I’m all about spreading love and getting people hip to shit outside of my blog so just like my last Blacks Who Blog write up i’m a put y’all on some more dope blogs I came across that were created by amazing black women. 

I'm going to have the links to their sites below each entry so you can visit them.



I like this blog for the simple fact that’s there’s some cool recipes on it. I eat kinda healthy but I get bored of spinach and salmon all the time so this blog provided me with some new things I can try. I don’t eat chicken or much dairy (The only meat I eat is Fish) but it’s some cool shit on here. Even the assholes known as Vegans will fine something they can enjoy on this blog. 




The name of the blog makes me think of the fat nigga Butta from the movie “Sunset Park” ran it. She could have the song “Butta Love” by Next playing whenever people visit the site. That would be some epic shit right? Whatever happened to that nigga RL though? That singing ass nigga just disappeared in thin air…..anyway about this blog.

Out of all the blogs I visited I think I like the topics and writing the most on this. Shai writing seems more of speed and I actually give a fuck about what she’s talking about. I read like 6 articles in a row. I was fully engaged and I wasn’t bored so that’s a plus. The Friends Aren’t Your Audience and the Depression ones were my favorites. Dope site. 




This blog is funny to me. I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny but these random situations remind me of that cartoon Animaniacs. 

Remember on animaniacs when that little boy would peek his head out his house then come walking out super fast then he’d tell a quick random funny ass story then he’d say “Okay Bye” at the end of them and then walk back into the house? That’s what this blog reminds me of. 

These entires are so random and quick to me but they have useful advice about relationships. The dating stories are crazy and almost all of them are on some lurking or "pull up on him” type shit but there’s some life gems underneath all of the bullshit situations. 

One thing for certain though. This blog just further proves my point that women are the greatest detectives in the world. Should’ve had women investigate who killed Tupac. Case would’ve been cracked in 2 hours. 




I never seen the word “Wanderlust” in person if that makes any sense. I’ve only heard people who played that “Magic The Gathering” card game use that word so when I seen the word I was like “Oh shit! That word is real and it calls?” Shit is like a Unicorn to me. 

Here I’ve stumbled upon Now the universe is crazy and allow me to explain. I finally have a passport and I’m trying to figure out where I want to go this fall for my first overseas trip. I usually overcome my anxiety but my anxiety has me really on edge because I’ve never been anywhere where I may be the only person who speaks english. Well except a crack house. Crackheads speak a whole different language but that don’t count. 

The first article I see is “Three ways that solo traveling can change you forever.” I was like “Got damn I needed this shit!” I don’t even know why I want to travel to other countries. I think I just be bored as fuck and I want some new shit to write about. I may find the reason why I want to when I actually do. 

I like how everything is just in front of me so I can just read write up after write up without having to search. Compliments my impatience and laziness. This is one dope ass travel blog. 




I don’t really read stories. Only stories I read are usually in script form when I help someone screen write. 

I come across this article and I see this title “Good girl turned freak” so of course a nigga like me was like “Oh really? I’ll be the judge of that.” I started reading it and I just couldn’t stop. My dick damn near jumped. So I see who wrote it and I visit the site that was referenced and my goodness I was in heaven. Let me give you some examples. 

The first story I read is called “Hairy Vagina Chronicles” I looked up at the ceiling and said “God I dunno why you keep blessing me.” I’m a old nigga so hairy vagina is OOOOOOTAAAAAY (Little Rascals voice) with me. I don’t give a fuck. Bald or not. Give it a little spit and have it shining like a fresh perm then part the hair like a 1960’s soul singer hairstyle and you in there. Alright I’ve kinda gotten off course lemme bring it back. 

She wrote shit like “I was so desperate to diffuse the salaciousness that found home in my pussy walls” that's some real shakespearean shit. It was nasty and trashy but classy and regal at the same time like a tuxedo t shirt. All the stories and write ups on this site are entertaining as fuck. I’m probably going to read all of this shit on here in 2 nights. 


If you know anymore dope writers recommend me some. Peace!