Usually I’d joan on you. Call you names but this time or at least for this first paragraph I’m going to chill. I just may snap as I continue writing this because I’m a person that the more I speak the more dumb shit you do will cross my mind while I’m speaking my mind and I’ll instantly get upset at that moment. 

I’m ranting. Why am I annoyed? It’s because in hip-hop and sometimes R&B no one let’s you enjoy the fucking music. NOBODY! I can just say something simple and harmless like “This is a great album” and someone will have an opinion and something to say that I don’t give a fuck about. 

Nothing is absolute when it comes to opinions of music. It’s subjective. So me saying an album is “Great” isn’t a fact. It’s opinion. So it’s not a big deal to me when someone says an album is great and I don’t think it’s great. I go on with my life. Me stating my opinion to that person and saying it’s not great to that person isn’t going to change that person’s opinion. So why even entertain that shit? Just let people rock to what they rock to. 

Kendrick Lamar releases another great album in my opinion and instead of enjoying the shit there are literally pointless debates everywhere you turn from people trying to change the opinions of others and it doesn’t make any sense to me. Some are saying Kendrick is the best in the game some say he’s the most overrated in the game but I don’t care about none of that shit. Why aren’t we talking about the album? If he was retiring and this was his last album then yeah I’m all for the opinions of all time rankings, top 5’s, and other shit like that but he’s not retiring or done (Lord Willing). 

I never see this in any other genre of music. You get debates in Country music I’m sure but shiddd I can’t fucking tell. They fans too busy getting drunk and jamming to the new album instead of debating about it. They don’t give a fuck who thinks who is the best. All they’re concerned with is when and where is the tour, and setting their entire paycheck aside for bud light for drunk fun at that concert. That’s fucking all. 

Niggas is bringing up Eminem and his old ass rape bars. Niggas bringing up Big L.  Niggas even bringing up rappers from the future we never heard of yet. All niggas is doing is bringing up people who have nothing to do with the album and people are focused on pointless debates instead of cool discussions about the album. I used to take part in those pointless debates. In the past I was the person/people I’m ranting about so I'm guilty as fuck too but after listening to more and more genres outside of hip-hop this past year I’ve grown to not give a fuck about anything but the music and how it makes ME feel. Not anyone else. Even if we agree. If we do agree that’s great lets kick it and jam the album and break it down together. 

Fuck who has nice bars. I don’t care. I only give a fuck about bars when i’m watching rap battles and I hear DON DEMARCO in the background. Don’t come to me talking about bars. I just care about artistry now. That’s all. Artistry. Like I said before go watch Smack battles if you want bar for bar shit. The niggas talking about bar for bar shit in these dumbs debates listen to old angry rap niggas who always talk about taking it back to the essence. What the fuck is the essence exactly and why niggas keep saying that shit? It’s probably the same niggas who think prime Oscar Robertson can guard Russell Westbrook or prime Wilt Chamberlain could guard Anthony Davis. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but tuck your old nigga logic in your faded Karl Kani jeans and stop bringing up old niggas. 

This isn’t a music issue. It’s a culture issue to me. We’re so obsessed with trying to one up each other. Put each other down. We always have to compete with each other. No matter what. If I said someone did something great someone will tell me literally seconds later that someone else did something better in their opinion. The problem is I never asked for that opinion. Niggas just love arguing to argue. 

Me and you have different music tastes. Guess what?

*Whispers* I’m gonna sleep good regardless and I hope you do too. 

On the flip side us fans of Kendrick have to understand there’s people who doesn’t think he’s great and they have that right just as much as we have the right to believe that he is. My problem is that the people from both sides are going out of their way to argue about preference and on those grounds each person is just wasting their breath. 

For example. I’ve never really been a Drake fan. He has some songs I’ve fucked with but overall I just don’t listen to him often. I gave his latest album a spin and I didn’t even finish it. I just concluded it wasn’t for me and went on with my day. I’ve bashed him in the past so the old me would bash the album on Twitter like I did with "Views" and say he’s overrated. He’s not overrated. He’s just not for me. I seen people tweeting that Drake is the greatest rapper ever. I didn’t feel a way about it I just kept scrolling. I didn’t hop in their mentions and bring up Nas or J.Cole. I let them enjoy the music they enjoy. It’s that simple. 

If you think an artist is overrated then what the fuck are you telling everybody else for? Just don’t listen to that artist and listen to what you fuck with in peace. Why bring negativity in someone else direction and try to get them to not fuck with a artist that they like? Why are we always comparing artists? I'm not thinking about Drake or J.Cole when I'm listening to Kendrick Lamar or when I'm watching Kendrick perform and I'm not trying to. I don't wanna hear nothing that isn't T.D.E related when I'm listening to him. The same with anyone else. 

I don’t even get why people from either side so upset for anyway. Next week everyone will move on to something else. It’s just the way of society today. So much content and information gets shared daily and we’re on to the next one. Just vibe to what you vibe to and look for like minded people who share the same feelings and enjoy.