This my 3rd time doing this for an album. I'm keeping this format because just straight up music reviews are fucking boring. I rather tell you how music makes me feel and my soul's response to it rather than be on some technical goof shit. 

Anyway. My 10 random thoughts about SZA's CTRL. 


SZA had be fucking with a full blown geek ass nigga to fuck with his homie over a made up holiday and not fear anything would happen. If it were me I’d send out 2 texts to any woman that pulled this shit on me. The first saying “You must want this nigga to die” and the second text will be that nigga hospital location. Let’s see how fuckable my former friend is to you in a coma. Then my sisters gone slide for me and beat that ass. You joining him. 


“Prom" is basically “Julia" but wine fine. Basically Julia = Young Angela Bassett and Prom = 40 years old and up Angela Bassett. Both dope but I’m taking Stella Payne and older Angela over Anna Mae Bullock and younger Angela. That ass got phatter and wiser in the cougar years. That’s growth. The growth in SZA is clearly apparent on this album. 


"My nigga Smino would kill this” is what I told myself when I first heard “Doves In The Wind” then I find out Cam O’bi produced it. He did Noname’s “Telefone” album. Made complete sense that I thought Smi belonged on it. That’s apart of the St.Louis/Chicago family tree. It has that midwest feel and flavor.  


Never really tripped off “Love Galore” at all. I don’t listen to singles for real I like to wait and see where it fits in the scheme of the project it will be on. This is my favorite song on here. Love Galore feels very carefree. It feels like it’s about freedom. I compare it to a woman taking her bra off after a long day of work. I guess the bra symbolizes niggas or something. I dunno but the titties are free just like SZA is in this song. 


Out of all the things pussy was called on “Doves In The Wind” not once was it called delicious. Kinda made me sad but jokes aside when you’re my age and tried all types of pussy in the pussy buffet that life provides you with you realize that pussy is just pussy at the end of the day. You don’t even go all out for it like you used to and you stop making sex important. 10 years ago I used to be proud to knock the pussy out. Today I’m only proud to stay up past 11pm and be a regular customer at Home Depot. When I was a teenager/young adult I’d sell my soul for some pussy but today my mind focused on so much other shit. Pussy in the back of a long ass line. I love it but there’s more to life and it has more to offer than just pussy. 


I shall stay away from all radio as usual because I know they will play the fuck out of “Weekend” and I will hate it within a week. 


“Weekend” is basically “Yeah the dick is like both of ours but we can just keep it down at your house.” SZA is escapism on this song. Have you ever seen a nigga in a boring relationship? Yes he’s smiling for society but look into his eyes. His eyes says “Shoot me.” This may sound left field but do you ever wonder why traveling rich family men fuck hookers in foreign countries? If you said “Cocaine” yes that’s also correct but they avoid American hookers cause American hookers make you feel like shit for fucking them as a married man they’re no different from the nagging wives at home but a hooker from The Dominican Republic and Brazil will make you feel like a KING. They please you not just physically but mentally. Niggas actually walk down the streets in The D.R holding hookers hands like the hooker is their wife. That’s how real the escapism is. It’s powerful. No SZA is not a prostitute but I bet that nigga dreads Monday’s with his woman and post on his social media T.G.I.F every week because he knows he’s about to experience a mind and pussy that feels like freedom. Then the inevitable happens. The weekend girl turns into the hook of Cherrelle’s “Saturday Love.” 


I wish “Go Gina" was called “Go Pam.” One. Pam was chocolate Godiva fine. Two. If you break down Pam’s life on the show SZA lyrics low-key fits Pam’s life more than Gina’s. Saying Go Gina just flows better I guess. This my second favorite song and it is too fuckin short. =( 


The moral of “Broken Clocks” …. Fuck Bitches. Get Money. 


A James Fauntleroy feature is the equivalent of a chick letting you put the head in but telling you “She Cant” just about a minute and fifty seconds into it. James Fauntleroy features are shorter than Nutso’s role in “Above The Rim and I’m tired of this shit. Can you give us at least three minutes James? Just three fucking minutes my nigga! You dope my nigga! Damn! 


Sike. I lied. 11 random thoughts. I Hate to break it to my fellow millennials but there’s not much difference between your 20 somethings and 30 somethings. Only thing that changes is maybe your body count and you appreciate diversifying your investment portfolio. Long story short. You’ll still be out here fucking up but I pray you’ll be happy while still doing so. Such a great song this is! One of my favorites. 

St.Louis running the game ..... bye.