I like reading blogs and cool shit like that so here's some posts I read recently that I fuck with and you'll check out yourself if you're smart. The links to the articles are at the end of every entry. Check em out. 



I liked this write up a lot. 

Yes I am crazy. I've had problems with confidence, anxiety, insecurities, my attitude, pretty much anything that was toxic for my soul. Not once did I talk to anyone about it and I just kept falling deeper and deeper into this hole. It's kinda like the prison in "The Dark Knight Rises." Batman was placed in this prison by the villain Bane and the prison was interesting because it was under ground and if you looked up you could see the outside. It was the ultimate form of pain. Being able to see the light outside while you're inside the darkness. It gave the prisoners hope which is mentally damaging. Prisoners would climb up to try and escape and all of them would fall and get seriously injured. The reason they would fall is because they would try to make the jump with rope harnessed to them which held them back. Batman failed with rope over and over again but when he removed the rope which was his safety net and knew if he missed the jump that he would die he made it across and out of the prison. That prison is like depression. You have to remove whatever is like that rope to reach the light which would be healing. 

I didn't talk to anyone after going through what I went through. My brother was killed in June and I haven't really talked to anybody about it. All I did was lock myself in my room until I calmed down. I was more angry than sad and I knew if I left the house I would hurt someone. I wanted blood for what happened to my family. We try to self medicate ourselves but the problem is we self medicate doing the wrong shit. Especially as a man. We refuse to go to therapy because we're afraid we'll look like bitches. It's not masculine to us so we'll continue to live very depressed and hurt and just get worse over time until something more traumatic happens. I'm a strong man but man I'm tired. This article really helped me realize that I really do need to talk to someone about my brother because no one ever reached out to me to talk. All was said to me was that they would pray for me or they're sending prayers and love my way but no one asked me how I was. Sorry to get all sad and shit but what Wildflowers wrote really made me think.



Now if you read the words I wrote above this my first steps towards healing was forgiving what happened. Trust me I truly hate whoever shot my brother but I forgave them for it. I had to put that energy out there next I just wanted to know what peace was because I truly didn't know what it was. I came across this poem and it helped me put things in perspective. I control my peace and it really is within all of us. What a beautiful poem. I love it.



This was a good read. This woman literally almost killed herself over a to do list which makes the write up hit home even more. I couldn't possibly relate to that because I was never that serious about a to do list to the point where I ended up in a hospital but I do take my time seriously. 

I take it day by day so I have usually 6-8 hours at my regular job and I want 6-8 hours of sleep every night so 6-8 hours is my daily block for writing or other projects branching off of my writing. I literally wake up and ask myself "What do I want to work on today?" and I write it down in my notes and I do it. That's it. I don't do yoga I just go to the gym for an hour. I don't wake up at 4am. There are no rules. Different things work for different people. Benedicte basically says the same thing in the article. 

I've never made a vision board in my life. No disrespect to anyone who has one but they're a waste of time in my life. The time I spend creating a vision board could've went to me writing a fire scene in a TV script or a blog post. I don't need to look at a new car on my wall to remind myself that I want one. I already know I want one. I'm just focused on working now. 

Thinking of future success is really toxic to me and it's something I had to stop doing because what happens if it doesn't happen? I just focus on now and what I have control over. I don't balance anything. I don't like the word "balance." Have you ever tried to balance something physically? It's strenuous and nerve wrecking like walking on a tightrope so I say "Harmony" instead. I make everything work in harmony with each other. 

At the end of the day. People know what to do and how to get there. Period. Going to seminars, reading self help books, etc are cool but you're wasting time. Asking influencers questions that you already know the answers to. Pointless. 

Just do. Just fucking do. Awesome article by Benedicte. Loved it.



I can really relate to this article as the black sheep of my family. It's funny because I think school (high school or college) is where a lot of people truly learn about themselves. Like I learned who I was and took steps of being proud of who I was and what I was interested in thanks to N.E.R.D. Pharrell is my dad I jokingly but kinda seriously always say. I seen he was being himself and into the same things I was being made fun of for being into and he looked so proud and carefree. I finally stopped giving a fuck about hiding that I loved anime or comics or watching shit like Pokemon or being interested in music outside of Rap and R&B. 

Now the battle wasn't over because in college I was a follower. I still had those tendencies and I didn't get over them until years after I quit school. We all have battles with craving acceptance. There are people in their 40's and 50's that crave acceptance so you know this shit real. Today I don't crave much of anything but Pizza, anime, and a good writing session. If you like me and what I create great. If you dont, great. The world won't stop either way.



I get asked this shit everyday and I'm muhfuckin tired yall so ask Charley. For real though she gives good tips on how to start your own blog so you can show how great and unique you are. Also she provides you with blog topics. Now how I started my blog was really random so I don't know if my advice is good or not. A friend just told me I should start one. I watched a youtube tutorial on how to make a website. I smoked some kush and came up with the name and just started writing about things I gave a fuck about and now a viral "Insecure" comedy music video and over 300 blog posts later I'm here. 

There's also another dope post on her site called "Reclaiming My Time." I already do all the shit discussed in the write up but I wanna pass it along to those who may need to read those words.



Texting is dumb but necessary so I'm kind of in a damned if I do damned if I don't situation. Phone calls don't bother me. I lose like 2 pounds per phone convo because I'll be walking all over the crib while talking and laying and standing up on all types of shit. Fuck around and be sitting on top of the refrigerator talking on the phone all night. I also like hearing a woman's voice over the phone especially if she tired but fighting being tired just to talk to me. That's what's up. 

Anywho, this article is pretty accurate. Especially the part about being boring. You just gotta text random funny shit and you good unless the woman you texting is boring and that's all bad. Just read and obey these laws. Okay?



Written by one of my favorite creative minds gracing this planet. The age gap between us is huge but I always learn something from her so that's why she's one of the G.O.A.T. 

Some would consider this write up as being brutally honest but I never understood how honesty could be brutal. A lie is more brutal so why don't we ever call it "brutally lying?" anyway I'm high writing this so I'm a stick to the topic before I go left field cause that's a WHOLE different convo. 

Niggas really don't care about black women like we say we do. I've seen it first hand. I'll give you an example. I've been in a situation where I've removed a black woman from a potential damaging situation and I've been called a "Simp" for doing so but the same person calling me a simp do all the shit Erin described in this write up. You know, put the heart eye emojis in black women I.G comments. Overuse the word melanin. Call black women queens. You know act like those weird hotep niggas that look like they don't bathe. 

Damn near all of the rappers we listen to don't even like black women and we support them anyway. Boxing is my favorite sport to watch. I watch it more than any other sport. Mayweather is actually my favorite boxer next to Bernard Hopkins. I grew up watching them as a child but the older I got and seen Floyd's behavior and way of thinking. I knew that was a person you couldn't pay me to be around. As an athlete he's amazing but as a person he's not at all. I'm actually afraid to meet any artist I grew up watching because they might be weak as fuck as a person. Actually all famous niggas are weirdos to me. Even the one's I like. 

If you're a black woman I think you need to read this. You all have a lot of power you're not using.