviously bothered by Paige’s words about Chuck’s professionalism because she knows Chuck is actually brilliant and Jimmy isn’t worth shit.

Kim asks for the documents to double check them and what I think is happening in the night scene in the firm office when she double checks them is that she’s now unsure of herself and doesn’t want to make the same mistake Chuck did and she possibly doesn’t trust Jimmy either and thinks Jimmy could do the same shit to her that he did to his brother.  


Mike is in “WTF” mode because he can’t figure out how he was tailed for his assassination attempt. He goes to a scrap yard and tries to find a tracker. He ends up taking the whole station wagon apart and he still can’t find it. 

He finally gives up and calls for cab but then realizes while looking at a gas cap in the parts store that he didn’t check the gas cap of his car. He checks it and he finds the tracker. 

Mike takes the tracker and writes down the company name and serial number and puts the tracker back into his car to keep everything normal. He then ditches it this job to imply he’s working and goes to meet that weirdo from last season to obtain his own tracker. 

Mike gets the new tracker and figures out how it works and then proceeds to drain the battery of the old tracker and puts the new tracker into his gas cap and waits by the window to see who comes a retrieves it and like clockwork they take the bait and Mike’s tracker is now on them so he can follow them.  

Mike is a dangerous muhfucka because he has nothing but time. He has time to entertain the bullshit. He has a part time job and he’s old. Old people have nothing but down time. They always chilling. So whoever fucking with him will find out the hard way. Mike actually has the time to take apart a station wagon and sit by his window for hours to see who’s fucking with him. He’s a gangsta grandpa and he don’t fuck around. I wish Mike was my Grandpa in real life. 

We all know it’s Gus. Only Gus tracks people and now we kind of understand how Mike could track Walter in the Breaking Bad series. 

Better Call Saul is shaping up to be the G.O.A.T. See ya next week.