So one Sunday evening I’m scrolling through the land without smiles aka hell aka Facebook looking for a recipe video I saw days prior and I came across a post from a girl I know and the only reason I stopped was because the post had so many comments so I read everything. That was my first mistake. I never read nobody shit cause I don’t give a fuck about nobody business unless I care for them and they want me to know their business. Broke my own rule. 

I read her status and it’s basically says “I’m not dealing with no man who doesn’t pay ALL the bills. I don’t do 50/50.” I’m paraphrasing but that was her point. Of course a war breaks out in her comments section. A war full of niggas and women who I KNOW ain’t shit and their lonely asses can’t pay their own bills now while they’re single so who in the fuck are they to give demands?

You also had the “If I agree with this status then maybe one of these females will give me some pussy” weirdo ass niggas in the comments. They know damn well they can’t afford that shit and don’t want to do that shit. The Thirst McGirt ass niggas. There wasn’t too many women who disagreed with each other it was mainly a battle of the sexes with the pussy beggar niggas on the women side. 

I didn’t comment on this shit because one I don’t want nor like notifications and two it doesn’t even fucking matter. When did percentages become this huge ordeal in relationships? 

My belief is that I would pay all my woman bills if we lived together or at least more than she puts on it and if we didn’t live together I’d give her some money on her bills. I was just raised that way. I was taught to give more than I take and I apply it to everything and every person in my circle. All I’ve seen all my life in my family is men taking care of that type of shit in the household. Legally or Illegally the bills and food got paid for by them. Now if she doesn’t want me to then I won’t. Either way it doesn’t make a difference to me. Whatever she’s comfortable with I’m with it. I adapt. It’s called ….*Whispers*…... Sacrifice. 

Now the younger me was like “Nah fuck that, you paying as much as I am” but the more I grew and learned about relationships my opinion changed. Black women already go through so much shit as it is so if there is any way I can take as much stress off my woman as possible I’m going to do that. They can do it themselves because they're the strongest humans alive but they've been saying "Fuck it. I'll do it" for a long time now. Stress is something we can’t avoid period but I can’t have my woman out here unfocused and unhappy. We got G-shit to tend to. Places to go. Fun adventures off kush cookies to be had. We don’t have time for that stressing shit. It’s like the same as keeping my girl away from danger. I rather carry the burden of stress and let my woman be free and glowing. The saying is true. You take care of a genuine woman she’ll double that in return. 

On the other side of things I’m not saying splitting the financial situation down the middle is a bad thing neither. Some dudes just don’t have it like that and some women don’t want to feel like they owe dudes so they rather just go that route and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as both people in the relationship have a clear understanding of what they’re doing and accepting of what they’re able to bring to the table then it should be fine. 

The question for the people making demands on the status I have is are you willing to let numbers and percentages be more important than someone who maybe meant for you and you like? That doesn’t make sense to me. I could tell the majority of them wouldn’t last in any form of a relationship because outta all the words thrown in that comments section I didn’t see this word come up one time …. 


You compromise. In every winning relationship there’s compromise … and good music of course. 

From my experience it’s usually the woman who asks that question about living together so if these women ask their man to move in and he says he wants to split the financial situation down the middle then is the relationship over? If that’s true then that means what you had wasn’t real to begin with. You couldn’t hit the nigga with some counter offers? 60/40. 70/30. He pay the rent, you handle the utilities? You know compromise? It goes the other way for the guy too. If she saying she wants you to pay for everything throw 70/30, 80/20 out there and see what she says. If she says no then I guess y’all won’t be living together which might be a blessing in disguise my G. Women “crazy" go up a few notches and you’ll never see the bathroom when you move in with them. You’ll be pissing outside like a pitbull. 

My only problem with shit like this is that when you bring percentages into the equation and make it the focal point of what you got going on it leaks out into everything in the relationship. Next thing you know you putting numbers and percentages on time spent. Saying who’s turn it is to cook or do laundry. Weirdo shit like that and keeping tabs on all types of goofy shit. You both start keeping score on everything and basically become walking, talking chore charts and bill notices. Then when a argument happens that shit will be thrown in someones face. Both of y’all might as well teach a fucking statistics class. Relationships like that aren’t natural. That’s fucking lame and boring. 

Relationships is just my ugly ass chilling with another chill person and we make decisions together through our lives together and try to keep the bullshit/conflict to a minimum and we eat good at all the hood spots in the country and other countries. That’s all that shit is to me. It’s not that complicated. 

Moral of all this. Shut the fuck up, keep a roof over your head, do what’s best for you both and eat tacos. Only percentages that matter in your life is your phone battery life and contracts that get you the bag. 

The end.