Summer already here and the city needs projects from these 5 artist. If not summer at least Fall. Work wit a nigga. 



I had a conversation with Ciej a few weeks ago and what we talked about stuck with me because I was going through similar shit. 

My nigga, if you reading this, get back in the lab. The universe need that shit you be kicking. This life hard as fuck as it is and we need your talent. I mean that shit. I remember when you performed “Money Team” at The Riverfront Times showcase and you had the Ready Room going crazy and you was hanging off speakers and shit. One of the greatest performances I ever seen. You got the flava my nigga. Get back at it. 

Real shit, some of my favorite verses ever came from Ciej. No bullshit. He been nice and we need a new project. 



Aight whoever in charge of her shit like marketing, managing, whatever, look my nigga. I’m a give you some advice. 

First... Do some loose tracks. Like high quality performance worthy shit. Do like 3-4 tracks but put 2 of them on Soundcloud. The rest you sell em on iTunes. Different cover art for all of them. Make sure each song has it’s own identity.

Second …. Performances obviously. She has to get the reps in. Perform those 3 or 4 tracks. See how the tracks sound and how people respond to them. Get footage of every performance and make a wavy video out of em. I don’t care if it’s small or big crowds get her on stage ASAP. Get her face out there and build her rep. 

Third …. Work on a official EP or Album and slang that shit. 

She sounds like NOBODY in St.Louis. The lane for her is WIDE THE FUCK OPEN for her. I’m talking she can do music full time and pay her rent wide the fuck open. Majority of the women doing music here either trying to be rappers on some Kash Doll/Remy shit, or singing about heartbreak/depressing shit all the time.

I was playing Rokk N Roll at a gas station and a random girl asked me who sings this? I’m telling you if she stays on that "Rokk N Roll" and “Dinero" vibe for a EP she will have a niche and loyal fan base. Perfect smokin and chillin wit cheeks on deck music. 

She reminds me of Aaliyah mixed with Oobie from those Lil Jon albums. Weird combo but this sound like some shit I’d hear at The Palace when it was cracking back in the day. 



I was skeptical of Bari at first because I didn’t hear much but verses but at the Swanita Tour show he officially made me a believer. 

I SEE St.Louis when he raps. His tone. His demeanor. He’s very slick with his words and HOW he says his words. That’s the key. It’s HOW you say shit that will bring in listeners. The shit he was performing reminded me of those days rolling around the city in a Cutlass. Burner, Vess, and White Tee included. 

While everybody else low-key sound like other regions he super loyal to the soil. I hear St.Louis in his music. My nigga got tunes that make you crave a half order of shrimp fried rice or make you want to sit on the porch in the hood talking shit. 


94 NODD 

His style fits the summer to me. I need a fire and focused project from homie. Fire hooks. Fly ass raps. Beats wit the knock on em. I’m talking that sit on the hood of my car while I let the whole project play kinda shit. I know he got the potential to pull it off. I fuck wit homie cause he don’t sound like nobody out here. 



It’s time…….. I’ll make a bold prediction. The next project he puts out will be his breakthrough. Needed a new project like yesteryear. In the words of my nigga Adrian. “Put the album out before I beat yo ass.” 

It’s hokage time!