The reason it took me so long to review this album for you is because I was crying in a corner with Freudian playing in the background with my phone in my hand and the words “I Need You” in a text message not sent yet. 


This nigga Daniel Caesar got a voice of a nigga that’s been built in a secret laboratory in a cave full of incense located in rain forest. How the fuck is this nigga voice as lovely and calming as a hummingbird and wine drunk nights? How is it possible? 


I wanna get a girlfriend. Breakup with her on purpose. Then play “Best Part” while sitting on a blanket with boxes of popeyes in her front yard. Hearing Daniel & H.E.R voices sound more beautiful than the first time you seen “Love Jones” and seeing chicken she has no choice but to take me back. 


Not comparing them because Daniel and H.E.R are unique and themselves but “Best Part” gives me Lauryn and D’Angelo “Nothing even matters” vibes. 


I’ve only came close to crying hearing music twice. The first time I ever heard Jodeci and second time was when I heard Freudian. 


If the girl Daniel was fucking with pussy was so good that it set him on fire then that means Daniel fucked Jean Gray aka The Phoenix. Daniel Caesar really the chosen one. Not even Wolverine or Cyclops could fuck Phoenix. We must protect Daniel Caesar at all cost. If anyone cares to know I once had pussy so good that I paid the woman the amount of her missing child support money she wasn’t getting from her baby daddy. 


Damn girl. I didn’t cheat on you. I’m not going to strip clubs and spending my bi weekly checks on plastic asses in my lap. You got me out here cuddling. Damn can you hold a nigga down?! Let me hear you say you love me! 


The second half of Hold Me Down sound like some shit you hear in church when the Pastor tells you the doors of the church are open. 


Neuroses just proved that black men can’t cheat. It’s impossible. We’re the victims. If we do cheat it’s in retaliation of us being cheated on first. Shit if she got hoes on the side then fuck it. It’s about to be a Oprah giveaway in this mothafucka. YOU GOT HOES! I GOT HOES! EVERYBODY GETS HOES! 


This nigga album so cold that it makes me cry about my ex girl and I hate my ex girl. 


“Loose” was such a divine way of saying “I’m cutting this bitch off. It’s for the best.” 


Daniel really made a breakup and a lonely situation sound so uplifting on “We Find Love." My nigga had to of recorded that in a choir robe.  


“Blessed” is probably my favorite joint on here. It’s like “Aw you thought this shit was over huh?” Relationship out the casket like…. 

camron curtis.gif


Now wait a got damn minute….. A woman who loves to give top and keeps the loud pack? “Take Away” sounding like a urban legend Gerald and Sid on “Hey Arnold” would tell. Ironic Syd on this song with that reference I just made. I crack myself up. 


Charlotte Day Wilson voice sounds tasty. Caramelo tasty. 


"I wonder if I’ll ever feel about a woman how pookie feels about crack?” That’s what “Transform” made me think to myself. 


This album is perfect. I love how it's a story and the lyricism is so honest. My favorite album of the year. This nigga just born to make music. I can’t see him doing shit else. If I catch Daniel Caesar doing anything else but singing i’m beating his ass. Nigga yo vocals are resplendent and statuesque. You better not do shit else. Who else gone throw onions in all of our houses?