Creativity is fun. A lot of fucking fun and in that fun there are a LOT of misconceptions about creativity. I guess you can call them lies but calling them lies just seems so harsh. It’s all just misunderstandings. Here are some myths of creativity that we tend to see. 



Okay you quit your job. If you told everybody in that job “Fuck you” before you left then you’re my hero but you’re free! It’s time to create all fucking day and live a stress free life and you finally have your one way ticket to happiness. 

Sike I lied nigga. 

You just quit your job but the road ahead of you will HARDER than that job ever was. Yes your former employer was a whole ass bitch and full of hoes. Yes you’re your own boss but do you really know what that entails? EVERYTHING is on you. EVERYTHING is your fault. People just quit their jobs to create full time and they don’t mentally prepare for the toll creativity can have on you. You’re not just creating. You have to handle all of your business side too. 

You quit your job so that means you roughly took back 8-10 hours of your life back daily. You will now have 8-10 hours of creating but I’m here to tell you this. You will NOT create for 8-10 hours straight. You may do 2-3 hours max of creating. Unless you’re extremely disciplined on some monk shit you’re not sitting at your desk or in front of canvas or wherever for 8 straight hours. Shit if you’re disciplined I’ll give you 6 hours max. We underestimate how difficult it is to sit and create something for 3-4 hours straight. 

The idea of it sounds good when you’re slaving for a company that doesn’t give a fuck about you and you’re constantly checking the clock to see when you’re free but once you do it and realize all the new found free time you have, you’re going to blow it doing silly shit. You’re gonna watch binge watch TV. You’re gonna hang out with homies who may be in the same situation. You’re gonna do shit you never really had the chance to do because daily you always knew your days truly began after 5pm. 

Trust me. You will do a little work and fuck around and you will look up and it’s 4pm. Only the super disciplined people will commit to 8 straight hours of creating with a lunch break at home. It’s not as glamorous as you think. It’s hard mothafuckin work. 



“I need to move here to do this.” 

“I need this to happen so I can do that.”

In creativity, conditions have no fucking meaning. You can be anywhere and create beautiful things. 

Now if you wanna do something like run a weed dispensary then of course you need to go to where the market allows it which is out west or if you want to act you need to go to L.A or Atlanta but the shit I do I can do it anywhere and the conditions don’t mean anything. 

There’s people who live in terrible conditions and make some incredible art. 

Conditions are excuses. Just create shit. 



When you get to where you want to be it won’t be because of luck. It will be because you put in the work and busted your ass to get where you wanted to be. 

I really dislike people who tell hard working people who I know for a fact sacrificed a lot so they can work their ass off that they were lucky. People who call hard working people lucky are toxic. 

If there is luck then this is how I believe it works. You put the work in consistently and the universe notices that and will reward you. That's what luck is to me. 

Let’s say you live in New York and you’re a writer. You worked on a project for 7 hours per day for a month straight. You decide to take a break from writing one morning and you walk up to a coffee shop up the street for coffee and in that coffee shop you meet a reputable writer and you exchange ideas and numbers and you both start writing a TV show and it gets picked up by a network. You meeting that person is luck but I believe it only happened because the universe granted it to you because of your hard work. It’s more of a blessing more than anything. 

If someone tells you that you're lucky to be in the position you worked hard for you have please beat they ass. 



There’s no manual to this shit. No directions. We all just create what we want and just follow the process of creativity. My process may be different from your process but it’s a process. There’s zig zags and twists and turns. It’s never a straight shot. Nobody follows the exact same steps in creativity because they’re isn’t any steps. There’s no definite right way. 

My advice to anyone reading this is embrace the process because it’s the realest mothafucka you will meet. It will elevate you. It will make you focus. It will bring out strengths and weaknesses you didn’t know existed inside of you. Don’t fall in love with things. Things are fleeting and can be replaced. I know you want the money and the traveling experiences. Who doesn't? Never love that more than the process. You'll see how overrated things are compared to the creative process. Fall in love with the process and patience and understand there will be no steps. 



If there is anything in life that I’ve learned especially after all the shit I’ve been through, I’ve learned I’ve earned the right to be imperfect and that applies to my creativity too. You and your creativity have earned it too. Fuck perfect. Just get shit done. Period. The imperfect artist has more value than the perfect artist. 



You’re gonna feel like quitting. You’re gonna get mad and sad. You’re gonna feel lonely as fuck. You will need to learn how to embrace solitude. There’s gonna be days you’re creating straight mid. You will create shitty things. Everything won’t be dope. You will hit a slump creatively. It happens to the best of em. There will be a lot of fear and doubt. There will be times that the distractions will get the best of you. Criticism will be at your front door. There will be a lot of error. A LOT OF MOTHAFUCKIN ERROR! There’s way more error than triumphs.

The artist who isn't taking more losses than wins on their journey isn't really trying to be great. You need to prepare for the moment when the passion for an idea leaves you. What are you going to do when you’re in creative purgatory or hell? It will happen. Brace yourself. 



There is no deadline for anything in creativity. If you’re breathing you’re in great shape. The person who started WalMart was in their late 60’s early 70’s. Zack Galifinakis didn’t get his break until he was 40. You have so much time it’s not even funny. 40 years old is fucking YOUNG! Stop worrying about turning 30 or 25 without accomplishing a huge goal you set for yourself. You don’t need to be in a place creatively or place in life by a certain time. Live in the present with your passion. Just continue working and don't waste time on things that don't do anything for your spirit or soul. It’ll put you in a better place mentally. 



Just because you can't draw, take pictures, or write doesn't mean you're not creative. Creativity isn't just those things. You can be a creative parent. A creative mechanic. A creative organizer. Creativity is in everyone DNA. 

Are you breathing? Well ....... You're creative!