Dear Drama King & Queen

You’re a piece of shit. Your parents maybe nice but they’re probably pieces of shit also since they had you. It’s gotta be in their DNA. It’s gotta be hereditary. So I guess they’re pieces of shit by default. Sorry parents. You’re probably cool as fuck and tell cool ass stories but you did this. You’ve cursed us all. 

What’s on your agenda today drama king and queen? What’s new? Anything progressive? Positive? Helpful? The answer is no isn’t it? Sorry about that. I should’ve known better. It’s just another day of your wasteful existence taking up space in a over populated world. Before I met you I had no interest in population control but today is a new fucking day. A lot of you gotta go.  

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ...

“Benny. I’ve told you and all my followers on social media that I hate drama millions of times. I can’t cause drama if I constantly complain about it.” 

You’re right. You did tell us that over and over again but I want your bitch ass to know something and hear me loud and fucking clear ….. *Clears Throat* 


People like you who always complain about drama and live in it tell the world that they hate drama every chance they get. Every person I know who minds their business and are happy individuals never complain about drama at all and if drama comes their way they ignore it. They have too much to lose to give it any attention or let it gain any traction in their lives. 

Let me guess? I’m hating on you. Fair enough. I’ll be the hater. Just as long as I’m not the liar that’s okay with me. Let’s continue. 

Yes there’s more. You’re gonna get this work. 

Let's talk about your friendships.

A few maybe stable but a lot of people distance themselves from you. Have you actually ever sat down and thought why? No you haven’t. It’s never your fault. You’re never accountable for your actions. It’s not you it’s them. You will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility. So you do what any dramatic man or woman does. You look for an audience. You look for an audience to avoid loneliness and to avoid actually sitting and thinking and letting your thoughts marinate about your actions. God forbid you come to conclusion and tell yourself “I fucked up. I was wrong.” 

No. You want the audience so that when you insult the person who no longer wants to fuck with you and your dramatic ways, the audience will see and someone in that audience will come to side and help you try and bring that person down. Dramatic people love to recruit people to tear others down. Dramatic people aren’t creative. You always need company. You always need assistance. If you’re alone you suffer. This is why you change friends more than Carmen Sandiego change countries. Every time I look up it’s someone new you’re calling “Bro” or “Sis.” Calling people you barely know “Bestie” or “My G.” When you’re alone, you’re a nobody and you know it. 

Every conflict you’re in. You throw it up on social media immediately. You can never stay in a relationship because the only thing stable about you is drama. People just want you for a couple nights then they move on to someone better and drama free. Even when you’re in a relationship it’s not about your partner. It’s about everyone else. It’s about the audience. It’s about the “haters” you claim to have. You want people to think you have normalcy and you’re not bothered. The sad reality is that your partner is actually miserable as fuck and that relationship won’t last. It will end. Your dramatic behavior will be the cause of it. 

You gossip just to keep your fragile character and ego intact. You can’t go a day without it. Everyone’s lives around you are beautiful stories. Your life is a blank piece of paper without gossip. You need it to build yourself up and give yourself an identity. No one knows who you are and really don’t want to know because you’re so concerned with everyone else. All you do is work 5 days a week. build up dramatic situations while at work then wait for the drama to unfold on the weekends then repeat the cycle on Monday. 

When people call you out on your bullshit. You weasel your way out of it. You find every exit possible and claim everyone else is the one with the problem. Not you. You instantly play the victim. Looking for sympathy. Waiting for that audience on social media to give you words of encouragement and make you feel as if you’ve done nothing wrong and your reputation is spotless. 

You can’t wait for them to ask you “What’s wrong?” You’ll proceed to give a vague answer because there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just a dramatic piece of shit that looks for concern from others to recharge your dramatic batteries and justify your behavior.

You can't have an open conversation. It’s not in your nature because honesty would be involved. 

Nothing is real about you. Absolutely nothing. You just exist. That’s all. Your family may like you but they have to. They’re your family. Outside of them you’re just a sad and broken individual that just doesn’t get it. 

You can’t live without drama. It’s your drug. You’re addicted. It’s your disease. You’re an addict. You love chaos. You love mayhem.

This is why you bring dangerous friends or dangerous relationship partners around you and your loved ones. You love the shit show. You love the possibility of conflict so you can rebel. I know you may have friends and they party, drink, smoke, kick it with you all the time so you think there’s nothing wrong with you but they’re only around you because they pity you and they know if they stopped hanging around you you’ll go and hang with people just as dramatic as yourself or with people who don’t have your best interest and just want to see you destroy yourself. You’ll just cling on to the nearest person to you and continue to be oblivious to your mistakes. 

I’ll end this with some advice. 

My advice to you. Love yourself. Truly love yourself because you don’t. Your ego is making you think you love yourself but your heart and spirit isn’t involved because you’ve neglected them in favor of your ego. Just love yourself and talk to someone who won’t bullshit you and then see how life changes for you. Life will have more meaning. 


A nigga that refuses to be around you until you get your mind and soul right.