Make a 4:44 Unplugged album with The Roots Hov. 


Hov was taking shots on some Michael Corleone “I settled all family business” shit. He really was on some Godfather 1 ending shit with this album. 


4:44 has No Filler and its Full of Gems. How I need it. 


On Smile…. Hov was honest as fuck. Actually on all this shit he was honest as fuck. 


I need to be a billionaire. This ugly life not for me no more. I wanna be cute. 


I'm bout to go find Hov’s 92 lost bricks and flip it and buy the neighborhood my momma renting. 


Hov moves on his own time. He waited to respond to all the fuckery. 


How the fuck is Hov conscious, intellectual, and flamboyant at the same time all over this shit


A 47 year old really just shit on everybody in the game and reminded niggas who is who and what is what. 


Moonlight was needed for this weird ass state of the game 


In Eric Benet’s defense. Halle Berry is fine as fuck but lets not act like niggas haven't been fleeing from her. She had 3 marriages and all of them failed. 


Niggas who hate on this album is niggas who don’t want nothing outta life.


Beyonce background vocals on Family Feud had me like…..


Bam had me feeling like OX 


We’re seeing the most secretive famous couple open up to the public through music. It’s the most interesting shit ever. Black Rich Flaws. 


Hov smarter than all these people in music. He literally a black Meyer Lansky. 


Hov really slapping Kanye in the back of his head on some big brother/little brother shit. Actually every rapper has that Russell Westbrook hook head and Hov just slapping all these niggas in the back of that mothafucka on this album.


Future is gonna make another fire ass R&B album because of Hov. Even with shots he gives us another gift. Hov really is the GOAT. 


"You rather be old rich me or new you?" Hov just took 10 years off every rappers life span and added it to his own life off that line. 


A 47 year old rapper is literally winning games of open chest with all these niggas. 


No Metro beats. No trying to rap like Migos. No trying to ride the latest music trends. Hov was himself and he WON.


NO I.D doesn’t get his just due. I actually met him in L.A and told him this to his face and he smiled. 4:44 is proof. 


The album of the year has been decided. It's 4:44. No contest.