Get your tickets now. It's almost that time! V.I.P sold out but the general are still for sale online and I believe this is the last week for online tickets so don't be that last minute person because online are first priority. Door second.

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I’m sure it’s a lot of people first time going to Majorette when they come out to day one of VIBES. It’s all good. It’s mine too. Spot looks very cozy and bad bitch hand-ish.

The mini tour video of the venue dropped last week and here are my thoughts. 


First we see a big ass deck now a lot of you niggas have disappointed me at for one reason. Not nann one of you niggas ever offered to bring out the grill and get it cracking at VIBES? Not one of you? I’m disappointed in all you niggas. The deck at the Majorette big as fuck. Get 2 grills back there, let's get drunk, and shoot dice in fancy clothes. Niggas slipping out here. Call somebody Uncle who got a closet full of Young Dro plaid shorts and sandals and fire the grill up for VIBES. Ain’t seen Ribs at a VIBES yet. How is that possible? 


V.I.P room looking real welcome home Gucci-ish. Look, lemme get straight to the point. It’s open bar from 5 to 7 and before the crowd thickens I need a art hoe. I’m tryna bite her booty under the pool table before 9pm. 


The Diddy Steps. My fit gone be too fucking fresh to be laying on steps. I’m coming dressed like Quavo. I’ll only be on the floor one time and one time only on September 1st and that’s for my V.I.P mission. The steps still gone get this sauce though I’m just not laying on em or squatting on em. I’m coming dressed like a plug named Alejandro Gomez so I’m bout to have a pic of me taken at the top of them steps like a villain. 


There’s two floors. 

So on the first floor is where I plan to meet 20 different shorties and the goal is to see if I can get a commitment from them to fix me 20 different plates in the future along with the plates me and my niggas getting from the food vendors there. So that’s 20 different plugs. So I’m a ask what’s their go to dish to cook. If any of em say rotel I’m a put em on reserve and under my emergency contacts. I’m not looking for pussy anymore I’m looking for plates. I’m not coming to shoot my shot. I’ve changed…….I.. I…I.. I’m a lil too important now. 

Also gotta make my rounds with the art. Need some art for my work area. The visual lineup is big boy bully strength. All muscle. This lineup harder than beating the first Battletoads game by yourself. 

I always get a shirt at every VIBES so a nigga real excited about that. I know niggas gone have that heat on deck and not only that, Ki straight selling soaps. What nigga don’t like smelling good? I’m bout to buy 2 baskets from that bath beyond store and just fill them up with soaps, candles, bath bombs I buy from people. All smell good shit that’ll make shorties that have the privilege to make it to Wrestlemania aka My brib and think “Damn so this how this nigga be smelling so good. I gotta give him the cakes off the strength.” 


Second floor I’m a just go up there and watch the whole event like I’m Ghost at "TRUTH" on “Power.” I’ll feel like Sting and I’ll be eating a Strawberrie Shortcake by Nyla while doing so. 

The parking lot big as fuck. I challenge any of you niggas to parking lot pimp that lot while playing “Trial Time” by The Last Mr.Bigg. It’s time for you to become a legend and parking lot pimp in a fire fit.  

If you missed the video here it is. See you September 1 and 2!