What the fuck? Yeah this show on crack or something. 


This nigga Silver has a landline in 2017. Fuck him. 


I’m tired of the wannabe mastermind shit from Dre. Nobody could be this gullible. Tommy and Ghost can’t be this fuckin foolish. Jesus christ. 


Tasha such a fuckin bird. She gotta go. 


Larenz Tate looks crooked to me for some reason. 


Sick of these lawyers. Kill em all. 


Tommy and Ghost have had beef with TWO cartels. You have a better chance of hitting the lotto TWICE than surviving beef with two drug cartels. Makes no fucking sense. 


Fuck yo dad Tommy. He missed like 30 Christmases. Fuck Teresi Tommy. Get yo head in the game. 


Where the fuck is Kanaan? Bring him back. He makes shit interesting. 


Threatening a cartel with “If you don’t give us territory and ports we’re gonna tell people you didn’t kill lobos” will NOT make them flinch. Matter fact they’d flat-out shoot you in the face the moment you threatened them in any fashion. 


Sandoval dumb as fuck. Like I said before the fact he didn’t get rid of the murder weapon like he intended to came back to haunt his dumb ass. 


Tariq is a fucking liability. Period. Whenever he’s around. People die. All this dumb lil nigga had to do was leave the fucking house but naw this lil nigga wanna have morals now. Lord please get rid of this nigga. Every time I see this dork on my TV I'm like…


This nigga Silver such a fucking square. Squares love bird bitches. 


Correction Teresi now owes Tommy one less Christmas gift. What a great father he is. 


Dre is the weakest villain I’ve ever seen. Kanaan gone come back and kill this weak nigga. 

Damn Proctor? You used to be the homie. Smh You was a real nigga the whole series. Now this? 


For The First time I ever……. I actually wanted to fuck Angela....... come to the dark side baby. The law don't love you.