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I’m real big on making things habits. Like I don’t think about going to the gym anymore. It’s second nature. I just go. It’s become a good habit. I write everyday whether it’s for 20 minutes or 3 hours. It’s become a good habit. 

You’ve started on a creative journey that will have a lot of low points and highlights but if you have good habits that support your creative vision the low points won’t feel as bad and the highlights will come more often. 

You wanna have those good creative habits.



This is a very underrated word and gift. I don’t know what you worship or believe in but I really make it a point to get on my knees to thank God and the universe for everything I’m blessed with. 

If you don’t believe in God show gratitude to whatever you feel like showing it to. 

The power of gratitude is real. It can take a bad moment and turn it into joy in an instant. Gratitude helps you deal with pain. 

You’re blessed to even have an idea let alone have the courage to execute it. Show gratitude for being able to express yourself creatively to the world. I just love being thankful for being able to have the talent I have. I’ve told that story a thousand times but the way my talent was presented to me was nothing but the work of God, a good friend and Love and I am so grateful. 

Be grateful to have the spirit to practice what you do. Be grateful to start a business. Be grateful for the failures. Be grateful for the wins, old, and new friends. Show gratitude for having a chance to change the world. A lot of things could’ve went wrong for you but you’re here. Show gratitude. 



You probably won’t be the best. Good. You probably won’t be the worse. Good. Doesn’t stop you from having heart. Show some mothafuckin heart in your creativity. 

I love people who go through tough times whether it’s in their personal life or creative life and they show heart. If no one is supporting you then have the heart to say fuck it, I’ll get it with you or without you but I’m going to get it. Have the heart to put it all out there creatively. To bet it all on yourself. Don't talk, just show heart. 



I’m very sensitive about what I do and how I do it. I’m ULTRA sensitive when people tell me how I should move when it comes to writing. If you tell me I need to go to every event to network I might tell you to fuck off because I’m sensitive about doing things my way. 

Sensitivity shows that you care about what you’re doing. There’s the possibility that it could hold you back if you let it. Don’t wanna be too sensitive but if you can get to that level of sensitivity that inspires people instead turning them off to you then you will see how sensitivity helps your expression. 



Count every second of your day. You cannot waste time. Majority of your day is usually spent at your job so scheduling your creative time is a crucial habit. 

Each day should be written out. Even if it’s a day where you’re not doing shit. I put down the time I eat breakfast. Shower. Read. Write. Go to my job. What I do after my job. I have my day planned out which is why I’m not good with spur of the moment times during the day because I’ve already planned my day out. 

It’s important to make a habit out of scheduling your time to create and to take it seriously. Treat it like a job. You want it to be your job anyway so start acting like it. 



Shut it all down. The unplugging habit is so therapeutic and forces you to focus. Turn off your phone. Turn off the T.V. Don’t answer emails. I like to pretend I’m in a asylum in the all white padded room and all I have are my thoughts, books, and my notebook. The solitude will bring some of the most innovative shit out of your mind. Social media not going anywhere but my time is. This life shit goes quicker than we think. 



Pay attention to everything. Paying attention is a behavior we tend to take for granted. You know how the saying goes…. 

"The devil is in the details.” 

I observe everything. If i’m at a concert I’m people watching. I’m looking at body language and facial expressions. When I’m watching a T.V series I like to look at all the things in the background of a scene. Observing helps me understand other people’s minds and my mind included. There is a creative possibility in everything you observe. Never forget that. 



You have to make a habit of being able to take a loss. It’s hard because a creative loss is very personal. You put yourself out there and put your name on the line and you didn’t win. It’s not a great feeling.

I’m a sore loser. I hate to lose but I know this is what creativity comes with. I chose this life so I take the L, take mental notes, and I pick the ball back up, and I get back in the game. If you can take an L and be pissed about it but not let it throw you off your goal you will be alright. 



Get into the habit of asking questions. Curiosity is the gas of creativity and life in general. You always want a full tank of curiosity. The coolest shit you’ve experienced in your life was born because of curiosity. 

“Why" and “How" are two very important words that should be at the top of your vocabulary.  



Do you truly have a passion for what you do creatively or do you just wanna make money? Do you truly love what you do or do you just wanna be seen? You’ll know the answer to that sooner than you think. There are a lot of things I could charge money for but I don’t. I’m really passionate about what I do. I don’t feel right if I’m not writing. There is something inside of me that I constantly have to satisfy. It’s a internal feeling. External factors don’t mean much to me. If you got criticized everyday for doing what you do creatively would you still do it? If the answer is yes then that is passion. 



Know when to break. Know when you need to mentally reset. Take a week off and experience something outside of what you’re working on. Come back to it and you’ll have more ideas. You’ll have new perspectives. That “No sleep” grinding shit is stupid. Get you some sleep. Make it a habit to know when you’re overwhelmed or burnt out and you need time away from your creative work. You don’t wanna be mentally exhausted. Take care yourself. 


It's time to expand. Peace.