Sorry for the wait but been working on the podcast and shit. Go listen to "Polite Coolery" on itunes and Soundcloud. We dont do shit but drink champagne and talk about titties. Anywho,  I finally got to sit and watch episode 2 of "The Chi" and here are the first thoughts that came to my mind while watching.


Emmett spent quality time with his son, was getting a wall dance like it was 1998 and attempted to eat pussy at a kickback. He’s low-key father of the year. 



God bless the dead but Jason momma titties can make anybody get over grief. Them Titties could end world wars and TRULY make amerikkka great again. 



Ronnie got a good situation on his hands. All this dusty nigga gotta do is play house, get some steady money, fix some shit round the crib and just chill and eat ribs like a king. 



Damn Brandon drunk ass momma got tenants. That’s the funniest shit ever to me. She spending their rent money on E&J and lotto scratch offs.



Brandon gotta drop that weak old ass nigga with his momma. Probably don’t own one Bootsy Collins album and can’t BBQ for shit. He not a real O.G. Brandon gotta give him the hands



Brandon girl wanted to give him some pussy while watching “Fixer Upper.” Keep that Queen Brandon. Keep her. 



If Jason momma has diamonds in her pussy as Ronnie’s Granny claims along with them titties then Jason’s momma is a living cheat code. 



Jokes aside. Ronnie’s Grandma situation is hella sad. I know a lot of families dealing with the same issue and yes they all watch Judge Judy rich ass. 



Andrea cousin ran up on Kevin little ass like Coretta aka The Lady Of Rage did to niggas on the Steve Harvey Show. I miss them WB Sunday nights bruh. 



This old nigga Q nigga probably still carry a switch blade. You wants no parts of that old nigga. He threatened a politician with a biology lesson about seashells and made that shit sound gangsta. 



Emmett baby momma just disappeared. I like to think she’s somewhere on Instagram writing Fab lyrics as captions or on twitter tweeting hoe quotes like “I’m living my best life.” Emmett almost ran off on his son like Fresh Prince’s pops too. 



Andrea cousin licked Kevin face like Ol girl did Mystikal in the "Danger" video. 



On behalf of the entire black community I would like to say “No mam we do NOT want to see that spider.” Please kill that shit and make sure it's dead so we can sleep peacefully tonight. 



Ronnie sold a gun for ribs. I understand. And he sold that shit to a nigga that looks like he made a BET Uncut video in 2002. 



I don’t feel sorry for Ronnie at all. I wonder if they will try to twist it to where he’s a sympathetic figure. That nigga killed a kid. I’ll forever hate that nigga until this show is over.