Spare me “The Scene” talk. 

We can talk about sceneries like Bob Ross. 

We can talk about scenes from movies or tv shows. 

But music and art scenes? Nah. 


Stop talking to me about that shit. I just don’t give a fuck about what's being said. 


“Well why are you writing about it Benny?” - Smart ass bitch nigga


Only to let you know it’s never going to get you nowhere or fix anything Mr or Mrs Smart ass bitch nigga. So really I’m here to help you. 

I’m in the “just do” business. If someone is complaining about something or doesn’t like something. I don’t care whether if they’re wrong or right about it as long as they set out to do it themselves. So for example, A person complains about a fashion show. He or she hates the current setup, format, whatever. I have no problem with them complaining if they started their own fashion show to see through their own vision of what they feel a fashion show should look and feel like. It shows that they’re not just goofy on the sideline running their mouth. I don’t care if they’re successful or a failure with their fashion show. What matters is that they put their own dough up and attempted to change something they didn’t like. I respect that everyday all day. 

I complain about venues. So what I need to do is shut the fuck up. Buy a sound friendly space and run my own venue. 

The “Just Do” business is worth the investment. You’ll get taken seriously. 

With that being said. I don’t wanna talk about what “WE” need to do to improve the music and art scene. For one there is no “WE.” I’m not the nigga with a problem. Secondly talking doesn’t get us anywhere. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this conversation has been going on for almost a decade. The problem is that it’s still a conversation about the SAME SHIT! I don’t care about people hating because hating is a worldwide issue. Niggas hated on Mother Teresa and Jesus it’s nothing new. That’s not a problem cause people who hating not coming to events or shows with beef they just stay where they at and stay on social media like hoes. The problem is wasted conversation. 

I’m all rapped out when it comes to the scene. No I don’t wanna book a venue to have a discussion about the art and music scene of St.Louis. NIGGA WHY?! Why don’t you have a discussion of a business proposal to buy a space and take me through the plans of how you plan to execute that. That would help you and the scene better than hearing my opinion or anyone else’s opinion about the same shit we’ve been hearing for 7 years.

Go book a venue and have a discussion about some shit that matters like mental illness. 

I don’t wanna debate about this shit. It makes no sense. You have your view. Fine. Have it. It’s yours. If it’s a fucked up view, well then it’s a fucked up view. If it ain’t, it ain’t. Either way if it’s not turning into anything tangible then I really can’t give a fuck about it. I have many hobbies but none of those fucking hobbies include arguing with you over the creative scene in St.Louis. The time I spent arguing with some disgruntled weirdo who not doing their due diligence to better their career could’ve been used to move my career forward or help my friends move their careers forward. I refuse to take time out my day to change a grown mothafucka mind or opinion about this scene. Have that shit. Sit on that shit. I don’t care.  

There’s no need to rant about anything. Now that I think about it. We rant about bitch niggas on the scene we don’t even like nor want at any event so in reality we dumb as fuck for even ranting in the first place. Seriously the people I’ve argued with about this shit I don’t wanna be around them at no point in 24 hours of any given day so them saying they not supporting or coming to shit because of “XYZ” is a fucking blessing. I should be thanking them hoes. 

I’ve never seen a person hear or see a rant and say “Man I’m a change my ways.” The doers change people and things. Not the debaters, not the talkers, not the ranters. What would you be more inspired by? Me telling you I have a million dollars or me showing you a million dollars? Pretty self explanatory. 

This shit was at it’s peak around The Force and MadeMonarchs era and it’s gotten progressively worse. Now there are still great things happening here no doubt but not as much as they used to. With that being said why would I wanna talk about the scene now after experiencing it at it’s best? If we know what to do then what the fuck do we need a discussion for? Get an idea. Everybody pick a role and work. Everything else is just extra and unnecessary. 

I look at it like this. The scene is the scene. Nothing is stopping me from doing what I’m doing. If I need something this scene can’t provide then i’ll look elsewhere to solve that issue. It’s really that basic. I’ve gotten outta the habit of trying to romanticize it and I’ve accepted what it is. So there’s no need for me to talk or argue about it with someone. 

Spare me the scene talk and just go to whatever you want, create whatever you want, support whatever you want, and build whatever you want. Just do. I know I will.