She dances like Elaine from Seinfeld but she’s not cool or funny like Elaine from Seinfeld. She dances like a lamb chop’s play along puppet.


I’m all for artists getting the bag but this is a bag the Migos should’ve let Flo Rida have for this Katy Perry collaboration. 


If you’re not a believer of white privilege well Katy is living proof. Let’s go down the list

- Accused of stealing songs 

- Says "nigga" behind the scenes like it ain’t shit (Weeknd’s producer confirmed it)

- Made fun of Mental health (Britney Spears mental breakdown)

- Appropriated cultures in videos and live performances multiple times

- Offended Gay people

AND HER CAREER IS STILL GOING! If this was anyone of a different race doing all this shit they’d be washing my windshield like a crackhead talking bout the good ol days right now.  


I never thought someone could be more annoying than Taylor Swift. She succeeded. Barely but she succeeded.  


The “I’m a single suburban mom who loves black dick” haircut is a no go. She looks like a soiled diaper. 


She has immaculate titties and I don’t even care. This shit is that serious. 


I never thought I would say this word but it fits her actions while around the Migos ……… Katy Perry looked like a Doofus…. yes a Doofus. That word is like a unicorn. 


The pose with The Migos in the picture. The horrific dancing on stage. Why is she acting different when people of color are around? That’s like Future having a song with a rock band like “Rise Against” and he starts head banging during performances and you know that nigga don’t do shit like that. Instead of just chilling on stage and attempting to look cute she makes an ass of herself.


Swish Swish is a clogged toilet full of shit. A 4 year old could write a better song. 


Los Angeles is scary as fuck. You see what the fuck it does to people. All these famous mothafuckas lose their minds when they live there. I see why Chance The Rapper moved back to the midwest and Dave Chappelle stays the fuck away. 


Is that 10?