Start Singing Joe. Start rapping 50. 

Let’s see who on Power will piss me off today. 

Episode 2. Here we go. 


Charlie Murphy beat the shit outta Ghost and now this nigga Ghost pissing blood like he participant of a underground street fighting organization. 

Niggas saying he has baby seal eyes pressing him for biscuits like that fat black nigga from the movie “Life.” You know what? I don’t feel one bit sorry for that nigga. Until I hear the words “I was a simp ass nigga and I didn’t follow the commandments Pimp C bestowed upon to me on the International Playa’s Anthem remix and now everything is fucked” I won’t feel sorry for this nigga. 

I don’t care if that nigga gets the needle. We all know he not getting the needle because honestly in my opinion this show cannot holdup with Ghost in jail or without him. This episode was mid. The characters outside of Ghost aren’t strong enough to give a fuck about them without Ghost. Ghost makes everyone better on some LeBron James shit. He needs to get out of jail soon for the shows sake or Ghost time in jail needs to have major implications on the future. 

That slim from the wood looking ass nigga said that dry ass KFC biscuit looked “Succulent” any nigga calling anything on this earth but titties succulent is an accident. His momma should’ve swallowed him. 



It’s time for Tasha to do what the nightclub name is and that’s tell the truth. Her 2 older kids are old enough to be told the truth. It’s time to tell them he was a street nigga who came up. Now of course you keep the murder shit out of it but the affair he had with Angela and the hustling you gotta tell them kids. Tariq dumbass already hates him. The daughter will soon hate him too if Tasha continues to sugar coat and hide Ghost’s past. It’s like ripping off a bandaid. Just do the shit and deal with the fall out but at least your kids know you were real about it. 

They finally showed the youngest kid hahahaha She basically Judy from Family Matters. 



I have the urge to stock up on plan b pills because of this lil nigga Tariq. I like kids. I really do but watching this nigga on this show got me paranoid as fuck. I don’t wanna know what it’s like to be the father of a little weak ass nigga. The thought of that scares me. His sister has more heart and loyalty than him. How do you confide in a total stranger who can’t even tell you his real name? The shit is hilarious. 

Kanaan really said “I known your dad for a long time he did that shit.” Nigga I was dying laughing cause this lil nigga really will believe that shit and Kanaan knows how dumb that boy is. He’s just a pawn for now but Kanaan low-key love Tariq cause he never raised a child. Ghost raised his kid while he was in jail and now he's raising Ghost's kid while Ghost in jail. It’ll backfire though because it’s Tariq and he can’t ever do shit right. 

I can’t take another season or even a episode of Tariq. He gotta go or get the fuck outta the way. 



Why in the fuck would you move the pills in Truth in something with the Truth label on it while the owner is sitting in prison awaiting a murder trial and possible kingpin charges? Move the drugs but leave the fucking label off the shit. Somebody please come get Dre shotgun barrel nostril ass outta here. Please. 



Sandoval dumbass planted the murder weapon with no prints on it instead of throwing it in the river. Incredibly stupid. I know the serial numbers aren’t scraped off that gun. Unless he got the exact same gun off the streets and scraped the numbers off that gun can be traced. He didn’t know he was gonna kill Greg that night so I know he didn’t have a throwaway burner. 

Ghost is too paranoid. I know Ghost had to of had extra security in his office that wasn’t the same as the regular cameras that Dre shut off during the FBI search. This case has too much reasonable doubt to stick. I think Sandoval will probably get found out he dirty by either more phone records or mexican connects. 




Keisha dress had me ready to hand her my social security number. Ruin my life as long as I get a taste. Just a taste. She had that anytime anyplace dress on. That stay ready so she ain’t gotta get ready dress. 

We all seen that coming. 



Dre everybody bitch. I don’t feel sorry for that nigga either. That nigga Kanaan don’t like you and will kill you so kill that nigga Kanaan first and man up. Kanaan not ever dying though. 50 Cent not letting that happen. 



Tommy is being pulled from every angle. Legal shit. Street shit. Family shit. Everything. He out here playing Grand Theft Auto and running niggas over for fun and shit. The feds on his ass. He fucking Keisha on counters so groceries can’t be place there anymore. Actually the groceries were placed there anyway technically but that’s another story. 

Tommy has to do damage control which is not his best strength. He doesnt know how to lay low. The car switch was smart but he’s unstable and will offset that decision somehow. He’s a take 2 step forward then take 5 steps backwards kinda guy. He makes very random and dangerous decisions and he has to do damage control without Ghost. Also he has the white man in prison asking about him which I’m going to assume he’s related to Tommy possibly his father or Uncle and that’s a possible problem Tommy doesn’t know about yet. 

Moral of the story for this episode,  Everybody is annoying as fuck and 100 times more annoying with Ghost locked up. Free Ghost, Fuck Angela. I need action. Now.