A lot of people look for advice. Whether it’s about starting something or something they’re going through in life. Other points of view will always be sought out just to give us clarity and then we will make a decision. 

We look for motivation. We look for inspiration. A lot of people need that shit. They crave it. They feel it’s fuel to get to what they aspire to attain. I’m already motivated by just writing so I don’t seek it. I usually just stumble onto inspiring things. I don’t need inspiration these days. I love what I do already. Inspiration is just the cherry on top to me. 

My life isn’t perfect. People see what I do and think I’m just this successful guy. I think they just see the attention I get from this and think that equals success. I’m nowhere near close to where I want to be so when people ask me for advice I usually just tell them “You know what the fuck to do.” They really do know and me giving them reassurance and advice isn’t going to erase that fact. 

You know what the fuck to do. Stop fucking around and do it. Whatever is holding you back from doing what you know you need to do you need to get the fuck over it. It’s all you can do. You either do it or you don’t. The universe doesn’t care about your reasoning for doing or not doing. Your end result is going to come down to either you did it or you didn’t. 

Start before you’re ready. You’ll be glad you did. You think every person you admire were ready before they started? They weren’t. Why are you letting ideas just remain ideas? That’s a losing mentality.

I guess I’m just exhausted of people complaining about shit and instead of doing what they should be doing in order to change what they’re trying to change they ask everybody they come across for advice. You already have the answer in your head. Why are you asking me or anyone else for advice? You’re wasting your time. Let me give you an easy and well known example. 

You want to lose weight. Well what do you have to do to lose weight? 

You have to burn more calories than you intake. IT’S THAT FUCKING SIMPLE! 

It’s not quantum physics or the secret krabby patty formula. That’s all it is. You want abs well stop eating and drinking bullshit. Stop having cheat days. Cheat days are bullshit. A Cheat meal (MEAL! SINGULAR!) a week is okay but a whole day of bullshit just erased everything you did for the week and you are right back at square one. A cheat MEAL doesn’t do that. You can bounce back from that within the day. 

You know what the fuck to do. You know what you need to eat to attain the body you want. You just choose not to. Get your ass up and go put in the work inside and outside of the gym. You know what the fuck to do. 

How many inspirational quotes are you going to read? How many inspirational books are you going to read? How many inspirational videos are you going to watch on Youtube? I watch them here and there but those successful people aren’t telling me or you shit that we didn’t know. The only thing we didn’t know is their journey and story to success but we do know one fucking thing. HARD WORK! They put in the fucking work. You can’t escape the work. You might as well get acquainted and commit to hard work. It needs to be your ace boon if you want results. You’ve read and researched enough. You know what the fuck to do. 

You want to make a million dollars? Okay you know how special that is to make a million dollars? So look at it like this. How many millionaires you think you can run into on the street everyday? Not too many unless you’re in LA or NY and even then the number is low.  

Fuck a million dollars. Let’s just say you want to be financially comfortable doing what you love for a living. You know what the fuck to do to get there. You’re just not doing it. Turn off the fucking streaming services. Turn off the Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, and HUSTLE! PRACTICE! GRIND! WORK! Don’t get me wrong I love “Stranger Things” and when season 2 drops I will watch the entire season that day but I’ll tell you this, as soon as the final episode ends my macbook will be fired up and I will be writing about it because it’s what I do. I turn my play into work and make my work play. 

Stop fucking going out every night with no purpose. If you’re going to go out then you better be making connections beneficial to your future not waking up hungover and wasting time and half the day in your bed regretting alcohol consumption. Every birthday party doesn’t have to be attended. Just say happy birthday and get back to the grind that’s gonna change your life if you’re actually grinding. Every happy hour doesn’t require you there. 

I know your city popping tonight. There’s events all over the place. You want to meet up with your friends and make memories. It’s normal but do you want to make memories and the expense of your hustle or do you want to hustle and make memories while your bank account is sitting pretty while doing so? 

You know what the fuck to do and it’s HAVE DISCIPLINE! 


Even the most reckless successful people have some type of discipline. Look at Tyler The Creator. When he hit the scene he was viewed as this reckless undisciplined disrespectful kid who had no respect for anybody or anything but if you actually had half a brain you could see Tyler is one of the most disciplined artist in the game. 

I was watching him play the keys on Jimmy Fallon and I knew he had discipline. You can’t do what he does without discipline. The reason why people doesn’t think he’s disciplined is because he makes it look fun. When you think of discipline it’s usually some shit you don’t want to do. Eating healthy isn’t fun. It’s boring but if you’re disciplined and do it anyway your body will look and feel great. You could tell Tyler spent hours everyday in front of computers and keyboards mastering his craft and it’s paying off. 

Discipline can get you what you want out of life. It improves everything. If you’re disciplined in your respective work then it will show in the results. Discipline will give you freedom and get you to where you want to be. The most disciplined people I’ve met do what they want for a living. It’s not a coincidence. Their discipline got them to where they wanted to be. 

Like I said before the universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about your reasoning. You either do or don’t. There’s no shortcut or formula it’s either do it or don’t. You don’t feel like working out or eating right well then your body won’t change it will just get worse. You don’t feel like practicing well you’ll never improve. 

You don’t feel like going to work everyday but you do anyway. Why? You have bills to pay. Bills don’t care about reasoning. You either pay them or you don’t. You’re disciplined enough to go to work.  

We’re living in a world where we’re bullshitting ourselves and looking for answers we already have but hoping there will be easier alternatives and shortcuts in the advice we seek and receive. You need to have discipline. Stop running. Stop asking questions you have the answers to. You know what the fuck to do.