LET ME GIVE A SHOUTOUT TO DEEBO!!!!!!! C-Murder set this shit the fuck off. Probably his greatest verse. Silkk got off too. 


I remember the first time I heard Master P was at my nigga Mike Strickland sleepover birthday party when we was 10 years old. We played Heaven 4 A Gangsta, The Shocker, and the TRU 2 Da Game album like 100 times that night. His older brother had all the No Limit shit before niggas even really fucked with No Limit. 


This is the best all around album to come out the No Limit camp. The way it was put together, it was just all around good gangsta rap. 


Ghetto D is a album that has so many fucking features but they don't ruin the flow of the album or the songs.......well maybe except one feature. 


Silkk The Shocker seriously had the worse verse in hip hop history on "Let's Get Em." Master P went the fuck off. Mystikal spazzed. Silkk was basically inaudible jibberish. Thank GOD that nigga verse was last. Seriously pray to God tonight and thank him that he put that nigga verse at the back of the line. 


Mystikal was made a household name on this album. I think after his verse on "Let's Get Em" niggas was like "Okay we fuck with this dude." It set him up for his "Unpredictable" album which came out a 2 months later. 


Lyrically this is Master P's best performance. Period. He had some memorable verses on this shit. 


Everybody was walking around Ronald E. McNair middle school rapping Ghetto D. EVERYBODY! I think the teachers even knew this album.


I used to think Ghetto D was like the Illmatic or Reasonable Doubt of the South but it's not only because I don't wanna compare it to anything. It's simply one of the most important albums in hip hop history.  


This album came out after the darkest time in hip hop. The murders of Pac and Biggie and this album stood it's ground and did numbers. 


Plan B was my first knowledge of what a side chick was. Mia-X verse was smooth. She's the greatest female rapper ever. 


I've never seen a Ghetto D cd that wasn't scratched the fuck up. The back of every Ghetto D cd looks like Freddy Kruger was trying to pick that shit up off the concrete. 


This album aged very well. It don't feel outdated on the production side to me. 


I don't think I've a met a white person who didn't know all the words to "Burbons & Lacs." Oh and all Three 6 Mafia songs. 


Weed & Money is so fuckin COLD!!! STILL!!!! Bout to play that at the car wash today. 


Master P really made an empire and legacy with no internet. There's no excuse for none of us. 


Grab a bottle of Remy and play "Eyes On Your Enemies" and you'll feel like Tony Montana at his desk at the end of Scarface. 


Damn this dropped 20 years ago. I'm old as fuck.