Let’s just pray that I actually remember to take off the price tag on the gift I give my momma on Sunday. She don’t ever trip. She just laughs and reminds me I always forget. On Upscale we are in search of gifts that keep on giving. 



Prentice goes to the Cigar shop and learns about the history of cigars and how they’re made. I’m not a cigar smoker but when I was younger I used to think they were just a big ass Newports. Since I’ve become an adult I always wanted to smoke one on a island just to feel like a boss like Paulie Cicero from Goodfellas. Definitely on my Jamaica trip later this year I’ll do it. 

The boxes cigars come in do be lit as fuck. It’s like a collectors item. Cigar cutters too. People love Cigars because they’re very traditional and I can see why distinguished O.G’z love them so much. 

Prentice made his own signature cigars for his playa partner so he can smoke them and feel like the new Archie Bunker. 



I’ve never gave wine as a gift. I always gave people cognac. Niggas not turning down Remy. I never actually looked at the brand or flavor of wine I bought either. I only bought wine when I’m about to Netflix and chill with a woman. I think the shit I drink all the time is called Merlot. Women don’t care as long as it’s free so I never tripped. 

Prentice goes to a wine spot to get a bottle of wine for his mother. We learn why wine is usually a go to gift for a lot of people. Mainly because it’s quick and you can grab it on the go. Truthfully there are so many aspects that go with choosing a good wine for a gift that I never considered. 

As a kid I thought the only people who drank wine were housewives and the R&B artists who didn’t have drug problems. Basically the boring ones. 



Prentice know he was hotter than crackhead breath working in that sweater next to that furnace to make glass. Sweating like a southern pastor. 

They made glass cups for his father and yo can never go wrong with creating gifts. It just means that much more because thought and effort has gone into the gift. 

If given the chance I would like to make a huge green glass bowl to put sour skittles in . 



Prentice goes to “Cordially Invited” to get advice on gift wrapping. 

I’m the worse at gift wrapping. If I could equate my gift wrapping to something I guess my gift wrapping is like Bobby Brown’s 3rd solo album “Forever” but the gift under the horrible wrapping is always on “Don’t Be Cruel” levels cause I’m a awesome gift giver. A gift and a curse. 

I also sometimes dump everything in a bag with the shitty colored paper also when I’m in a rush. It’s all about presentation and this is where I fail at all the time. 

Prentice learns the importance of gift wrapping and why it’s appreciated and he gets a cool wine crate to put his mother’s gift in it. Oh and double sided tape is clutch kids. 

Don’t y’all let your momma’s down this weekend. Upscale taught you better.