It’s time to eat right, get our spirit right, and get our body right. On this episode of Upscale With Prentice Penny it’s all about health and wellness. Yup we gotta get the kinda abs we don’t need baby oil for. As Marlon Wayans said in Above The Rim people gonna be begging you to wash they drawls on ya stomach. Nasty but true. 

Aye why they have my guy Prentice with the fat suit looking like a fat Wayne Brady or Tom Dubois from The Boondocks hahahahahaha ahhh shit! Hilarious! 


Prentice goes to this juicing place to learn about juicing vegetables. Juicing is very healthy because it gives your digestive system a rest and you still get all the nutrients you need and you’re not starving yourself. 

I only juice for my protein shakes when I go to the gym but I’ve never actually juiced anything outside of fruit. Vegetables taste like Daria Morgendorffer’s personality. Very dry and bland. I’m a picky eater that’s all. I’m the kid that refused to eat corn, beans, or peas so I couldn’t leave the table to watch “Hey Arnold.” Got to the point where I’d just stuff the vegetables into my napkin and put them in my pocket. Ultimate dinner table finesse. I mean you saw Prentice face when he ate that kale. He looked like he was on punishment. He wanted to at least throw some hot sauce on that Kale. I actually like Kale though so Kale is alright in my book. 

Two of the drinks I’m actually going to try is the Cucumber, Apple, Kale, and Spinach one because I actually eat all of those things weekly so it shouldn’t be bad. I will also try that jalepeno shot that almost took Prentice’s soul. I love jalepenos and hot stuff. That seems like a shot you take in the morning. Wake that ass up in a instant. 

I know you’re probably wondering about the title of this entry and what’s a “Juice Weasel?” Well it’s from one of my biggest influences as a writer. Make a “Penny for your thoughts” and check that below.  



Acupuncture is something that’s on my bucket list. I’ve seen the scariest people do it so if they punk asses can do it well so can I. 

Prentice gets the chance to open up his Chakra’s and energy flow you know all the shit the deep and woke people talk about. Only thing missing from this segment was actual crystals and incense. Acupuncture really does look like a natural high. 

The needles didn’t look that bad and were very thin. Just think thousands of years ago they were using stones and bones for needles so basically acupuncture for Optimus Prime or Godzilla on human beings.

I was impressed and amazed at how different parts of the body channel different feelings. Putting needles in the top of your head helps with creativity. Sign me up and put more needles in my head than botox patients. I live for creativity and want as much as I can get. 



Prentice goes to get new running shoes that fit his feet. I run pretty frequently and I’m always doing something athletic and shoes are very very important especially when you get up there in age. As the guy told Prentice a improper shoe can really mess up your whole body. He’s absolutely right. 

I have no arches in my feet. ZERO. I’m super duper flat footed so I always have to research and get special shoes for when I run long distance and the Asics Prentice tried on are butta. Asics are a really clutch, comfy, and durable running shoe. Stylish too! 

The place Prentice went to I’m going to have to visit the next time I’m on the west coast. I can get at least 2 pairs and I wanna see their faces when they see my feet. They’re going to look at me like “WTF are you?” 


Boaaaaaaa y’all just don’t know how in love I was with Sheraine when I was a kid (Ooooh pun not intended). I loved Sheraine and Hilary Banks when I was a young buck. I always wanted to dance with Sheraine because of House Party. A.J Johnson is now one of the top fitness guru’s on the planet and Prentice takes his new kicks and his soon to be sore body to visit A.J on a hiking trail for a exercise session. 

We learn about A.J’s discipline to her great health and why she works so hard to maintain her body. This woman does not play. I’m in shape and I’m afraid to workout with that woman. She’d have me looking like Tommy and Cole passed out in the exercise class on that episode of Martin when Martin basically turned into Jack Lalanne eating broccoli pops. 

Hiking is hard as fuck to me. My legs are always on fire after I go hiking especially on the west coast but the views are so beautiful that you don’t feel the pain until you get back to take a shower. 

A.J basically wore Prentice ass out exercising and even did the Kid N Play dance which brought a single tear in my eye and made me think about Groove. If Groove wasn’t drunk he would’ve won that dance off. I’m debating that until the end of time! That fat drunk boy was moving. He had that sneaky fat boy speed. 

I dedicate this review to Groove wherever he is! *Hits Yoga Tree Pose* 

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