I'm in a giving mood today so I'm letting 3 write up's fly today and this is one of them. 

All the talent in the world residing in St.Louis right now and it's really simple. I need the wave to get to tsunami status this year.

I need projects from these artists. Simple and plain.  




I wanna hear a project where he tells the listener what New York was from his perspective. How he got here to St.Louis. Was it good? Was it bad? What he likes and doesn’t like. Homie low key could have his own lane here because he not originally from here so he’d stand out more. Mix the NY wave with what the STL wave and he’ll have something special because it’s his experience. I need that outside the spot stunting like Ace Boogie on Paid N Full mixed with chinamen and Pineapple Vess kinda music. He has the talent to make a audio motion picture and I pray he does that.  



He’s one of the most talented humans I’ve ever seen and heard. All I need is an EP of soulful vocals to night cruise to. Just give the streets 3 songs bruh and I promise you’ll have the streets going crazy. 



I may be selfish here but I want a project from Zado where he works with only one producer throughout it. I’m still in awe of his feature on Orlando Vaughn’s PinkSkyParadise. He paints such vivid pictures when he raps. Like I literally see the shit he’s rapping about. It's like Zado exists but doesn't exist. If was to tell you that Zado is about to drop some new music you would look at me like "I thought he was a myth!" He has that kind of mystique about him. He just appears out of nowhere with crack music then disappears. He's like Golgo 13. If and when he drops something the earth will stand still I promise. 



The verdict is still out on Moe for me. I know he can rap. He has bars but the true test for an emcee is can they still maintain a good level of lyricism while evolving into a full fledged artist. "The Lot" was a good display of his lyrical capability but I need to get to know Moe on whatever he releases next. I need to know Moe’s story. Beanie Sigel is an artist that did that very well to me. He had the punchlines and bars but he’d drop some shit like“What Your Life Like” and I’d just sit there like “Damn that was real.” He evolved but kept the bars and he made me FEEL his story. Moe has the talent to do the same thing. Will he, is what we will find out. 



I need the fellas to do this on some Marvel Cinematic Universe shit where they all focus on each others solo projects. You had Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk movies then they gave us The Avengers. 4DEEP can feed the streets what each individual does differently and what each artist brings to the collective and then meet for the grand finale which is the 4DEEP official debut album and shit gone crack. 



The second go round is tough. It’s the real test to me and answers the question, "Is this kid for real?” The veteran sharp witted flow he displays is crazy. He lets us know he’s done it all and seen it all and all this shit to him is just a rerun. He gave us just a small preview of his story on "STL Ave” and all I wonder is that will he be even more focused and structured on the next one?  

J'Demul reminds me of Ali Vegas now for those who don’t know who Ali Vegas is he’s a rapper from Queens, NY who everybody was saying was the next Nas/Jay. He was rapping super young and was basically a child prodigy and known for being on deceased NYC legend “Half A Mil” album. Vegas was really nice as fuck despite being young but for some reason he just couldn’t put it all together. When I first heard Vegas rap I was like “Oh shit!” I did the same when I first heard “95 til now” by Demul. He has that "you can’t learn this you either got it or you don’t" kinda talent. He’s ahead of his time and I want to see if he can do what Ali Vegas didn’t do and that’s put it all together.