Tariq a chip off the ol block. Nigga lie and act better than his daddy


Dre a slick nigga. I wonder how long that will last


Tommy is forming a relationship with Teresi which is basically the equivalent of 2 mentally ill mothafuckas going on a killing spree. Both of these white boys unstable as fuck. Nothing good is gonna come from this for NOBODY. 


Tate dirty as fuck. That nigga is Clay Davis from The Wire but worse. 


Silver looks like a failing 90’s R&B artist. That nigga got the swag of a church choir director


Tasha really needs a man to survive and that shit is sad as fuck. Bitch got confidence in every man that give her dick and none for herself. She never thinks about leaving unless another man is involved. 


Did this Beethoven mothafucka just say “Favorite Black?” “Too Afro-Centric” I Would’ve beat the Dorothy from Golden Girls haircut off that old ass man. 


Tommy life was fucked no matter what. Your momma a hoe and on drugs. Your daddy a psychopath. Just throw your whole family and ancestry in rice my pal. 


I thought this nigga Ray-Ray was pretending to be a cop, this nigga one forreal? lmaoooooo 


All of Dre’s moves come from impatience. Tommy is a natural fuck up. All he has to do is wait for it and pick up the pieces. 


Tommy is a liability. Ghost will never go straight as long as this white boy is around. 


Damn Tariq really asking wild thots to the school dance


Watching Keisha and Tasha talk to each other really makes you dumber each second you listen to them. 


Tommy literally begging every nigga around him like a neighborhood crackhead. 


Keisha actually turned down penis? I’M SHOCKED! The bird tryna be a swan. 


Tommy really head butted this nigga Ghost like Happy Gilmore 


Dre really trying to play everybody. I think this nigga nose has telepathic powers and is controlling his brain. His nose is the true mastermind behind it all. His real nose is probably bigger and sitting on his brain like Plankton did to Spongebob. 


Bruh Ray-Ray really look like a nigga that don’t do laundry and sniff his clothes everyday to see if they’re okay to wear. 


This nigga Kanaan really not human. He really destroyed two niggas without taking off his winter coat. Kanaan probably eats tree bark. 


Angela got a promotion which means she’s about to become even more annoying. 


I told you niggas Tate was dirty. Little man complex. 


Tommy bout to be a mob boss. So think about this. You have Tommy family, The Jiminez Cartel, The Albanians, Dre people. This about to be some crazy shit. A war gotta happen and it will happen. 


Raina really said "my daddy gone kill you" and thought no consequences would come behind that lmaooooooo. 


Tariq either gotta go all the way now. You can’t erase that memory of seeing your blood get killed. He gotta become a savage now. Only way this shit will be believable at this point. 


I saw a huge chunk of the bootleg season finale and………. damn