Welp. Episode 2

That one jealous bottom hoe really does have nice titties. Can’t front. 


It’s really weird to see how forbidden porn was in that time from both sides of the fence. Darlene was pissed about a customer filming her while fucking her (which she has every reason to be upset) and selling it to an adult movie store. At that point she should’ve tried to capitalize off of that and pursue it because it’s obviously better than walking up and down the block selling pussy and running the risks of jail and death. All these hoes want out the game they just don’t have any knowledge or how to go about it. 


C.C is a interesting character because you don’t ever know if that nigga serious or not. He talking to Lori about how pimps are the loneliest humans in the world, other pimps want your downfall and steal your bitches, police just want your money. C.C sounds paranoid and claims he wants to get out the game, start a family, travel, and Lori is taking it all in but all I see is a lying, insecure, coked out nigga running game. That nigga ain’t going to France and if he was he sure as shit not taking Lori dumb ass. 


Vince has a entrepreneur spirit. He’s really good at organizing shit but I think his only problem is the company he keeps and he’s too trusting and very easy to take advantage of. The fact he married that bitch he was with and had kids by her is proof enough. Now that he met Rudy I see the same shit possibly happening. He’s on good terms with him now because they just met and Vince is keeping him satisfied for the time being. Rudy sees potential on the run down blocks Vince walks through daily and wants to fix them up and make money off the properties. He also offers Vince a bar to own which Vince is hesitant to accept but ends up accepting anyway. I want to see more out of the twins by next episode. Their time on screen hasn’t really grabbed me yet. It’s early though. 


Abby has rich parents. Her upbringing was great. Obviously if you’re going to NYU you got bread. The way her mother acted was a sign of that also. She fails out of school on purpose to find some purpose I suppose. She’s top shelf white woman though. She fine as fuck so I wonder if she will end up in the porn business or get turnt out. Who knows. 


Dude got his porn store raided and it’s funny how different things are now. The shit they were getting arrested for we can have on our phones, tablets, computers at the snap of our fingers. 


Candy is a smart woman obviously. She’s a shitty mother and it makes me wonder if she has a end game that includes her son but Candy likes to see things through. She shoots her first porn scene and it was kinda creepy to watch especially them using potato soup as cum. That was nastier than the shit they were doing but Candy was immediately asking questions about everything she was doing where the average hoe would’ve just took the money and went home. Candy sees opportunity and a way out of prostitution. 


C.C is a funny ass nigga. Dude just planting seeds in Lori head telling her where she will end up if she doesn’t stick around with him and in all honesty he was right because this dumb hoe almost got kidnapped by a biology teacher pretending to be a cop and C.C saved her life by stabbing that guy and of course he tells her to get back on her bike and go sell some more pussy. The grind don’t stop. 


Darlene is a curious woman which means she could do special things. The fact she went to pick up a book to read recommended to her is proof of that. She also is interested in the money her movie was making. She’s a smart woman but unlike Candy she has an anchor which is her pimp Larry. She meets a woman at Vince’s bar and there’s no telling who or what that woman could be. She could be a madam, pimp, porn director, teacher who knows but she seen something in Darlene that she liked. 


Episode 2 was solid. Real solid.