I’ve touched on this topic before but I’m back again because people just don’t get it. Hip-Hop is a strange thing. Lets get right into this. 

So I see a freestyle get retweeted onto my timeline (Love you Sie) and it’s a freestyle Cassidy did at some concert. I believe it was a Ruff Ryders Reunion show, anyway. Instead of doing some new music that could possibly make him relevant again he decides to diss Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert in the freestyle. Uzi is from the same city he’s from so that made the diss even more corny. 

Let me just address the elephant in the room. Cassidy picked those 2 rappers to diss because he thinks they’re soft. Why not say 21 Savage name? He’s apart of that wave right? Why not say Young Thug name? He’s in that group too. I guess he’s trying to bully them. I dunno who cares but the outcome will still remain…… If you throw a Cassidy show on the same night a Lil Uzi show is happening, which show is likely to sell out?  

Exactly. You know the answer. 

I'm glad he thinks highly of himself as a rapper. He's supposed to but I can probably name 100 rappers off the top of my head who are better rappers and overall artist than Cassidy.

We don’t have to take it back to Weezy, Jeezy, or Boosie because they’re still around so off top this freestyle doesn’t make any fucking sense. The problem isn’t Yachty or Uzi. The problem is that Cassidy hasn’t made good music in over 12 years and he’s taking it out on those 2 guys. 

He praises those vet trap rappers but in the same freestyle say you gotta be a trapper, singer, or backpacker to be a rapper. Ummmm no you don’t Cassidy. You can be a straight rapper but here’s the punchline…. you ready? 


Point blank period. Uzi and Yachty didn't put a gun to their fans head and make them listen to their music so why even worry about what they're doing? 

"I’m A Hustla” is the ONLY decent album in Cassidy’s career in my opinion. All niggas did was watch Cassidy freestyle videos. Niggas barely played his actual studio albums. I bought that album and I still have that album. It’s just crazy to me that he’s complaining about new rappers today when in his era when his type of rap was popular and more widely accepted he wasn’t even a top 5 or top 10 artist. 

Yes he can freestyle. Good. So can a million other people. Can you make memorable timeless albums? In his case. No. Play “I’m A hustla” or “Hotel” in a party and watch all the pussy dry up in the room. I’m sure they may play it in Philly and it’ll get a reaction. I dunno I could be wrong about that because I’m not from there but Cassidy hasn’t made any timeless music in my opinion. 

I’m a nigga that don’t listen to rap a lot and I’m tired of washed up niggas talking that back in the day shit when the founders of hip hop rap worse than the niggas they’re dissing. Then I always hear the “Hip-Hop had a message” argument. They were talking about fucking hoes, killing niggas, and drugs just like these new niggas are. What message? One of my favorite albums of all time is Doggystyle. It’s a classic. You wanna know what the message is on that album? Fuck bitches. Drink and smoke good. Keep your 9 on you. Fuck more hoes and pass them to your homies, and pimpin. The people who judge these younger rappers are hypocrites. 

The reason that these old niggas mad at the Yachty’s and Uzi’s is because they’re not apart of it. They’re not making money off of it. if they were you wouldn’t hear a fucking sound from any of these flabby and sick niggas. It’s a cycle that’s been happening since Jeezy came in the game. They hated on him but you know who accepted him? Jay-Z. The JEHOVAH Cassidy mentioned in that freestyle saw where the game was going and instead of hating he adapted. Soulja Boy caught the same hate but guess what that nigga changed the game with youtube and all these old niggas use his youtube strategies he started today. Kanye West adapted. Nas adapted. The great ones don’t care where the game goes cause they know they’re going to keep doing them. 

I’ll take it back even further. They hated on E-40 when he came in the game selling platinum records. Rasheed Wallace and AZ hated on E-40 and he addressed them both. They hated on Outkast when they came up. They were hating on Master P too. Hip-Hop has a history of this bullshit. Whatever is new and selling more than the old niggas we gotta hate on it. 

I don’t see what’s so difficult about finding your lane and staying in it. Kendrick did it and he’s just sold 600K in a week. J.Cole did it. Tech N9NE did it. Russ did it. Chance The Rapper did it. Danny Brown did it. Why can’t Cassidy?

Make a good album with actual good songs. Slang it independent and take it on the road with a group of other rappers and cash out. It’s simple. Dissing new rappers not gone make anyone buy your shit. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to just do you. 

This is like if Guns N Roses and their stadium rock would diss Nirvana and their grunge rock. You know how stupid that would look back in 1990? They accepted that the grunge era is the new era and went about their business and still did big tours. 

What the fuck is real hip hop? Hip Hop is Hip Hop. Period. I find it hilarious that it’s only “REAL” Hip-hop if I like who you like and accept who you accept. My Top 5 has E-40 and DJ Quik in it and niggas frown they faces up at that. I don’t give a fuck what you think is real or not. Whether you think it’s horrible or great it’s still hip-hop. Get over it. 

If I hear the word “Culture” one more fucking time I’m gonna scream. All these so called “lyricists” like Joe Budden are claiming Yachty is exploiting hip hop, ruining the culture, and trolling but yet turn on VH1 those same rappers are or were on a reality tv show exploiting the “culture" in a different way. So as long as it’s a show with women throwing drinks on each other and music isn’t the plot of the show  and you make money from it then it’s okay? Aight. Gotcha. My bad I was confused. 

To all the new era. Keep prospering. These old rap niggas just old niggas yelling at kids from their porch like Stoop Kid from Hey Arnold. Grown men worried about other grown men careers is cornball activity. Cassidy dropped a freestyle with 2004 sounding bars he found in a Mark Ecko Velour suit and nothing changed.