This is the saddest sight I've ever fucking seen. 2 grown ass women in their 30's complaining about a nut to the face. What the fuck is the world coming to? When a woman rides my face and my face is soaked I consider that a badge of mothafuckin honor. I feel like placing the pussy on my wall like a hunter or some shit like that.


Daniel didn't make you feel stupid Issa. Niggas bust nuts everyday b. 


Niggas still watch Pornhub?  Spankbang kinda clutch if you wanna know for research purposes. 


The fly fat nigga bout to pull Molly and you know what? I swear women that look like Molly always end up wit a fat boy. No lie. TELL ME I'M LYING!!!


King Lawrence playing it real carefully with the becky. Take your time King. Take your time. 


Bitch you knew damn well Candice was coming to Derek party. Don't play dumb and what the fuck you sighing for? It's a open relationship....... well I think lmao. 


Issa soul sank to the floor when she found out she was blocked from Lawrence page lmaoooooo. Her soul got snatched as if Beyonce actually touched her. That mirror rap though was very lit. Best one she did. Lawrence did the right thing. You block your exes on ALL social media platforms. It's like ripping a bandaid off. Just do the shit and keep it moving. 


Molly need to leave that company. There's nothing more to discuss about that shit. The moment they up her pay they'll give them white boys a raise. That's how it works. Just leave. 


Mr.Gaines a weirdo. He look like a nigga who shits on himself. At least Issa finally did what's right and stood up for the Latino kids. 


King Lawrence bringing the becky to the party. Bold move by the King but a smart move. You don't wanna be a deer in headlights. Gotta come with somebody who don't know nobody in attendance. So if shit get weird you not alone and both of you can duck off to the bar.


This nigga Daniel apologizing for nothing. My nigga you warned her that it was coming and she kept going, what the fuck more could you have done? Push the bitch? I remember when I busted a nut in this girl mouth when I was in college. Yes she freaked the fuck out and spit it out on my carpet which she did clean up before she left but she took it like a champ and started fucking me like I was about to pay her rent all the way til next summer. Wipe ya face and get back in the game. 


Bruh when a woman says she hates you. She likes you. I guess this tractor trailer chin ass nigga Daniel didn't get the memo. This dumb ass proceeds to tell Issa "I guess we're even." I'm a stubborn nigga. If I feel I'm right I'm not apologizing for shit. Daniel clearly different so if he's gonna apologize for nothing then just get it over with, change the subject, and set a time for a future "You up" text at 1am. This nigga blew it. Issa did overreact but the shit shouldn't have been said. I understood what he was saying but women are fucking emotional so you know how that shit go. 


Bruh. Candice bad as fuck. I don't blame Dro for leaving Molly in that tub to get wrinkled while he helps Candice get back into the crib. 


Issa and Molly immature. Shit like this isn't a big deal. Just be yourself. Niggas grown. 


Niggas was hating on the God when he came through the party. Fuckin peasants. Smh. The King of The Lawrence Hive has kindly graced you with his presence from the bottom of his heart and this is how you repay him? With awkward silence? I wanted Lawrence to say "SEIZE THEM" on some Game Of Thrones type shit and some giant guards just come outta nowhere and throw them in a dungeon to await sentencing. 


The tension was real because everybody in there immature except Candice fine caramel chocolate deluxe ass, Derek, and Lawrence and his date. Leave it up to the King to break the awkward silence, introduce his guest, and act like an adult. I wouldn't expect anything less from the God. 


Dro is strategically making Molly irrelevant at the party. A real asshole move but a smart one. Mainly because this nigga not in no open relationship. He lied to get the pussy like a normal nigga and he lied to probably the most gullible and confused woman in L.A so it was easy money. Easy victim. 


"Oh it's Issa??!!" ......Yeah damn hoe keep yo fuckin voice down damn! 


Issa drunk emotional wrecked ass throws a jab at the king. SMFH. When will they ever learn to not throw rocks at the throne. Only randos is the mystery flavor dum dum sucker ass niggas Issa been giving the ass to. Who in the fuck do she think she is? 


TALK THAT MOTHAFUCKIN SHIT KING!!!!! TALK THAT SHIT!!!!!! First off Lawrence came out there like an adult (AGAIN) to talk and of course this drunken confused woman starts trying to go off on him. You see what happens when you're hurt? She started the shit and when he snap back she try to make him look crazy lmaooooo. He had a good reason of blocking Issa. He wasn't being extra with his date at the party. He was chilling. AND THE KING FINALLY CALLED THIS 80'S CELL PHONE CHIN NIGGA A STRUGGLE PRODUCER!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Then Issa tried to come at this nigga App? One Lawrence has a better job. Two Lawrence got a better crib. Three Lawrence got a better whip. Four Lawrence jawline is not holding him back in life. The nerve of Issa to try and compare The King to a weirdo who looks like a root beer popsicle that's been in the back of the freezer for 15 months. Give my nigga Lawrence his W and let's go home! LET'S GO HOME!! *Kenny The Jet Smith voice* 


Dro playing Molly dumbass. It's sad. So sad. Dude got the pussy during the party in a nice bathroom that prolly supposed to have nice mints in em then made her be discreet about it and probably continued to ignore her for the rest of the party. At this point Molly deserves this treatment. 


"He made me feel special more than he hurt me." BINGO!!! Thank you Molly's mom! She gets it ladies and gentlemen. 


As I was reading King Lawrence's stat line from tonight he basically put up a silent triple double. 14pts 10reb 12ast and he will get some breathtaking head from the becky after tonight I saw somebody got a rent increase hahahahahahaha! Issa was talking all that shit about Woot Woot and her life is in shambles like I've been telling yall the last 2 recaps. That hotation shit not real it's to cover up pain. Now I bet she regrets not going to dinner with that rich nigga Nico. He would've cleaned up that rent sitcho real swift but instead Issa gotta clean up the mess she just made from destroying her apartment. Poor unstable ting. This is 2 straight Episode 7's where Issa took an L. 


Damn season finale next week. Time be flying.