We started a podcast....



Benny Greenheart aka The Anime Heartthrob 

Moe aka Mr. Always Got A Lighter (He really does) 

Cue Coldblooded (Audio Engineer aka he gets faded while making sure we sound wavy)


The 3 of us are Polite Coolery. 


But why should you listen though? 




Our name dope as fuck and it’s ours. We on our own wave. Thank Whiskey for the name. I was drinking Whiskey on the rocks and the name just came to a nigga while I was drunk. 



Niggas was drunk and high as fuck while doing it. The Trees were exquisite. The crown vanilla was smoother than a black woman thighs with cocoa butter on em. Episode 1 was a moment I'll never forget. It was the most fun I had creating something in my life and it was with people I love. I wanna do this shit everyday.  



My voice sound funny as fuck. I sound like a Pixar character. 



You niggas BEGGED me for this shit. Yall better listen to this shit. All that shit yall talked. “Benny you gotta do a show.” “Benny you need a podcast.” Well nigga its here. Back that shit up yall spoke upon. Show us love on Tuesday when it drops. 



If you fuck with the PoliteAsFlannels blog you’ll fuck with this podcast. It's basically an extension of the blog except I get to go into further detail on topics with my homie Moe. 



Moe a real nigga and one of the funniest niggas I know. He new to the creative scene and people gone see what I see in him. We did The Lawrence Hive video together and made history. It's time we made history again. 


We're gonna have a bunch of fucking topics. What's gonna make Polite Coolery special is our range of topics. It's gonna be very versatile. 



We did this shit with no preparation and it still came out fire. The chemistry was there. The rawness. It had moments. It didn’t sound rehearsed. Wait until the next episode. Now we both know what to expect and on episode 2 we bout to be on some Ace found LuLu dead and secured the connect shit. I'm super critical of myself and I've already critiqued what I need to do better and what I should've done on episode one. Moe has done the same. We're super passionate about this and it will get better and better with time. Trust and believe it. 



This the resource niggas said St.Louis lacked. I’m giving you two resources to be proud of. I had a vision that I'm following through on. Phase 1 was the blog. Phase 2 is the podcast. I told yall that Year 3 of this creative journey is the Blastoise year. I'm building something timeless brick by brick and on phase 2 I have help this time. I built PoliteAsFlannels with no help and didn't compromise shit. I did it my way like Frank Sinatra. We building Polite Coolery the same way. No fraud shit. No busta shit. We not on this shit playing favorites and kissing ass. We keeping it 100 with extra credit. 


We showing love. Whether it’s to STL creatives or creatives else where we showing love. From our "283 Likes" segments to the "Tweet Of The Week" segment to us just talking about different creative projects. We showing love. I shouted out a lot of niggas on episode 1. I don’t really remember who though.   


We do it for the titties. Forreal Forreal. 


My nigga Cue was doing some slick smooth shit in the background and we ain’t even ask this nigga to do that shit. He the MVP of the whole first episode. 



We recap 2017. Kinda. I was too faded to even remember the fucking year. We freestyled that shit.



Should we have guests on this shit? Let us know something. 



This shit true, passionate, and relevant. Fuck wit us on Tuesday morning. Thank you to everybody who believe in us and showed us love. St.Louis it's time. 

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