Dedicated to my people not feeling their best. 

Love yourself. 

Dedicated to my people who are feeling their best. 

Love yourself. 

Just a week ago I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I just took a breath a reminded myself that I love myself. I'm polite as fuck out here. 

If you reading this, I love you. Benny love ain’t enough though. I want you to love yourself. 

Here some things that can help. 



Choose “you" first. Before you even begin to get to the love. You’re both Ash and the Pokemon. If you have split personalities choose all of them bitches and love em. I’m sure they’re all special. You’ve chosen everybody in your life but you. Change that shit today. Starting now. 



Do you even know what you’re dealing with? Do you really know “you?” Tap into all of your emotions. What makes you mad? What makes you happy? What are your habits? Good or bad. What do you want? What do you often think about? How do you feel? Really break yourself down. We take that kind of knowledge and the answers for granted. You need to know who the fuck you are 



We all do toxic shit to our body. Alcohol, Smoke, Bad Food. Just give your body a reward for once. Once a day. You owe your body that. A reward is not the fucked up good shit you eat. You’re rewarding your mind not your body. You’re feeding and rewarding an addiction believe it or not. Give your body at least a Veggie or Fruit a day. Do push ups. Walk. Do something that rewards your body. 

Y’all think it’s a game. When you’re healthy your output in whatever you do increases dramatically. Stop running on 4 hours of sleep. You’re destroying yourself. Get at least 6 hours of sleep. Fall back on the binge drinking a little bit. Give your body a detox. I used to drink people under the table. I’ve been Sober since January 8th. My body feeling different like Ace Boogie (In a good way obviously). Big or small just reward your body. It plays a huge part in self love. 



Tell people no. You don’t feel like doing it, say no. Stop spreading yourself thin to everybody. You’re not invincible. You can’t please everybody or do everything. The word “no" needs to be your pal. 



They did you wrong. Forgive them and move the fuck on. They owe you money and won’t pay it back? Fuck it. You just paid to see their true colors and now you know not to bless them ever again. It’s their loss. Forgive them, pray for them, and move on. They’re not your friend. They’re not your enemy. They’re just a person you thought you knew. 

Forgive yourself. You’ve made mistakes. It may have been your fault. It may not have been but what’s important is that you’re alive to reflect on it and that’s a blessing in itself. Forgive yourself. You’ve gone through the situation and automatically you’re wiser. You’re better. Show your new self some love. 



Take a look at your circle. If there are people who you feel bring the worse out of you. Are toxic. Don’t help you grow. If you’re not feeling your circle. Get the fuck away now. They may not mean malicious intent but it’s time to show yourself the love it deserves. They’re bringing you down. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but it’s real. Get new friends that push you to be the best you. There’s people I’ve known all my life I’ve had to distance myself from. I’m sorry but my mental health and well being comes first. Your circle and surroundings are key to get to where you want to go and to loving yourself more. 



I talk to my reflection all the time. I love myself that much. I tell my reflection my plans for the day. My plans for life. How fun my life will continue to get. I even kiss my reflection sometimes because dammit I look good! I know I joke around and call myself ugly but I don’t really think that of course. I’m a pretty and adorable mothafucka and I feel fucking great! I also talk to myself in general not just in the mirror. It’s how I motivate myself. It’s how I show myself love. If you don’t care about looking crazy then I suggest you do the same. 



If you’re moving positively and someone has something negative to say about it. Fuck em. You don’t need approval from no fucking body to continue being you and to continue loving yourself. It’s too many of y’all waiting on people opinions. You’re the head huncho. The fuck you stopping what you wanna do for someone else for? 



Don’t let these people lie to you and pretend like sad moments won’t come. You’re gonna have days where you’re just pissed all day. It’s only bad if that shit consumes your whole life and purpose. Trust me, I’m all for the “Positive and good vibes only” movement from the Aesthetic ass artsy niggas but that shit not realistic. We’re not robots. We have emotions. Life has it's up’s and down’s. Ain’t shit perfect. Just because you’re sad or upset doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself any less. Just let that shit out and then do your best to get back to your happiness. 



One thing I noticed in the middle of complaining years ago was “The grateful always end up with the “wants” along with the “needs.” Realest shit I ever spoke. Gratefulness is a key attribute to loving yourself. You appreciate who you are, where you are, and where you’re heading. 



What the fuck makes you feel alive? Go do that shit immediately. Don’t look back. Don’t give regrets a feature. This your song. You’re the star. You’re David Ruffin. Be selfish and do what the fuck you wanna do for once. Go live! 



Dame Dash once said “Perfection is evil.” He’s not lying. You don’t need to be perfect. Your art doesn’t have to be perfect. You won’t be the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. You won’t be the perfect co worker. Just know that you’re good enough and as long as you’re giving everything your all, the people who real will notice. The ones who always expect and ask for perfection have more flaws than you. Stop chasing perfection or you will drive yourself insane. 



I listen to Jazz and R&B to clear my mind. Do something healthy that clears your mind. 



Talk to your people who have passed away. Talk to God. Talk to the universe. I do this shit everyday. Sometimes it makes me cry sometimes it makes me smile but it’s necessary and gives me the strength to continue loving myself. 



Sit still. Sit quietly. Your mind is more powerful than you think. There’s so much noise in society. Just sit in silence for 10-20 minutes. Find a quiet spot. Turn your phone off. Turn the net off. Turn the T.V off. Turn everything off but your mind. Trust me. It's needed. 



Go do some shit you’ve never done before. You’ll learn more about yourself if you do. More things for you to love about yourself. Doing the same shit gets boring. Treat yourself better than that. 



The true test is not cussing a bitch out or chopping clowns in the throat whenever they do or say some fuck shit. Learn to let bozo’s be bozo’s. You ignoring them is you being nice to them because you could spaz and shit could go left but you have something to live for. You’ve realized that and they haven’t and that’s the difference between you and them. They’re lost and don’t love themselves yet. You do. People who love themselves are polite even though they know society full of head ass bitches. You’re “you” and that’s amazing. The fuck you have to be mad for? You love yourself and you are going to be okay.