Summer is almost here. You know what time it is. At any given moment you can step outside and smell the BBQ in the air. Just step outside and you'll turn into The Rock in front of a electrifying crowd.

Once you figure out who house got the food on deck it's time for you to get your Lucky from Poetic Justice on.


Orrrrrrrr pull up to the BBQ like my idol Caine Lawson 

This episode of Upscale. We Upscale our BBQ 



Prentice heads to the butcher shop to get a special type of meat for his cookout and punch meat in the freezer like Rocky to settle his childhood score with Ivan. No way a kid named Ivan would harm me as a child. I’d make fun of his name so badly. Boy it sound like your momma named you after a vampire. Fuck outta here. 

Butcher shops are different than your regular grocery stores when it comes to purchasing meat. It’s a science in the butcher shop so the type of brisket you may get at a grocery store will straight up taste boo boo compared to butcher shop brisket. 

The texture will be way different. The way it’s cut will be different. They have different types of beef. Is it corn fed or pasteurized? My pops is a BBQ fanatic so I know the game. Nothing but grade A meat on the grill.  

Prentice got his own bbq meat and even got to use a grinder. I always wanted to use a grinder so I could  say “If you mess with Kurt. You go into the grinder.” Ah Good Burger. That Keenan Thompson is such a dynamic talent. Classic. 



Fun fact. I’m from St.Louis and if there was a life or death situation where I had to pronounce brewery to live, well play “Heaven For A Gangsta” by Master P at my funeral cause I’m outta here. I’ve never met one St.Louis native who could pronounce brewery correctly. 

Prentice gotta grab the brews for the cookout so he visits a brewery. It’s only right. BBQ with no beer is a church picnic. 

I always wondered what the differences were between certain beers like Ale and Lager’s. I always got Corona’s or Heineken’s. I spelled Heineken right on the first try. I want y’all to know that I’m the shit. So many grains that go into beer. I didn’t know it was that complicated. 

The beer's Prentice tasted looked like I couldn’t taste them unless I had a handlebar mustache. 



That’s what we call the ice cream man here. I don’t know if it’s the same anywhere else. The bomb pop man here real as fuck he’ll sell you hot pickles, ice cream, and even kush if you trying to get high. He’s a real american hero. A man of respect and honor. Prentice goes to the ice cream shop to stock up for his cookout. 

The Ice Cream Prentice was looking at and tasting was Artisan Ice Cream. It’s nothing like the french vanilla butter pecan chocolate deluxe that melt down when in your clutch and want they titties sucked ice cream as Method Man so eloquently explained in 1995. This that sophisticated ice cream. 

Bruh, Ice Cream hard as fuck to make. That shit did not look fun. Respect to that woman doing that for a living. Just give me the vanilla in the tub and I’ll just put the flavor on top of it. The Strawberry Buttermilk flavor does sound fire though. Maybe I can develop my wisp game and make that flavor. 



Prentice heads over to Max City BBQ to learn how to become a grill master. This is what definitely counts when you bbq. You can season and marinate the meat properly but if your grill skills are trash it will undo all your preparation work. Chill out on the lighter fluid. You don’t want your food to come out cajun style like Aunt Lucy cooking on House Party 3. 

We see different smokers and grills to use and efficient ways to use wood chips for your grill. You also see Prentice and his homie eat the most beautiful cooked chicken I’ve ever seen in my life. That bird was pull the panties to the side I gotta have it now sexy. 

Shoutout to the homie who said he threw seasoning on strippers. Guess what Benny will be doing next week? Ah yes prepare the sage for the stage!