Watched Scarface last night. What are we gonna learn from this after seeing it 6473 times? 

Good question. Let's creatively find out.





Tony Montana had 3 key moments where he seized opportunities that changed his life. So while in freedom town living in the worse conditions you could imagine and shooting ugly ass jumpers. Manolo came to Tony with a mission for them to obtain their green cards to live in America. All they had to do was kill Rebenga. Tony carved Rebenga up and they all got green cards to start their American Dream. This was the foundation of Tony’s future empire. What is the foundation of your empire? Is it you interning and building relationships for your brand in the future? Is it you being a unknown photographer and popping up at events and taking pictures and taking down social media info? Is it you giving out free plays to get your name out there? Figure out the foundation for your brand. 


The second opportunity that people slept on is Tony refusing to give Omar Suarez the money and the yayo and saying he will deliver it to Frank Lopez himself. Now why is this important? It was important because Omar would’ve taken credit for the shit Tony and his team got shot up and chopped up for. Plus Tony could meet Frank face to face and get put on. If he would’ve gave it to Omar his grind would’ve gotten delayed and plus Tony could see who he’s dealing with face to face. Plus he got to see Frank Lopez crib and wife. Frank crib looked like a prime Rick Ross verse. That was inspiration for Tony. As a creative you have to beware of niggas taking credit for shit you put your life into. Niggas creeping out here like Omar trying to set you up and wanna make a come up off you. Don’t forget to be inspired. Find that inspiration and keep it in your mind. 



The third opportunity was the trip to Sosa’s compound. The moment where Tony saw a deal that would change would change his life he went over Omar and Frank heads and accepted Sosa’s offer and closed the deal despite Frank’s instructions. This moment was important because Tony realized he didn’t need Frank anymore and that Frank was holding him back so Tony seized the opportunity to get on Sosa’s good side. If someone or something is holding you back creatively you have to separate from it. Go over it’s head. Fuck their instructions. Your destiny matters more than their instructions. Seize your opportunities. 





When Tony and Manolo were driving from the club after their first night out with Frank Lopez, Tony made it known what he wanted. He seen Frank’s crib. Frank’s clubbing. Frank’s wife. He wanted it all. You could just see it on Tony’s face that he was going over in his mind how he was gonna execute his plan to build his empire. Manolo was reluctant to build his own shit and talking that goofy scared shit. Talking bout “That’s the bosses lady” Fuck that shit. These hoes for everybody fam. Tony then said the realest shit to Manolo and he meant that shit. He said “I want the world chico and everything in it.” Who says you can’t work on a partnership company with your favorite creative? Who says you can’t own a whole block? Who say you can’t get face in 3 different lambs in one day? Nobody. Shoot for the universe. No dream is too big. 




It was literally 3 people who took down Frank Lopez empire. Not an army. Tony Montana and his circle were efficient because they knew what they wanted and that’s not to be poor anymore. They took out the columbians together they took out Frank together and were outnumbered in both of those incidents. You don’t need a deep ass team to get shit done. If everybody there for the same purpose and not on no sucks shit then you’re gonna get shit done. You’re gonna get wins. The NWO got trash when everybody started joining the gang. They were more lethal when it wasn’t that many people. You don’t need your squad to have as many niggas you see on stage at Smack battles. Link up with the people you need. 




Tony knew all he had was his word. Sosa noticed it. Frank noticed it. Elvira noticed it. It was his only redeeming quality. He wasn’t a fake muhfucka and he wouldn’t lie to people. He showed you how big of an asshole he was too. He didn’t know how to act fraud. When you keep your word you bring value to your creative brand. You can’t be out here pump faking or nobody gone fuck with what you’re creating. 




Tony Montana worked a job and he got the fuck outta that shit. I’m sure if you’re reading this and you know your job holding you back. Get the fuck out asap. Please have a exit strategy. Like Tony said “I didn’t come to the United States to break my fucking back. 




Tony got lost in his sauce. His wife hated him. His sister hated him. Manolo resented him. Tony got the empire built and broke all the codes of real G’z. He fronted on his homies. He didn’t treat his Queen properly. He started getting high off his own work. Shit started to go down hill once he was watching birds fly on TV in his jacuzzi tub and insulting everyone. He started to take credit for the empire he didn’t build himself. Without Manolo none of that shit would’ve been possible because Manolo was the one that threw the play on the mission and got everyone a green card. Tony got caught slipping because he got lost in the sauce. If you do something great creatively don’t get away from the discipline and tactics that got you there. Stay focused, Stay out of the bullshit, and navigate through your sauce like you’ve been there before. It’s okay to start feeling yourself when you’ve done something creatively great just don’t treat it like a drug and overdose in it. 




The moment Tony laid eyes on Elvira he knew that she would be his wife. Tony relentlessly pursued Elvira from that moment until she was his. Now obviously you don’t wanna be like either of them. They’re some sick human beings but what I will tell you is that life is short. You’re gonna die. If there’s a person you feeling tell them now. Go get em. If there’s a creative hobby you love and you’re afraid to put your all into it and turn it into a career just take a step towards it. Will it work out for you? I’m gonna put the good word in the universe and say yes it will. If you see someone or something you love….. go get it. 




Who are we kidding. Tony Montana wasn’t shit. Love Sosa. Alejandro Sosa was the complete opposite of Tony Montana. Organized. Disciplined. Zero Tolerance. Sosa is who the movie should’ve been about. Creatively be Sosa. Your brand is your product. Your name is your product. You have to protect it like Sosa protected his. Get people around you that believe in your reputation and your product. If your team or employees don’t like the shit you create and don’t respect your rep then it’s gonna be hard for you to get shit poppin. Live by an honorable code. If the streets see you solid then you will be in good shape.