Before I get into this. Follow him on Instagram @imdrewscott and subscribe to his youtube channel just search Drew Scott or imdrewscott and you’ll find it. He has 270K subs so you should find him rather easily. 

Aight cool. 

So I’m on youtube watching this video on a review of a sneaker I was looking for and thinking about purchasing. I’m not a huge sneaker guy anymore so me watching this shit was rare. One of the videos to the top right of my screen said something about a room tour so I click on it and watched it and it was just this guy showing you his room. I didn’t really understand the purpose of it but I kept watching. 

Again I looked to the right of my screen and see another tour video with a bunch of others but this one said "Loft tour.” Bosses and Playas fuck with lofts so that interested me and I click on it. It was Drew Scott’s video. 

The video wasn’t nothing too crazy. Just a tour of a simple and small living space but what I noticed is how well he explained everything in his apartment so I clicked on his channel profile and watched some of his videos. 

Long story short I was like “This mothafucka Drew fresh as fuck!” I literally felt terrible for the shit I was wearing and ashamed of my living space. I looked at my closet with disgust and even said to it “How dare you?” Yes I talked to my closet. I was that upset. 

He's one of the first YouTube channels I ever subscribed to. I never subscribe to channels because I usually always forget to but with him I made sure I did. 

I told myself that I had to make some changes because I wasn’t living right and this young man inspired me. 

Here are the ways Drew Scott changed my life. 



Me and Drew are total opposites. If you know me and then watch his channel for the first time you’d wonder how in the hell did I find this guy? I’m usually on Youtube watching old boxing knockouts or 90’s R&B videos. 

I’m not a fashionable dude at all. I don’t even know how to match shit properly. I gotta go to Google or Pinterest to figure shit out. Years ago I always bought expensive shit, considered myself stylish and that was the end of it. Of course that is incorrect. My wardrobe is more organized thanks to Drew and I care about colors and shit like that. I think of more possibilities when I go shopping for clothes now and I actually get more compliments on my clothes when I go to events. 



Never in my life did I ever give a fuck about Home Decor. The closest thing to it that interests me is when I watch that home channel where they build big ass decks and bathrooms for people. Those are cool to me for some reason but actual home decor like plant pots and artsy figurines. Nah not until I seen Drew videos of home decor. The shit he buys always look fly and it matches his space so it looks even more dope. He has a fucking globe in his crib! A fuckin globe! Globes are so underrated! They’re the shit! 

Just walking in a home decor store usually has me like ….

He has convinced me to step inside a Ross and Homegoods store. I’ve never been to any of those stores in my life. I forgot they even existed. I had a better chance of meeting the guy who played Ross on “Friends” before I ever considered going to the Ross store. 



My blog is doing pretty good and I’ve thought about getting into flogging and after subscribing to Drew’s channel I’m going to give it a shot. I’m a writer so I’m so used to being behind the scenes of everything but some of my most popular articles and new ideas I want to bring to life so I’m currently going through this evolution phase to take my blog to the next level and be more visual. Drew’s channel is so consistent, crisp, and creative and it inspired me to get into the vlogging side of things. Oooooh that was 3 C’s I used. #TripleCs. 

I’m already decent at photography and videography so the transition to it shouldn’t be too difficult. 

He recently did a Europe vlog and that shit was litty and beautiful! Check that out! 



If you save my cheap ass any money then I fucking love you. Those are the rules amigos. The stuff he shows looks expensive but they’re not and even if he does show his expensive shit he’ll point you in the direction of the inexpensive version of it. He’s a life saver. Drew is always showing you where the deals are and cool companies that are inexpensive to try out. 

He not only saves you money he’s charitable. He gives away cool shit all the time. He gave away a iPad recently and I’m mad that I missed out on entering to win it cause lord knows I want one instead of carrying my laptop everywhere. 

Overall. Drew Scott is cool with me. Good kind guy who is passionate about what he loves. Definitely changed my life indeed. Again check out his youtube channel and Instagram @imdrewscott.