Damn Inglewood looking like Harlem now. Gentrification a whole bitch. 



Fresh off the triple double a month ago The King is running victory marathons for sport. 

He wasn't trying to win Aparna. He was running away from his ex like a smart nigga spose to. 

Colin got the King shook right now and I wanna be disappointed in him but you can't trust these work relationships. All it takes is one argument and she got Colin on speed dial as the emergency dick in the glass. I'd be cautious too. Cancel her Lawrence. You'll buy another one. 

Derek a whole goon in the streets. My nigga got Fred removed from his wife job for trying to be a work husband like a gangsta. I fuck with Derek now.

Bitches don't need niggas for friends. Just extra dick around for no reason. Chad with the gospel per usual. 

I knew I was meant to be the president of the Lawrence Hive. I hate missing the previews too my nigga!!!! That's my favorite part about going to the movies. 

My nigga Lawrence slipped up. I can't front. Don't ever show emotion like that. Just let her laugh at whatever but being cheated on do that to you so I can understand why he reacted to Aparna snickering and giggling and not telling him what she laughing at. Your past a mothafucka especially if you've been hurt. Takes time to recover from it. 

Damn did she just call Issa a pile of shit????? Lmaoooooo!!!! 



Immediately after this title I said to myself. This bitch either gone "Do some dumb shit" or "Do some dumber shit" or "Make something simple complicated" I swear I didn't wanna watch her segment. She's just a frustrating character to watch when she's by herself. 

Molly fucking around taking interviews just to try to get a bigger check from white people. Sometimes it ain't about the money. 

I fuck with Quentin. One of my chubby homies gotta form a QuentinHive immediately and be president. Then they can team up with the LawrenceHive on some Game Of Thrones shit. 

Molly actually went back to therapy which seriously the smartest shit she could've done. This was the smartest decision she made since Episode 1 this season. Since then it's been downhill from there. 

Could > Should bitch. That's lowkey how I live my life too. 

Dro with the Steph Curry range text. He think he me 5 years ago. Now I just text all my old shorties "You cooked?" 

Quentin got the drawls pretty damn quick. Be careful bro. She might bring you down in life bruh. Molly unlucky as fuck. Cant have the fat fly nigga taking L's because of her. 

You can't compare potato salad if they're both in the trash Kelli. That's where it belongs. 

Everybody watching "Due North" like how we watch Insecure ain't that some shit. 

I told this weirdo to quit that job 2 recaps ago and they gave this girl the equivalent of a gold sticker in a 1st grade class instead of a promotion. Lmaoooooo. She never learns man. She just never learns. 



Kelli with the Game of Thrones "Red Wedding" reference. She is bae. 

Issa saw Lawrence at the marathon being happy. That would hurt any ex feelings right there. Especially a woman. They don't want us happy no matter how the breakup went. 

I forget Issa even have a damn job that's how focused she is on silly shit. Just throw the whole damn job away. She not interested in that shit. 

"You mind your business. You get free." - Kelli ..... Why is she a queen? 

Issa 30 days is just the climax of how dick has ruined her life. Penis made her homeless. Well Gentrification played a part but still 90% of it was her chasing niggas and trying to live like a freshman college student who finally away from home that got her in the position she's in now. 

The couch is always symbolic in Insecure finales. I guess it's a thing. 

Issa brother funny as fuck but that nigga out here stuntin in that beamer. 

Lawrence and Issa's scene was the clarity that they needed. I'm a believer if you want somebody back you go get em but in Lawrence case I think dude just need to be alone and get to know himself better and figure out what he want outta life because he doesn't even know and Issa don't either and if you just got 2 people who don't know what they want together that shit will never work. Admitting their faults in the failed relationship is a step in the right direction though especially in Lawrence's case because he never really owned up to what he did wrong in the relationship. 

I'm a writer and I know shows need conflict. No way was I fooled by that proposal. If they got back together immediately then the show has no point of continuing. There has to be conflict so yeah them two getting back together not happening. 

Why was my nigga Lawrence wearing that Shawn Wayans ass turtleneck sweater with some sneakers though? I'd cry if I wore that turtleneck sweater too. Like I damn near resigned as president of the hive when I seen that turtleneck. That sweater looked like it belonged to someone named Kip Smithers. Sweater looked like it belonged to that gumby looking ass nigga from Boys II Men. You know the nigga with the box fade that look like chewed gum. That nigga. 



Eh where to start. Lemme get Molly the fuck outta here first. 

You notice anything Molly has good in her life she questions? Relationship with dude in the first season she questioned it and she fucked it up. When she was talking about Quentin to her therapist she was questioning her feelings about him and she's currently fucking that up. The Hayward job position was PERFECT for her and she questions it. It was a firm of like minded people who accepted her for who she was and could relate to her and she using them to impress old wrinkled white men. You have a man that's for you and has a good life of his own. A great job offer on the table and of course she on pace to ruin it all. Same soup reheated. 

Notice how when she was talking to Issa and Kelli about Quentin her attitude changed. It was super positive and assuring. She never spoke that way about Dro. It's just sex and nothing more. Their foundation is just their childhood and physical attraction. Anything that's good for her she pushes away. I was literally watching her scenes with Quentin saying "This dude is too good for her." He truly is. Her still linking up with Dro in the end is in no way shocking. I seen that coming. We all fuck with people who toxic in our lives and we don't stop until something drastic happens and someone forced to make a move. This is a mentally fucked up person we're dealing with. She makes simple things complicated and like I said before shows need conflict. That is conflict. 

Issa staying at Daniel crib not really shocking to me. Their fling kinda played out from a viewing perspective. It's to the point I don't care to joan on the nigga no more. It's boring now. It would be more interesting if he was an asshole but he's not. He's to Issa what Tasha was to Lawrence but they have a past. Not once has she given any indication on a future with Daniel. They just link up at nightfall and talk about the past. Never the future. Lawrence sending a friend request was more shocking to me. That's something I WOULD not do.

Overall Season 2 was cool. I liked Season 1 better. I like the format they have just 8 episodes because each episode means something. Please do not add more episodes. I can't say I'm excited about season 3 but I'm not bummed about it either I'm just in the middle about it. I just pray this isn't a series that's drawn out too long because I want it to go out on a high note and not force seasons just because. 

Until next time hoes.