Part 1 was why I love being single. Now we bout to get all lovey dovey and shit like that. I'm going to give you the reasons why I love being in a relationship. 



You ever chill with your significant other in a room like watching television or working on your laptop’s and you look up at each other, smile and think “You a funny looking cute muhfucka but I really like you.” You really feel this person, like just the sight of your significant other really makes you feel something in your body so that means what you feel for him or her is valid. It’s real. It isn’t a fluke. 



I never plan naps. I never say I’m going home to take a nap. They just happen. I’m usually nodding off trying to do whatever I’m doing and I just listen to what my body is telling me. I won’t fight it and I’ll just go to sleep. 

I don’t know why this means a lot to me but when I’m sleep and a woman just joins me and takes a nap too the nap feels a million times better. We’re now on a nap date and it’s fire. Pardon me because I’m bout to sound like I own crystals and look at birth charts and shit but the energy just feels so fucking right. I guess it’s because we’re in sync. I then wake up from the nap and I ask “Your fahn drooling head ass hungry?” 



When people say they have someone who ride for them or need someone to ride for them they have this violent undertone to what they’re saying and they want people to be loyal to dumb shit and that doesn’t mean anything to me. I wouldn’t want any woman to fight for me or put herself in harms way for me. I’d do it for her in a heartbeat. I don’t want a woman loyal to me for dumb shit. If I’m doing some fuck shit please don’t be loyal or blind to it. Don’t put up with my shit. Confront me about it and don’t make excuses for me. You’re not a rider if you do that. You’re just lost. 

What I mean when I say I have someone who ride for me I mean they accept me for me, they appreciate what we have. They’re supportive. I know without a doubt if I was going through something emotionally, mentally, physically, all I have to do is call on that person and they’re there. Sometimes you don’t even have to call and they’re there already before you even dial.

They just know you so well. 



When you step up in the function with your lady and see all the liquor and tree options you know it's gonna be a beautiful night. You ever just blow tree while your woman dancing on you on the wall like you in the Beenie Man "Girls Dem Sugar" music video? My nigga it's fucking magical. It's the best part about going out while in a relationship. 



Both of you get passports and go on adventures. Enough said. 



In a relationship you’re apart of this team. This cool ass club. It’s like you have a Sandlot treehouse or a Little Rascals clubhouse in the hood. It’s unique. Both of you are the cool ass members with passwords and shit. You both cherish it because it’s yours. It’s yours and no one can take that from the both of you. 

I love that about relationships. We’re not trying to be any other couple or look up to other couple. We “US and they’re “THEM” and that’s facts. The bond you have with your significant other is unique so why bother having a relationship goal? No need for cliche Bonnie and Clyde comparisons. Clyde beat on Bonnie faithfully and Bonnie was married to another man. Stop worshipping those weirdos. If you’re gonna compare yourselves then compare yourselves to Ossie and Ruby Dee instead. 



In my opinion the sexiest shit someone you’re with could do is teach you something. If I'm constantly learning things around you or you put me onto things I wasn’t onto before I’m likely yours foreva and a day. It could be about spiritual things are something as little as a movie I’ve never seen and they put me onto it and then breakdown the movie to me after I see it and give me a different outlook than I had before. The mind, issa snack. Holy fuck I used “Issa” and I hate “Issa.” Only Issa I like raps “Broken Pussy.” 

Physical attractiveness is cool but your mind will have me giving you the tongue emojis immediately.



These two things aren’t always in relationships and that’s tough to know but when they are it makes relationships more fun and less stressful. I couldn’t be with someone I didn’t admire or respect. Just wouldn’t work. 

Respect is big to me. I don’t like disagreeing or arguing over serious shit with my woman in public or in front of people period. I wait until we’re behind closed doors to let her know what I wasn’t feeling or disagreed with. I never take sides against my woman even if I feel she’s wrong. I don’t know if that’s stupid to most people but it’s just the way I am. I feel you should respect and admire the person you’re with that much. 



What I mean by this is that in a relationship if you’re able to shut the fuck up together and not feel the need to just put words in the air just because it’s quiet then your relationship is gonna last. You shouldn’t feel awkward if you and your significant other are sitting in silence. In good relationships you learn not to talk just for the sake of talking and that’s one of my favorite parts about it. Her shutting the fuck up matches my shutting the fuck up that's why she's special. 

That's why relationships special.