Spoilers Bitches......




What the fuck you mean your kitchen under renovation? I want french fries. I'm not buying those weak ass nachos or popcorn. See I knew I should've brought that box of shrimp fried rice. Lesson learned. 


Bitch why you playing that creepy ass music in the crib in 1988. That sound like some 1674 music. Better throw on some Prince in this mothafucka. 


No disrespect to Georgie but it's just a paper boat bruh. It's the late 80's. Ninja Turtle action figures exist. Transformers exist. It's just a paper boat and it's not that serious. 


Pennywise bit Georgie arm off like he was snapping into a slim jim. 


Out the gate I liked Pennywise. The guy who plays him is perfect for the role. 


The Losers Club make this movie flat out. The fact that there were 7 kids and all of them had chemistry with each other was fucking amazing. I was really impressed. 


I liked how we didn't get too much into each kids background. Just a few lines here and there and a scene of their fears and that's it. The typical thing to do would be trying to tell EVERY kid story of their past. They didn't do that on "IT" they just kept it moving. 


This movie long as fuck but every scene is needed though. There's not one scene I felt after leaving the theater that I felt they could've left out. 


If you had a mullet in the 80's you were a piece of shit. White boys with mullets back then were killers and dollar beer drinkers. 


I didn't jump one time in this movie until the end and it was the most simple shit I should've seen coming. The part where Beverly killed her dad in the bathroom and Pennywise appeared behind her. I was like "WTF!!" I almost made it through the whole movie without jumping. SMFH. There's a lot of scenes that could make anybody jump. 


The first fight at the burned down house was my favorite scene hands down. The kids got fucked up and it was probably in my opinion the scariest shit in the whole movie. The projector scene is a close second. 


I should've saw this in iMax and I think I'm gonna see it again in iMax but high as fuck this time. 


Richie was a gem throughout the whole fucking movie. He had quotes for days. I think I laughed more than I was creeped out. The jokes he would say didn't feel forced and sounded like shit a 14 year old kid would say. Even when they were in trouble he had some funny shit to say. The mixture of creepiness and comedy was perfect. 


I wanted more blood and gore. That was the only thing missing. I thought it would go that route after seeing Georgie's scene at the beginning but they scaled back a lot after that. 


The story flowed very well. It's rare in a horror movie where you have a great script. 


The adults were psycho's. It was like the kids in Derry and the adults switched places. The kids were more adult then they were. The adults were outcasts and with good reason. I'm also glad that the adults didn't take over the movie. It was all about The Losers Club. 


Same with Pennywise. He didn't get a lot of screen time but it wasn't about him. It was about the fears of these children. I liked how they focused on that. Pennywise was just the cherry on top as the form of all the kids fears. 


I was laughing my ass off when dead Georgie kept screaming "You'll float too!!!" over and over again. I was sitting next to these 2 white girls and they started laughing because I was laughing and that shit literally had me dying. There's something wrong with me. 


There's some disturbing shit in the book that would never be shown in movie theaters. I'm glad they didn't go strictly by the book. They couldn't if they wanted to anyway. A lot of that shit would not get cleared. 


Speaking of which. Mike was THAT NIGGA in the book and the old movie and they got my guy looking like a whole bitch in this shit. It felt like he was just the token black guy and that's it. I thought his role could've been written better. He barely had a role in the whole damn movie. Mike better be that dude in part 2 because he was a HUGE reason of why everybody came back. 


The fat boy gets friendzoned as usual. Poor kid. Saved her life and Bill gets all the play. 


This movie felt like The Goonies, Stand By Me, and Stranger Things all in one. 


This wasn't scary it was just super creepy like that part where the clown was dancing and his head wasn't moving and it was playing that creepy ass music. 


They didn't turn Pennywise into that big weak ass crab spider. Thank God!! 


Great movie will be a cult classic over time. 4 outta 5 fruit snacks.