Don’t trip. This is spoiler free. So read the fuck outta this. 

Coming into this movie I wasn’t expecting much because DCEU hasn’t given me shit in any of their movies so far. Suicide Squad was asscheeks. Man Of Steel was ehhhhhh. Watchable but ehhh. Batman Vs Superman was literally a turd on screen. The worse fucking superhero movie of it’s caliber. I still have nightmares of how awful that film was. Jesus Christ couldn’t heal that disgrace of a film. 

Knowing all this, Wonder Woman had to be better than average for this universe to survive. If Wonder Woman is trash then there is no saving DCEU. 

Well I seen it and ……….

Bravo. Wonder Woman is the FIRST good DCEU film. Shits on all 3 previous films hands down like 6:30. 

It exceeded my expectations. Now my expectations weren’t high due to what DCEU gave me to work with but regardless this film exceeded them. 

I will admit that I was wrong about Gal Gadot. I’ve stated previously that she’s very beautiful. I’d drink her bath water. I dream about her being covered in BBQ sauce. She’s definitely a sight for sore eyes but I’ve always questioned her acting and I thought she didn’t have the skills to keep me entertained for a 2 hour movie. Even after she was the ONLY good thing about Batman vs Superman I still felt she couldn’t carry an entire film by herself. 

I was WRONG as fuck. 

Not only did she carry the film but she was the reason why it was great. Sometimes the lead doesn’t steal the show as expected. Take a movie like “Goodfellas.” Joe Pesci OWNED that film. Not Ray Liotta. In the best movie of the year “Get Out.” The TSA guy stole the show. Not the main character. Gal Gadot had me hooked from beginning to end. Something I did not expect and I left the theater wanting more. Which is awesome. 

Now what I fear will happen is D.C will go overboard in future films with her and trying to shove her down our throats. I’m praying it doesn’t happen and they don’t change her at all. 

The chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine was perfect! The back and forth between them never got tiring. I never got annoyed. Gal Gadot is a amazonian woman adjusting to human society and her dialogue with Chris was hilarious, sweet, and heart warming. Just to see him try to get her adjusted to society was really cool. 

What else I loved about this film was the action. Now there were times where I felt they didn’t need slow motion. There was too much of it but the action was dope and there was waaaaay more than any of the other trash films from D.C. Gal as Diana was really fucking shit up in a great way. The villains were lacking a little bit too but they didn't fuck up the film. 

The underlying message of this film was deep too. Diana (Gal) gets a front row seat to how humanity is. Men posing as leaders when they don’t show any qualities of a leader. The hatred. The violence. The lack of empathy. Mind you this movie was set during World War 1 and in 2017 the same shit is going on today. It really makes you wonder about the main villain final take on humanity. He was low key right but just went about it in the wrong way. Plus being psychotic doesn’t help his cause either. 

This was a great film and I worry that some people may not fuck with it and think it’s boring because of the time it was set in but seriously I think casual fans and nerds like me will love this movie. This is the first film in the D.C.E.U that actually has replay value. 

I’m giving this film 4 outta 5 fruit snacks.

Gal Gadot fine ass gets 10 outta 5 fruit snacks.