You ever go to a party, event, function, whatever and of course music is playing and you see everyone in attendance not dancing? The most you may get out of them is them dancing to themselves. Now dancing to yourself doesn’t seem like it makes sense but you know what I mean. Just a little sway to yourself in your bubble as you sing/rap the words to the song playing. You’re not going to the middle of the floor to dance in front of everyone. 

Everyone is on the sidelines waiting for someone to make a move or on their phone or trying to down as many drinks as they can to loosen up but there’s always that person that as soon as the music hits them they run to the dance floor regardless if it’s zero people on it or 300 people on it. They’re dancing as if all their student loans have been forgiven and paid off. 

Once that person starts dancing then 2-3 more people start dancing then 8-10 people start then so on and so on. One person has broken the ice and everyone that follows that persons lead are now comfortable to dance. 

Now a person who doesn’t have that kind of approach inside of them may think that person that dances first is brave or fearless. Actually it has nothing to do with fearlessness or bravery……

They just don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks and they’ve won. 

Now here’s the lesson. Just dance first. 

All the over planning on the sidelines isn’t going to get whatever you’re trying to get off the ground. 

Using your phone for everything but what you WANT to do creatively is a losing mentality. 

Stop waiting on people or trying to put together the right team. All that shit comes later. It tends to fall in place. 

I pray no one is doing this but drinking a bunch of liquor and doing drugs just to do creative shit not the wave either.  

You gotta dance first. People watching all of us. Who cares. What the fuck that has to do with you? 

There are too many people who have creative gifts that are afraid to fail or do what they love in front of people or be embarrassed in front of people. The way I see it is whether you like me or hate me I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I wanna do. If I fail great. If I succeed great. I’m not the one with the problem. The person waiting for my results is. Keeping score of another person when you have nothing invested in them is some goofy shit. You shouldn’t have time to keep score on anyone nor should you want to. 

Don’t be afraid to fail in front of no one. Whether it’s front of your loved ones or your enemies it doesn’t matter. If you succeed people will say bad shit about you. If you fail people will say bad shit about you. The talking will never stop so therefore that means that the talking is something that is out of your control and what do you do with things you have no control over? You leave those things the fuck alone and live your life and focus on what you can control. 

Take your mind off the numbers (Me included). Fuck how many readers you have. Fuck how many followers you have. Fuck how many people show up to your events. How much you’ve sold. Creatives only care about shit like that because they want other people they don’t give a fuck about to notice those things and once they notice those things they’ll feel validated. It’s pointless. Just keep driving. Look in your rearview mirror once in a blue moon for a few seconds just to see how far you’ve come then get your eyes back on the road to focus on your destination. Only validation I need is from God or the Universe. 

I’m a bad screenwriter. Well in my mind I’m bad at it but guess what? I don’t care because I’m going to get better. I learn from my mistakes everyday and I’m not afraid to let people read my drafts of scripts I’ve written. I’m going to fail a lot and I love that I’m going to fail a lot because I am addicted to what I do. And if I keep failing that means I’m gonna keep writing which is gonna make me a monster somewhere down the line. It’s a beautiful ugly. The pain of failure but the beauty of growth that comes from it. I’m not afraid to be the first to dance anymore when it comes to my creativity. 

Just like the person who says “This my song!” and sprints to the dance floor and doesn’t give a fuck who’s watching you have to be the person that says “This is my life” and sprint to whatever you desire to do and not give a fuck who’s watching.

Dance first.