Just in case you needed this. Maybe you didn’t need this. Whether life going good or bad for us all. Sometimes we all need reminders. 



If cameras followed your every move besides your nekkidness like a reality show would you be ashamed to show anyone? What are you doing with your time? Are you really focused? Are you really grinding? Every time someone comes to me to ask for my opinion on things they’re working on and why it isn’t working out I ask the same shit. I ask them to tell me their day hour by hour and every time I can pin point where they’re bullshitting at. EVERY TIME! 

Fuck you watching 40 plus hours of TV/Netflix per week for? The fuck you on social media making jokes for? Why aren’t you working? You claim you want a better life? A few jokes are cool but you done went on a fucking comedy marathon and spent all day on social media and ain’t did one lick of work on something you claimed was your passion. The fuck you doing? If you’re aspiring comedian then cool but if you’re not then ain’t shit funny. Time just passing you by. Fuck retweets for being funny. I dont' care if you get 100,000 of em. If none of em brought you a check or opportunity then all 100,000 retweets you got were pointless and a waste of time. The goal is to make money while you sleep not retweets. Smarten up. Tighten up. 

Your passion must be your obsession. You must stalk it like you’re a psycho who doesn’t give a fuck about a restraining order. Make time for your loved ones and your passion. Always. 



I’m sorry but T.G.I.F just not in my fucking vocabulary and counting down to vacations not my thing either. I want that shit forever and whenever I want. Why you think I put out 10 articles in one week. I gotta put in the hours to get that lifestyle and luxury. I have a super trash 9-5 job and I don’t say T.G.I.F at all. I stand up and run around all fucking day. Majority get to sit down in nice office at a nice temperature and do their job and they swear they're exhausted. 

This kind of living and thinking is a loser mentality to me. I don't need people in my circle praying for weekends. It’s all around me everywhere and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t live for that shit anymore. I don’t dread Monday’s at all. I see it as another day to perfect my craft and learn something new. I have a regular job 5 days a week just like everybody else and I see each day the same whether I'm off or not. 

Vacations are temporary. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s bad to go on them but they tease me. I don’t like to be teased. I know I’ll be flying back home to reality soon. Don’t be a Instagram beach photo posting "take me back" ass mothafucka. Go get that shit to have it whenever you want. The work don't ever stop for creatives. 7 day hustle always. 



Fuck all 4 of those things. Stay away from em. All I need to say bout that. 



If it’s fucking toxic then it shouldn’t be fucked with. Simple. Would you touch toxic waste? Fuck no. Same goes for shit toxic to your soul and mentality. You’re workplace toxic well it’s time to fucking quit. Your relationship is toxic break up with that mothafucka. Love is not an excuse to tolerate toxic living and disrespect. Fuck them and move the fuck on. Toxic circle? Find new friends. Only toxic shit I’m tolerating is pizza cause pizza is fucking scrumpdiddilyumptious. 



This is one of the lost arts of humanity. When I started this site I always wondered why people fucked with it so heavy. I just couldn’t figure it out then one night while I was watching Karate Kid Part II it hit me. This was the first thing I did in my life creatively where I approached asking this question. 

“What can I do to help people?” 

The universe responded to my display of selflessness. Everything before this was all about me, me, me. When I didn’t make it about me I found my calling and shit started happening. Be selfless. What can you do for others? What can you contribute to make this world a better place? Once you do that God and the universe will make sure you’re taken care of. 



Shut the fuck up more and you'll find out why listening is so valuable. You'll realize why you differ from everyone else and vice versa. Everybody wasn't raised like you. The same values wasn't instilled into everyone. Listen more and then go from there. The biggest weakness of humanity is the inability to understand each other. Listening more is the first step to fixing that. 




Whether you want to do the shit or not handle your business first then do whatever the fuck you wanna do after that. Pay your bills. Run your errands. Go to your job. Get all that shit out the way and come to your home and focus on you. Your mind is clearer and more focused once you got the business out the way. Don’t jumble your mind with both or that will lead to disaster, laziness, and procrastination. 



Friends, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Fucked up family, what the fuck ever. They’re gone for a reason. If they wanted to be in your life they would’ve acted accordingly but they didn’t and that’s their issue not yours anymore. It’s a reason they're gone and truthfully you shouldn’t even want to care what the reason is if you’re unclear about it. They’re gone and majority of the time you’re fucking happy they’re gone. You usually never want a person back that you lose over some fuck shit they did. Just wish em the best, pray for em, and move on to better people who deserve to be around you. 



Everything you eat, see, read, listen to affects you. Remember that. Be mindful of what you’re intaking. It has more influence on you than you think. 



Let it go. They owe you $100? Fuck em, that's a $100 dollars you paid to find out someone is not solid. That’s a good fucking investment and you’re blessed that no life or death shit was happening in order for you to find out. Let it go because Karma has everybody address. Let it go. You got bigger fish to fry. You got better things to do. More things to accomplish. Let all the sucka shit go. Quit entertaining hoe ass humans. You should be strictly on defense not offense when it comes to the bullshit. Fuck words. Just don’t touch the women in my family or me and I’m good. Way good. The devil come in all forms. Remember that. The fuck you look like entertaining someone you got more going on than? You look just as goofy as them arguing with em. Let it go and COUNT THE FUCKING MONEY! *DMX voice*



It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to feel pain. Feel happiness. Feel confused. Being emotionless isn’t the wave. Fuck what these rappers, singers, and weirdos preach on social media. I don’t like not giving a fuck. You think I’d choose that shit? When I don’t give a fuck it’s because the person or situation left it as the only option for me to choose. I like giving a fuck. I love to FEEL! You should too. Feeling reminds you of the blessings of life. 



You can’t avoid it’s gonna happen. If you breakdown. You breakdown. You’re human. You’re not weak. Let out the tears. Cuss. It’s okay. Be mad. Be sad. Get it out of your system. Take a deep breath and get back to your purpose! You still a mothafuckin G! You put here on this planet to make real nigga moves. 



Sometimes you gotta shut the fun down and bunker down to get the work done. Get ugly on em. Get grimy. Hair fucked up. Ashy. You not tripping though. You hustling to secure the checks. Sometimes you out here slacking and slipping. Too much Sam Rothstein living. Too much partying. You forgot your purpose. You getting outworked. You losing sight of the mission. It’s cool, it happens to the best of us. Shut it down. Disappear and focus on the mission. 



When you were a child you were curious. It drove you to learn so much then when you became a teenager you became annoying and thought you knew everything. Your curiosity died. It happened to all of us. Get your curiosity back. Curiosity is the reason I’m writing this to you right now. Be curious because you’re bound to find things you love. 



Those 3 words are all the motivation you need to live the life you want.  

Just some reminders. I love you. Peace.