Sonmoi is the perfect opener. It sounds like “Yeah I’m here and I smoke Parliament cigarettes and I own a pair of Nicky Santoro glasses. You muddafucka you.” 

Chaz has a voice of a person named Chaz. It’s the coolest weird shit ever. When you hear his voice you think “The person who’s singing sounds like a Chaz.” You know how rare that is? Would I want the name Chaz? Fuck no, it looks and sounds like a foreigner mispronouncing cheese. 

I wish I had a handlebar mustache to listen to “JBS” I feel having a undistinguished stache on my face while listening to JBS means my listen didn’t really matter. I feel I’ve failed the Mattson Bros and Chaz by not having Handlebar mustache like Dudley from Street Fighter. JBS is a introverted song. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. 

The Mattson 2 should do a collab with The Lucas Bros. The Mattson 2 provides dope music as The Lucas Bros smoke dank and tell the amazing tale of Bret The Hitman Hart. 

Steve Pink is such a magical number. I love the drums on it and the way it sounds like it’s so sure of itself. I listened to it while figuring out ways to un-fuck my life and I actually believed everything would be okay because of this song. 

Don’t Blame Yourself is such a reassuring song because Chaz has such a reassuring voice. The message is great and I thought while hearing it "I wish Chaz was my high school counselor.” You know the type to subtly tell me to stop being an asshole to people and expand my mind to different things instead because he believes in me. The guitar was dope as fuck on this song. 

Listening to the song "Star Stuff” feels like you’re in this hallway that never ends but you’re not worried because you have a doobie and a burrito. 

Disco Kid sounds like the video game Streets Of Rage stage music and a cocaine binge of a successful 70’s disco artist. Don’t do drugs kids. Play Streets Of Rage though. It gives you character and you learn to see things through to the end. The Mattson 2 really killed this song. Masterful. 

I just felt Issac Hayes voice was just gonna pop up out of nowhere on the song “Cascade” or Shaft was gonna bust through my wall like the Kool-Aid man and take me on a joy ride to watch him fight crime. This song is so hypnotizing and busy. There’s so much going on in it and I love it. 

I need to move to New York or Cali because these guys are never performing in St.Louis. Even praying to the handlebar mustache gods won’t work. I need to see these guys live and drink one of those fancy dark beers while doing so even though I don’t drink.