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Issa car sounds like a dying Transformer. 


How the fuck can Molly just ignore her momma? My momma could be Kris Jenner mixed with Cersei Lannister and I’m still picking up the phone when she call. She my momma. 


Issa don’t have a car. She riding the bus. Her life in shambles and all she can think about is dick. Damn she really the female version of Jody from Baby Boy. Issa gotta have a life too I guess. 


How you let a nigga with a acute angle head turn down your pussy Issa? 


Can Molly please be a normal person and google “Open Relationships” It's google nigga. It knows everything. 


Lawrence really a “ Fuck With My Vision” nigga? 


Dro living the good life. His chick knows how to give him space and she okay with him getting side pussy. Let that be a lesson ladies. When yo nigga irritable and breaking out he just wants side pussy. Be a champ, supportive partner, and a team player. Let him get his medicine. 


Damn Nico got standards. Nico the kinda man women claim they want but they truly don’t. 


These nerds straight afraid to tell Lawrence his app is reggie. 


Damn Island Punch condoms? I might consider not going raw no more if it smells like Tropical Punch Kool-Aid when I smash. 


What kinda of monster of a woman don’t give head in 2017? 


No wonder this nigga Derek pussy whipped. Tiffany been giving him that Jazmine Cashmere level mouth for years. 


We need more Tiffany’s in the world. She lightyears ahead of her squad sexually. 


Molly googled women pay wage before open relationships. Gotta give her credit. She’s business first. Penis second. 


Looks like Lawrence might get the Becky from his job on the roster.  She not funny and she corny and probably eat her french fries with mayonnaise but you know she a freak. I’m talking she want your thumb in her butt and she not even drunk kinda freaky. 


No matter how Molly tries to put an open relationship in perspective she will still see herself as a side chick. Which she is at the moment. Candace is the number one. If Molly want Dro then she gotta pull the robbery but how will Dro feel on being in a normal relationship again? Candace definitely still has dude heart he jumped up quick to come to her aid. Molly was mad as fuck and she is not ready to embrace open relationship rules. Watching Molly makes me angry now. 


Johnny Jawline aka Daniel busted in Issa eye and made her Uber home. So that’s how you get rid of woman instead of lying about having to work in the morning so she don’t sleep over? Cool. Well played nigga with the dodge caravan jawline. Well played. He really busted in her eye and turned her into a angry pirate. Lmaoooo!! 


Forreal in the fuck do you give head and expect not to catch nut one way or the other? How is this happening in 2017? HOW?!!! He warned her it was coming too so she has nothing to be mad at. He did nothing wrong here. We saw how women don't give a fuck about logic in that scene. 


There’s something I’ve noticed the last two episodes with Molly and Issa. They are truly the queens of self sabotage which makes the show interesting. Issa is not really into this hotation lifestyle. The one thing I know about breakups from my perspective of being a man and being dumped before is that we will go out and fuck as many women as we can just to fill that void of the woman that left us. Issa is doing the exact same thing. She wants to fuck as many men as possible to fill the void of Lawrence being gone. It’s hilarious because she knows it’s not her style and she knows it’s a dumb decision but she does it anyway and she's hoping to feel different. It’s the same as if a guy who not built like that starts fucking a bunch of different women. As we saw with Lawrence. He knew he wasn’t a “I keep bitches on a roster” type of nigga so he stopped doing that shit. Issa continues to do the shit and it doesn’t feel really “real” if that makes sense. She thinks it will heal her but as you can see her life is nothing but more confusion. She never took time to herself after Lawrence left and neither did Lawrence. I just think it’s interesting. 


Molly is the same way. She fucks Dro for the first time off an emotional breakdown of finding out her dad cheated on her mother before she was even born or too young to remember and her idea of marriage is ruined so based on this she decides to deal with a childhood friend who’s in a open relationship just to see how it plays out and the funniest part of her decision to start fucking Dro is that she KNOWS it’s a dumb decision based on who she is and what she wants but then gets mad in the end of this episode even though she knew it would be like this. Wow that was one long sentence. Also how in the fuck does Molly try to help Issa get back with Lawrence after she knows Issa cheated twice but flips out on her parents for their situation and their decision to grow stronger from the same mistake Issa made with Lawrence? Huge hypocrisy we’re seeing here. That’s how powerful pain is when you think about it. Makes smart people do dumb shit. 

Aight bye.