Finally got a chance to sit still. So yeah. 



Damn Tasha ain’t give Ghost no welcome home ass? Zero? Damn at least put the pussy on him and then sleep elsewhere. Tasha has plummeted on my approval meter. She went from 71 down to 48. Ghost is better off by himself and slaying hoes all over New York City. He fucked up his marriage and that shit will never be the same cause he a liar. The trust all the way gone and never coming back. Yall son a bitch ass nigga. Counseling not saving this marriage. Angela boring as fuck and never heard a Gucci Mane song in her life so that relationship not worth it. I’m sure there’s some loser 24 year old woman walking around New York City that needs to be saved. Ghost can mold her, shape her up, and have prime pussy whenever. After 28 years old pussy not the same no more but that’s a whole different topic. 

Tasha making the deal with Simon I’m conflicted about. On one end Ghost working for a bitch ass white guy is wack. Your integrity is at stake. He literally about to work for a white man that said “Diversity is all the rage.” On the flip side real estate is the best business for him to exit the game and and still be rich as fuck. He could keep the clubs but clubs don’t last long. Real estate will keep that money flowing and he can own land. 

Or fuck it, keep selling cocaine. Who cares. 



Keisha bird ass still running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Shut the fuck up, go fix a raggedy lakefront and pretend you don’t know shit. She’s in a situation that isn’t her fault but then again this is why you don’t hire your friends to do miscellaneous shit. She hired Tasha to do her books which was the dumbest shit ever. Find a reliable accountant and keep your business in order. She got played because she’s stupid and she has no way out. She’s gonna snitch. It’s written all over her face. 



Tommy in Chicago meeting with Jason and Jason wants Ghost out of the game. Tommy probably won’t listen but then again we don’t know where Teresi comes into play in all this so who the fuck knows. Tommy out in Chicago drunk and fucking around and talking about murders with random escort hoes and gets his dumbass kidnapped. 

Jason seems more organized than Milan and more under the radar so he is a dangerous man. Petar set up Tommy on the Milan hit and tried to fuck over Tommy and get rid of him which was stupid. Should’ve let the shit just die down and kept up with the lie of how Milan was killed but everybody on this show stupid so you know he wouldn’t last long. 

Tommy drives to Cleveland and murders Holly’s pedofile Uncle which was well deserved but fuck Holly bruh. That evil whore is dead. Why are we still talking about this hoe and seeing Tommy commit murders on her behalf? I thought we got rid of this bitch and we could rejoice and celebrate her absence? Why is Power doing this shit to me. What’s next? She coming back as a zombie to get her job back at Truth? Fuck her, she’s dead. Get the fuck over it Tommy. You killed her. This man has the most useless and senseless kills in this series. Tommy won't make it out this shit alive. 



Julio like I’ve been saying is the epitome of an idiot. This bitch more gullible than a toddler. He is useless and always have been. He find out Dre been having meetings with the opps and he confront Dre about it and let him run game on him. Keep the information to yourself and don’t tell nobody and wait until you run into Tommy and let Tommy know everything. No this moron wanna have meetings and shit. I can’t tell you how happy that this stupid mothafucka got set up. Finally! Get this big dumb bitch off my tv screen. 

Even the way he died was dumb. How the fuck are you useless even in death? This idiot didn’t pick up a knife. He came to a meet without a pistol. He didn’t have his head on a swivel fighting 3 people. Why are you turning your back on a nigga if you’re not sure he’s dead? They wasted almost 2-3 quality minutes on this big bitch crawling while dying. If you don’t sit yo ass still and die so we can get on with the show. We don’t care about you nigga. We care about Kanaan and Ghost.  



Kanaan kidnaps Ghost. Finally. The 2 meet up and we about to get to the good shit. Kanaan is my nigga. We gotta start a Kanaan hive. Ghost snitched on him. Can’t condone that so Kanaan has every right to do what he’s doing. Ghost and Kanaan rob Tommy’s stash house and make their way to Jukebox and Tariq. 

Tariq dumbass playing games in a bando and not thinking to himself “Well this is weird.” Somebody finally hit this little annoying bitch in the back of his head. I’ve been wanting slap the back of that little nigga head for a while now. 

This is where shit gets weird. Kanaan turns on Jukebox and kills her which isn’t weird because Kanaan is all about himself but him suddenly not wanting to get revenge on Ghost is just odd. Nigga you spent 2 seasons planning this shit and you don’t wanna do shit anymore? You acting like Trey from “Boyz N The Hood?” Lemme out Dough head ass nigga. I don’t know what Kanaan up to but there’s no way he just taking that money and disappearing. 

Meanwhile Tariq bitch ass still ungrateful and mad at Ghost. Nigga you chose to hang with that nigga Kanaan. He the dumbass nigga that got finessed. Ghost didn’t do shit to this little nigga. Now I have a feeling this little nigga bout to be a 100 times more annoying the rest of this season. Can he just get hit by a bus or something? I don’t wanna see this nigga on my TV no more. I am sick and tired of his storyline. He is the herpes of Power and I’m fed the fuck up.