Welp…. we fucked up fellas. Time to talk and vent to ourselves in our cars like lunatics about how she tripping and in the wrong and then think about the possibility of Hugh Dicks trying to take our girl like he Paul Martel or something. 

I’m not going for it. I’m a hit yo bitch ass with a snow globe and you’ll really be Paul Martel and I’ll get my girl back while playing “Stay” by Jodeci. 

Time to get her back fellas. Right or Wrong. Time to say sawry. Time to apologize on Upscale With Prentice. 


Prentice goes the flower place that probably smells like a Colbie Caillat video to get some real flowers and not those grocery store flowers or the flowers Hustle Man was trying to sell to Martin and Gina for their wedding. 

Flowers will never go out of style. Don’t let these weirdos who are afraid of tradition fool you. Flowers will forever be some playa shit. Prentice knows that so that’s why he had to go get the real deal. 

Jennifer were saying the names of flowers and I can’t pronounce or spell them shits but they looked beautiful. Just sell me the shit that will keep me off the couch and not opening my macbook and logging onto Give me some red (Love) and yellow (friendship) flowers with greenery and filler so I can call it “My Lady Lover Friend Bouquet” and rub my lady cheeks while watching Revenge Of The Nerds once I give them to her.



Prentice pulls up in the Benz truck for therapy like he in the Barksdale Organization on The Wire. 

Aye man I was rolling laughing at the fact this fool Prentice got into a argument with his wife at a restaurant and left her at the restaurant. He sped off like he was Ricky Bobby. That’s some shit you do with a woman you’ve only known for a month not your wife. I was laughing my ass off. Prentice should be thankful she letting him breathe. When a woman says shit like “You can just go” during arguments that means she wants you to stay. Even if she throw you out the crib. Just get in your car and drive a block over and chill until she want you to come back in 20 minutes. She’ll get pissed if you really leave. 

Prentice was right. Women don’t respect time and that’s some shit we’re gonna have to swallow. If we're late on their time then it’s arguing time. When they’re late on our time. It’s no big deal. It is what it is. 

Just apologize. Keep your Oops My Bad card tucked like a draw four uno card. You need it to win. Acknowledge the mistake. Show remorse. Commit to not make the same mistake. Oh and never leave your wife at a restaurant. Even if it’s 5 star. 



Prentice pulls up to the Jewelry store to make his lady a 1 of 1 piece. Which is very important. Can’t have your lady with the same jewelry as every other woman in town. Gotta let her know you thought of her and only her when buying the jewelry. 

My broke ass can’t afford any jewelry. I can get a girl a 5 ring pops though! Jewelry has always been a “you next level fucked up and she bout to leave your ass and possibly destroy your possessions” kind of gift. Let's say you fucked your neighbor Erica and your girl found out and beat her ass and left her laid out in the front yard like Deebo. Jewelry will likely give you a 75% chance to save your relationship. That’s pretty high for cheating. I like those odds. 



Prentice now has to get the chocolates. You gotta get the candy. Not possible stale snickers but that Forrest Gump chocolate. What’s an apology without candy? Danny the chocolateer shows us how to make fresh chocolate from scratch. Stephanie Beatriz from “Brooklyn 99” joins Prentice. 

While whipping up the work and scraping the pot like 21 Savage we learn from Prentice and Stephanie on why apologies can be hard to give. What I gathered from the conversation is Women just don’t like apologizing and that’s pretty much it. Men don’t wanna look like bitches so that’s why it’s hard for us to apologize. 

Speaking of apologies. I’m going to have to apologize right now to whoever is reading this but it has to be done….. 

What’s up Stephanie. I’m Benny. Future famous screenwriter. Future Cali resident. Comedic genius. I see beds that squeak seem to be a problem for some men out there. Be a shame if you had a man *cough* Benny *cough* who didn’t give a fuck about a squeaking bed and only cared about you. My life’s theme song is Trillville “Some Cut” which has squeaking all over it. I’m built for the squeak life. I don’t eat chocolate either so if you ever apologize to me you can have all the chocolate you want and not share it with me. See I’m giving already. DM coming your way soon. =) 

Sorry ladies and gents. It had to be done. Shoot your shot. 

Fuck Hugh Dicks Tulip Selling ass!