If I see David Simon name on anything I’m watching it. He created Marlo Stanfield. Show some fucking respect. 


Curtis Mayfield for the theme song. Yeah I’m gonna like this shit. 


Reggie Love comparing pimping to politics was on point like a snitch on the stand saying “He did it" in court. That convo reminded me exactly of the very first scene of the wire where we hear the tale of snot boogie. 


Apparently pimps scout for hoes at the bus station. Kinda genius when you think about it. You bound to catch a hoe who ran away from where she from and she’s broken and traumatized. 


Reggie Love and C.C handshake longer than the Game Of Thrones Season Finale. 


Lori is the simplistic hoe I’ve ever seen. She literally came to New York City to hoe. Bitch ain’t even tour the city yet and she got a job as a hoe. All you gotta do is buy her a omelette and she in the game. 


So the diner is the Pimp’s Ball I guess. Might catch gonnerhea if you eat there. 


Pimps kiss hoes in the mouf? That ain’t a pimp to me. 


Candy a hoe but she has quite the entrepreneurial spirit. She a boss hoe.


“Everything I own smell like pussy.” Damn Rodney I have that same problem too. 


D’Angelo weak ass a cop. Stringer Bell was right about you. 


Abby got them Gummy bear titties. If I was that professor I probably would’ve fucked her in front of the whole class like Redman’s dream in How High. 


Candy a hoeing parent. Ain’t that bout a bitch. 


Darlene got some weirdo clients but those the clients that will pay a grip for that weirdo shit. 


Vincent your wife a slore. A slut and a whore. Leave that bitch. She got two whole kids out here and she in pool halls playing with goofs in fake versace shirts and getting trains ran on her. Vincent never home but comes home with money. Andrea never home but she comes home with no walls and empty pockets. 


God bless Thunderthighs heart. Girl go get you fat square nigga with a good financial job and let him love you forever girl. Get off the stroll. 


Candy comparing her pussy to cars. I mean cars are depreciable once they leave the lot just like pussy is depreciable after it turns 30. 


Stuart you know damn well your Grandma Edith didn’t want you to spend that birthday check she gave you on some depreciable pussy and struggling titties.  


Vincent out here getting harassed over some shit his brother done did. Ain’t no fucking way. 


Lori came out on the stroll like it was her first day of high school. 


Abby has a thing for older men. Although she didn’t give that cop some pussy I’m sure if he shot his shot he probably would’ve scored. She was definitely on Vincent’s dick. 


Vincent planted the seed for the opportunity to dress like a ballet dancer and serve drinks and Abby quit school. 


Candy’s old bedroom is full of Marilyn Monroe posters. Her hoe spirit animal. Her hoe aesthetic. 


Vincent left the bitch Andrea. Good job. Bitch is a leech and deadweight. She looks like a turnip. 


C.C got these hoes in the rain like Omarion dancing in “You Got Served” if not he cutting hoes off the team. Literally. 

This show has my attention. Fuck it I’m sold. This show has a lot of characters and I think it’s gonna be a while before we see really who they really are and get into the flow of things.