As you can see above, I’m going to pop in my “Ferris Bueller’s Day” off blu ray and let it play while I write this. I’m a HUGE 80’s movies fanatic. It’s one of the reasons why I practice and love screenwriting and have a blog. I watch 80’s movies damn near daily. Prentice reminded me of how much I love that decade by paying homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on this episode of Upscale. 

Now that I think about it. Although he was a legend. Ferris Bueller was a fucking jerk. He ruined people’s lives just so he could have a day off. Cameron's dad probably stabbed Cameron when he came home and seen his Red Ferrari dead in the woods like a John Rambo victim. Ferris sister met a meth addict at the police station with whom she’s gonna runaway and rob truck stops with in the boondocks. Rooney thinks Sloane’s family dabbles in incest. Rooney got his face kicked in (Well deserved actually). The REAL Abe Froman lunch reservation is now ruined. Ferris Bueller ruined more lives than he helped. 

Anyway. I’m rambling. 

It’s time to upscale our day off. Damn who knew a off day could be upscale? Ain’t that some shit?



My off days are rare. I still a regular nigga so I work a job I dislike so when I have a off day from that hellhole I use my free time to write and catch up on anime or HBO GO. I just chill with my shirt off like prime Gucci Mane and do those things. Never have I thought about leaving the crib on a off day. Sad right? 

My homie Prentice has shown me the light as usual and has me looking up pic-a-nic baskets on Amazon like Yogi Bear. I must say, I’ve never been on a picnic a day in my life but after seeing this episode and how relaxing it looked I’m all for it. Especially after that lady pulled out a picnic basket that looked like Desperado’s guitar case on the inside. 

My G was eating fondu. FONDUE! Fondue sound like some shit Richard Gere eats. I never even sniffed fondu let alone taste it. Wine. Portable table. Frankie Beverly for the tunes. That type of picnic is paradise. I probably would’ve played some Teddy Pendergrass or Earth Wind And Fire. 



Now if you’re gonna be eating some fondue. You can’t be eating that shit in true religion jeans like a chump. You gotta get vintage threads for vintage activities. Might as well get you a male romper since that seems to be the craze today according to my twitter. 

I guess Wasteland is thrifting on steroids. You not finding red Eddie Murphy Balmain pants in a regular thrift store. No fucking way. 

I pray Prentice bought that Puff Daddy shirt for the culture. That was one of the shirts Dwayne Johnson used to wear when he was The Rock in 1998. 



A spa? On my off day? I’m all in! Not just any spa. This spa salty like all my exes. It’s Grotto De Sal! They got the salt game on lock. How many places can you go to and breathe in salt? Can hold your popcorn in the air and receive flavor. Just salt in the air like it ain’t shit. 

Now all my athletes can relate to this. This is our dream after a workout or a game. Bathing in salt water works miracles on your body. You’ll feel like a brand new man like the first time you watched “Goodfellas.” A man’s man. I’d go straight to the salt pool if I visited. 

Prentice hopped in some chamber that looks like it was in the “Day The Earth Stood Still” movie or was in Dragonball Z. Apparently it freezes you and helps with injuries and soreness. I believe Terrell Owens had one that he showed on his episode of MTV Cribs. 

Have you ever did “Leg Day” in the gym? Frost bit nips are worth it in my book if it takes away the soreness that feels like my legs got hit with cinder blocks. 


Prentice pulls up to LAX ART to learn about the art world and get cultured on his day off. 

I definitely agree with Prentice views on museums. They can be intimidating. Don’t wanna feel like that person who don’t know shit about art around a bunch of people who know everything about art. I’m sorry artsy fartsy folks. While you were studying Picasso as kids I was studying how to be like Caine in Menace II Society. No big deal though. Now you can just grab a press release and know what’s going on in the museum. 

I have so many friends that are artists. Any type you name it. So I didn’t understand art until about 4 years ago. I’m always at art shows learning new shit and understanding all my friends inspirations to create. The St.Louis art scene is super lit and so is our museum. One of the best in the world. 

Except I’ve never had free wine at a museum before like Prentice. I’ve had Henny in a flask at a art show before but no wine. 

There was some dope art in LAX ART. The World On Wheels pictures were great. Fun fact! L.A rapper Nipsey Hussle is one of the investors in reopening that roller rink. Ironically I read that earlier today before I watched tonight’s episode. Roller Rinks will always be the shit. I used to just eat fries and mack on all the girls like the young playa I was. 

I want some of y’all to call off after read this. You probably deserve it. Go find some fondu like a rich housewife. Pretend social media never happened and don’t let life pass you by. It moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.