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Tariq is a sociopath. That lil nigga gone be a crazy mothafucka for however long this series goes. He'll start smiling while he's doing some grimy 


Normal people go running for light workouts. Kanaan kills killers with his bare hands and throws them in his trunk for light workouts. He then eats a bowl of nails and bolts and washes it down with Elephant tusks and uses a phillip head screwdriver for a toothpick and goes to meet Tommy. 


No Tasha. If the Jiminez were really behind Raina murder it's not on Ghost it's on you. If you wouldn't have sold him to Stern in the first place there would be no need for Ghost to be on their territory. 


That man of the year program Ghost crumpled up looked like a hood obituary. Bootleg as fuck. Niggas used microsoft paint to make that shit. 


Ray Ray looks like he's never washed his face a day in his life in every scene he's been in. He looks like a ex Temptations member on crack. 


Here comes this nigga Silver looking like a wooden slave spoon from the 1700's telling Tasha that he loves her in the middle of grieving. Fuck that guy. 


Have you noticed no one ever sees Tommy's car or him inside the car? Dude done been on 945498 missions outside buildings, houses, churches, and no one notices this blue muscle car. New York niggas hella uppity so they don't fuck with old school cars so Tommy car is very distinct in the New York. No one ever notices this guy just watching them. 


Larenz Tate a slimeball. Dude basically talked to Ghost like Shareef holding Harold in the middle of the street. AYE GHOST THAT MOTHAFUCKA RAINA DEAD! SHE DEAD ALRIGHT! LET'S GO!


Tariq pulled up on Dre like a G. Finally he does something that's not fuck nigga-rish. 


Why in the fuck would that priest tell anybody about what Tommy told him in confession? Just back out with no explanation. Instead you let The Nose murder you on a park bench. Dre the human is a bitch but the nose is a criminal mastermind. Kinda like The Cali Cartel niggas on Narcos. 


It's funny how the family comes together over a nigga who don't take showers. Because of Ray-Ray Tommy, Ghost, Tasha, and Tariq became closer and Tariq finally sees how his parents and Tommy work together. Nothing like a good ol murder to give us a kodak moment. 


Please. Learn from Sandoval dumbass. Get rid of the gun. 


Tasha doing what she supposed to do. It's Ghost and her fault that Tariq did what he did. She gotta take the charge for him just in case it comes to that. Here's where she fucked up. How you gone ask a nigga who sprung off you to be your lawyer? He emotional now so that's never good. 


I told you. The nose is a genius. Actually the nose brought the family back together. If the nose would've gave the order to Dre to tell Ghost about Kanaan still being alive then Ray Ray aka "Dirty Dish Rag Jones" wouldn't ever be apart of the equation so it wasn't Ray-Ray that brought the family closer it was The Nose the whole time. Think about it. The Nose had this planned for years. He ordered this nigga Dre to get a mohawk and have fuck nigga eyes and bushy eyebrows to look non threatening so he can fly under the radar. Would you think a nigga with a mohawk could be the biggest drug dealer in New York? Of course not! The nose brought Tommy, Ghost, and Kanaan back together to form the ultimate Street Nigga Zord on some power rangers shit. He brought them back together like a New Edition reunion. Only The Nose can pull off such a genius crime. The Nose is a madman and I dunno if it can be stopped.


Somebody tell Tommy that Italian gangstas don't like black people and that he has a tracker on his car. 


The Nose vs Tommy, Ghost, & Kanaan....... The Nose is a insidious diabolical mastermind. I'm gonna have to bet on The Nose in season 5. 


What about Angela?.............. BORING!!!!! 


Well this season was fun. Thanks for reading and all that good shit.