This is a 3 part series. I gave you the Good. Here we are for part 2. Here's the bad shit. 



What I mean by this is let’s say you have to buy something very vital but expensive for your brand. You write down your income and you have to stop eating a certain way in order to make the purchase work. If you can’t eat noodles for however long it takes until you get back on your feet financially after making a huge purchase then you will have a uphill battle. I don’t wanna say you will never get to where you wanna go but it’s unlikely you will if you aren’t able to eat shit literally and figuratively. It is harmful to your creativity to not be able to eat shit because you’re gonna be eating a lot of it on the path you’re on whether you like it or not. Fuck your lifestyle you ain’t shit and I ain’t shit either but if we both have a vision then fuck it if our lifestyle needs to downgrade for us to get to that vision point blank period. 



As a introvert I used to live in my head quite a bit. I used to think that all my creative heroes and heroines did the same. When in reality they did the opposite. The problem with living in your head all the time is that you lose all perspective of things outside of it. Everything just stays an idea or thought. It never becomes tangible. I know your thoughts and your mind can feel like the greatest shelter in the world because they’re your thoughts and your mind but here’s the thing. When you’re always thinking you really not thinking about shit except thoughts. I don’t know if that makes sense to you but I pray you understand what I just said. You have to get out of your head and stop overthinking things when it comes to whatever you’re pursuing creatively. It’s a comfort zone you’re never leaving. The reality is a lot of people think external things are holding them back when really it’s themselves living in their mind. Come out and play and change something. 



I’m glad you understand that you’re just a rookie. You’re showing self awareness and that’s great but here’s the thing. People take it too far and then the excuses start pulling up to the party deep as fuck like it’s free unlimited Henny in the kickback. You bought a camera. Cool! If I ask you about a shoot and you telling me shit like “I gotta learn how to work it” “I gotta wait for this class to start.” “I need this equipment.” then you’ll never be ready. Creativity is trial and error. Bottom line. Stop making up false hurdles. I don’t give a fuck what you do and don’t have or what you know or don’t know we’ll make it work. We’re human beings and we’ll use our minds. If the results come out trash well guess what? You’re one step ahead than you were when you didn’t shoot at all because you learned something. Apply it to the next shoot and keep doing it over and over. We all start somewhere but always playing the rookie card ain’t doing shit for you or your future. Which leads me to my next topic. 



This card is the Charizard card for unhumbled dickheads. This is for the person who thinks they know EVERYTHING and can’t learn shit else. They never think they’re wrong and any idea that didn’t come from themselves could never be great. You usually see this with people who get a little success and all of a sudden they take it to the head. Don’t ever be like this. You can get great ideas from people who never done what you've done. You don’t know everything and there will always be so much more to learn. I’m not a veteran writer and I’m always learning from different people. It never stops. You’re always the student. Embrace it.



If you can’t take it then quit. Seriously. You’re gonna get constructive criticism where it’s honest and not malicious and you’re gonna get criticism from people who don’t give a fuck if you saved 3 crackheads, 8 puppies, and 4 babies from a burning building while you were blind and not consider you a hero. It’s just life unfortunately. You have options. You can either keep the criticism in mind and apply it and respond to it positively or negatively or ignore it and keep it moving. It’s that simple. 



What I do may not work for you. What I tell you may not work for you. What Oprah did to get where she’s at may not work for you. That’s the beauty of it all. It’s all a gamble. I did the opposite of what it takes to have a decent blog. Their way wasn’t wrong it just wasn’t for me I guess. Stop searching for a definite set of rules and steps. Everything is too random to have a set of rules. Look at the people that you admire creatively. Someone probably told them “That will never work” and they did it anyway and they were successful. It’s not about what’s right or wrong it’s about what works for you and fits your narrative. 



Some shit just won’t make any fucking sense to you on your journey. You may think you have the greatest idea and you execute it and it doesn’t get the response you hoped for but that one thing you wasn’t tripping off of and created and it got so much response and you’re like “WTF?” because you thought the other idea was way better. Just accept it and move on. Shit don’t ever make sense. Just roll with the fact that you don’t understand why and that’s okay. Trying to make sense of shit creatively is like trying to mop a mud field clean. Pointless. 



No one gives a flying fuck about how hard you worked. No one. Maybe your friends and family maybe but a potential consumer? Fuck no. If you value hard work over results you’re gonna lose. 

“I worked 4 months on this you should buy it.”

Nigga no. I don’t want it and what the fuck that got to do with me. I didn’t tell you to spend that time on whatever you was working on. You made that choice. You and YOU only. 

I don’t give a fuck how hard you worked an album or EP. Was the music good and do I like it? You worked for months on an event. Did you profit, break even, or take a loss and was it an enjoyable experience. PEOPLE CARE ABOUT RESULTS NOT HARD WORK! If people cared about hard work then there would be way more successful people creatively today. I seriously don’t care how long or hard you worked on something. That’s your business and I won’t take that into consideration if I spend money with you. I only care about what it does for me. What are the results. 



There’s so many avenues to expectations. You have some people who think shit will just happen and when they find out they need to do shit and it’s tough they quit. You some people who don’t believe a process exists and that the first great thing they do the flood gates of success just open wide. Some people set a goal and didn’t reach it under a deadline they set and they get discouraged. Just focus on getting better, creating something you love, and enjoying the process of doing something you love. Stop placing these unnecessary expectations on yourselves. Just enjoy this shit. 



This is a fragile topic because there’s some things that people refused to let go of and those things ended up working in the long run but there are those who fall in love with an idea and it’s failing and they just can’t let it go and they never move on from it so their creativity becomes stagnant and they never grow. They just waste time on that idea. I never wanna tell someone to quit something they believe in but what I would do is put that idea down for a minute and go get some perspective and experience and come back to that idea and see if you feel differently about that idea and have anything to add to that idea. Some things are just busts and we have to let them go.